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In the world today when we say the word beggar the first thing on anyone’s mind is dirty, stinky, poor homeless people wearing rags on the street asking people for money as a means of living but shockingly some of these beggars are filthy rich and big time balling. An average person can earn about $50+ a day which is penny compared to your average beggar.

In this article I’ll be going over 10 richest beggars in the world, choice of lifestyle and how much they make. If you’re ready, let’s diving in


10 richest beggars in the world

1. Will Anderson

A 43 years old former stage hand from New York city. He spends his days with his 9 years dog begging for money with a post that says ‘spare some change for me and my pooch’. He makes a mouth washing $200/hr. assuming he works 8 hr everyday over a year that’s $537,600. Now that’s a lot of money just from begging.

2. Erwin Corey

Erwin Corey is a 97 years old man, from New York City. He wasn’t always panhandling from the start as he had a Job in comedy where he once acted side by side with legendary figures. Eric lives in an apartment worth about $3.5 million located in the east side of Manhattan. He makes between $100-$250 a day but gives it to the charity organization in Cuba to help buy medicine for children thereby gaining the name “The Man that doesn’t beg for himself”.

3. Simon Wright

A professional beggar, aged 37 years old from London, spends at least 8 hour each day begging for money on the streets of London. He dresses in rags and walks with his dog. His area of choice is next to an ATM machine (Nat west) close to a rail way station Smart right? This strategy gets him about 50,000 pounds a year aiding him own a flat in Fulham worth 300,000pounds.

4. Eisha

Eisha is a 100 years old woman who spends her days begging in the town of Jiddah. She was blind and over the years would sit on the streets in rag like clothing begging for money. The fact she was blind, that alone made people feel sympathy for her and this made people give a lot if money. Before she passed away, she willed to her friend all she had but instructed her will be kept sealed till she dies. When she died and her will was read, they discovered a jaw dropping amount of $800,000 in cash then some jewelries worth $226,000 owning up to 4 buildings in Jeddah.

5. Ted Williams

After losing his job and being kicked out by his family, Ted took to the streets to beg for money. Unlike the rest he wasn’t originally a beggar. His star shone when a reporter from Columbus dispatch uploaded a video of him singing on YouTube which went viral and from that time he became a millionaire and quit begging on the street. Key take away: try dey upload for YouTube.

6. Mesha

From India, making about 1,500 rupees every day he dresses in rag like attire to fool people appearing poor in their eyes. This trick worked well for him and of recent he is a millionaire.

7. Gary Thompson

Originally from Texas but now lives  in Kentucky Gary Thompson has difficulty walking and sometimes difficulty using his hands but all this was later discovered to be a lie as he poses to be disable but in reality he is not. He uses a wheel chair making more than $100,000 every year under false pretense.

8. Laxmi Dai

Laxmi spent over 46 years of his life begging in Calcata India. She was 16 years of age and when she was 60, she went to the bank to deposit  200 pounds of coins that filled 4 buckets.

9. Krishna Kumar Gite

Also from Mumbai Gite is a pro beggar who spends his days begging at his favourite spot CP tank in the road dressing in torn cloths to appear poor. However this guy makes more money than the people that gives him money each day. He makes about 1,500 rupees and heads home to his flat.

10. Sambhaji Kale

He and his family of four spend their days begging for money. He lives in Mumbai India. After each day of begging Kale and his family are able to bring home 1,000 rupees. Saving about 40,000 rupees in the bank plus other investments they had. After every Job they retire to their own built flat.

And there you have it our list of the 10 richest beggars in the world.  Did you like any of them ,would you also want to ever consider begging? If so they us why in the comment . Also check out 10 Ways to make $100 so you don’t finding yourself begging . Please leave a comment below and share this post to friends and family .

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