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200+ Love Messages For Her (2023 Best for Lovers, Girlfriend and Wives)

Love is a beautiful thing. Whether that special person is lover, girlfriend, or wife you can always spice up your love life with love messages. Here are some of them to consider…

  1.  I light the candles of love and send you longings, and write on the address for your eyes I miss.
  1.  And when they ask me about you, I say a blessing entered my life and I do not want it to go away.
  1.  No one’s tears are worth weeping with longing.. Nostalgia breaks the bones of the chest with pain.
  1.  Within me are the remains of the departed, and a heart calls out to the absent.
  1.  I love you because you create a whole life inside of me, because the world becomes tender with you, because I never knew a way to escape but you.
  1.  When I miss you, my features change and my heart gets tired, then I become hard on everyone without their fault.
  1.  Beautiful words of love for lovers
  1.  You are not in front of my eyes but you are all I see
  1.  She is a woman I flirt with everything about her, and I have my excuse if I am intrigued by her
  1.  When I saw you at sea, you punctured my ship
  1.  I love you despite the nose of my tribe, my city, and the chains of customs
  1.  I have not sinned except that I have desires, and that you are beloved to me, without the human race.
  1.  I am the heart that smiles at the dim star while the world is busy with the moon
  1.  I love what you don’t like about you, so rest assured
  1.  From the day you became mine, I have a beautiful moon that only me owns
  1.  I love you because you are the wings that take me away from the earth
  1.  I can almost embrace your eyes with longing when you are in front of me
  1.  The most powerful phrases about love 2022
  1.  Love is the lifeblood (Lewis Carroll)
  1.  Love is the most powerful force on earth (Nelson Rockefeller)
  1.  Beautiful words of love The lover only wants one thing: good for the beloved.  Love in itself is a reward.  Anything other than that does not concern the mind (Thomas Merton)
  1.  Love madness!!  One of the greatest blessings of heaven..(Plato)
  1.  With my eyes you are the light, and in my heart I will remain your love, and for my wounds you are the medicine, and all my life I will never forget you.
  1.  The more we love, the greater our fear of offending those we love.
  1.  Love is the sweetest and most bitter.
  1.  It is enough for one heart to love you in order to live, if a million loves you, I am one of them, and if one loves you, it is me, and if no one loves you, then know that I died.
  1.  Whoever said that love in a moment is lost, who said that roses wither in the spring, hope remains with desire and conviction, as long as my papers have dried up and the sail is not shaken.
  1.  I love you not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.
  1.  All I tried to express to you about my feelings and love, I remained swayed like a child who did not know how to speak.
  1.  When we love, we don’t choose who we love, but fate leads us to people who have gone crazy with their love.
  1.  Eyes have a language that only lovers understand, in which silence falls when they begin to speak.
  1.  Love is not words taken from songs, not stones used to build an imaginary palace, love is a feeling in a heart that fears for you, gives you a smile when the world is hard on you, a look that dwells in the paradise of unknown fantasies, love is a feeling that you are the most important person in your lover’s life.
  1.  Romance is one of the ways in which a partner expresses his feelings towards his partner, some people express their love through actions and others use romantic words to express the extent of his love and eagerness for his beloved. These are some beautiful words of love that express the meaning of longing, love and nostalgia.
  1.  Very sad love words
  1.  Tears are the extinguisher of great sadness.
  1.  The most honest sadness is a smile with tearful eyes.
  1.  Long silence is the way to sadness, because it is a picture of death.
  1.  Sadness is the darkness in your chest that stifles your breath, makes you feel short of breath, and tears your heart until tears close your eyes.
  1.  A heart filled with sorrow is like a fragrant cup, hard to carry.
  1.  Tears save you from the fire, it is a tear from the fear of God.
  1.  Smiles dig channels for future tears.
  1.  Anger, tears and sadness are the weapons of the submissive.
  1.  The most famous words of love 2023
  1.  My Lord, do not separate me from a person, you know that my happiness is not complete without his proximity.
  1.  Love is longing for someone when you are away from them, but at the same time you feel the warmth because they are close in your heart.
  1.  My tears became rain in your absence, and the orchards of my longing bloomed with your love.
  1.  There is a soul that knows that I miss her so much, O Lord, protect her
  1.   I love you more than you can imagine
  1.  No matter how far you are, make sure that you are with me, not beside me, not with me, but you are in my heart
  1.  I wish I am everything you love
  1.  Someone doesn’t talk to you much, but they think of you more than you can imagine
  1.  There is no truer love than someone who asks about you every day and does not get bored
  1.  It’s nice to become something precious to someone who is afraid to lose you one day
  1.  What is the best love in halal?
  1.  Is it not our right to resort to a heart we love?
  1.  words of love to my lover
  1.  New expressive words of love 2023 Love is one of the greatest things, a person cannot live without love, and what is not meant is love between a man and a woman only. There is love for a father, mother, brother, sister, friend and others, but there is an important thing, which is that a person cannot live without his other half who  He feels that he lives for him, who goes into the depths of himself, who shares his joy and sadness, his dream and ambition, and shares everything with him.
  1.  People live, die, laugh, cry, some give up, some still try, some say hello, others say goodbye, others may forget you, but I cannot forget you.
  1.  It is torment to write for someone who does not read for you, to wait for someone who does not come to you, to love someone who does not feel you, and to need someone who does not need you.
  1.  Love is the intelligence of distance, not to get too close to cancel the eagerness, and not to go away too long and forget, not to put your firewood at once in the hearth of your loved one, to keep it burning by moving the wood no more, without the other glimpsing your hand that moves his feelings and the path of his destiny.
  1.  My love..the longing for you is killing me..you are always in my thoughts and in my day and night your picture is engraved between my eyelids and it is the light of my eyes your eyes..calling for my eyes your hands..embracing my hands your whispers..make my ears happy..
  1.  Talk about love and romance
  1.  There is a voice that shortens the distance, there is a look that shortens life, and a person that shortens everyone.
  1.  I do not want anything from the world, because of your love and presence I have taken my share of joy and happiness.
  1.  Love is a prayer and my heart is praying for you.  Any life after you revived.
  1.  I wish to meet you without an appointment without prior planning like this without both of us being aware of it.
  1.  And perhaps happiness will come suddenly, and you will forget all the days of pain, trust the one who gave you a good heart, our world will be good and blessings be filled
  1.  There are people who, if I could give them one thing in life, I would choose to give them the ability to see themselves in my heart:
  1.  I wanted to be with you for a long time, I wanted to be near you until the world ends or I end, the important thing is that one of us does not leave the other, I was afraid that I would be stuck in memories, to look for you in the faces of others, to taste the bitterness of your absence, and nothing came true  From what I mentioned, everything I feared.
  1.  But I always thought that confessing love is a virtue, and that the best of love comes first, and that at the moment your heart beats, do not delay the feeling of today until tomorrow, but I am only this night.. I believed that you should prepare for a thousand disappointments before you confess love, and that breaking what  Before confession forced, after confession your ribs become very brittle.
  1.  There is a special feeling that lovers feel, and this feeling is mixed with joy and happiness, especially if the lover reveals what is inside him, and there are many phrases that the lover says to his lover, and among the best words about love 2021 are the following:
  1.  When I loved you, I only heard my heart love you, I wanted nothing from the world but you;  Because when I loved you, I felt that I had the whole world in my hands.
  1.  Everything they said about me is true, everything they said about me in love is true, but they do not know that I bleed with your love like a wounded man.
  1.  I love you how I wished to say it, how I wished you could feel it, I wish I could write it, and dig it on the walls of your heart, I wish my feeling was ink, and your sky was paper, and on your moon I drew it, I love you how I wished my love was a rose that you wake up to its perfume, how I wish my love was a hug that falls asleep  In her arms, how I wished that my love was a story that you dreamed of, I love you if the heart could pronounce your name, if the eye spoke, it would pronounce your drawing, if the hand spoke, I would say safely to touch you, but I have only lips that can only say I love you.
  1.  Nothing is more beautiful than hearing your voice, seeing your smile, I want nothing more, madam!  Because when I am thirsty I look at you and forget my fatigue, and when I miss you I hold my hand to yours.
  1.  My love!  Is it reasonable that distances separate us and groans bring us together?  O who possessed my heart and my joy, who adored you and possessed my world.
  1.  If I could give you my eyes, I would put them in your hands. If I could give you my heart, I would remove it from my chest and present it to you. If I could give you my life, I would record my days in your name, but!  I have only many words of sincere expressions, so let them be my gift to you.
  1.  Insomnia words of love and adoration
  1.  If you want to make someone fall in love with you, all you have to do is reveal to him what is inside you, and throw a mixture of words of love and adoration to him, and if you are one of the people who cannot reveal what is inside them, here are the best words about love 2021, which are as follows:
  1.  When my soul stops loving your soul, my pen will stop loving you.
  1.  I love you and I love your voice, I love you and I love your whisper, I love you and I love your heart, I love you and I love your name, I love you and I love your love, and I love your eyes with a word of sincerity, all of you are sweet to each other.
  1.  I love you as much as the letters that lovers sing, I love you a word that never expresses what is inside me, but I will say it so that it reaches you, my love.
  1.  They asked me about her name. I raised my head to the sky and sighed. They asked me about her shape. I closed my eyes tenderly and imagined. They asked me about her heart.  I cried eagerly and said: Who has not tasted parting, who has not known the meaning of love.
  1.  I love you with all the meaning of this word, I love you with every feeling that longs to see you, I love you with all the longing to hear your voice, I love you with all the musical tones in it, I love you with all the trouble this word hides, I say it to you alone and I do not want to hear it from anyone but you, no matter what I say  I did not feel it as I felt it with you, you are love and feeling, O you who taught me how to feel, my heartbeat only beats with your love, and I did not hear my heartbeat except while I am with you, after all this they ask me: Why do I love you so much?  I wish they knew now, and hear my heartbeat calling for you.
  1.  Poetry of love, adoration and passion
  1.  The poem “A Cup of Love” belongs to the poet Dr. Mahmoud bin Saud al-Halibi. If the lover is a poet, he utters the most delicate words of spinning. Inside this poem is a talk about love 2021 with the best words, and the text of the poem is as follows:
  1.  I will pour my heart a cup of love
  1.  For those who relish the youth of my soul with hair and cardamom
  1.  I’ll pour it to the one who’s lying on the shore of her crazy eyeballs
  1.  Her blink attracts me with nostalgia, and her eyelid hugs me with tenderness!
  1.  I will pour it out for the one who holds me, a transparent dream in the eyes of a clever boy
  1.  From childhood, get used to the warm ink on paper of the white of the heart, ignited by an ember in the heavens!
  1.  I will pour it out for the one that makes my tears sweeter, salty and bitter
  1.  If my sailors raged, and swam, and the ship of my chest overflowed with grief, and time was narrowed and the place was turbulent!
  1.  For the one that when my wound screams and my bleeding crosses the paths of the longing inside me
  1.  She runs towards me, embraces my passion, comforts my mind
  1.  The rustle of the garden sings to me of the croissant, for those who awaken my thoughts to a tune of its original aroma
  1.  So I leave in it, and you travel in me on the back of the horses of certainty, and a path whose green sings with safety.
  1.  For the one that I have found so far only on the abyss of a tyrannical dream
  1.  A mermaid appears to my eyes, floating, awakening, falling asleep, and leaving me in the midst of my dreams.
  1.  And the desert of my life quarrels with me in its whims, bereaved tones, in which the groans of the rababa rejoice, revealing to it, and lamentations over it the sobbing of a violin.
  1.  Words of love and romance
  1. There are souls that harmonize despite the distance between them, but they are like one body, and if these people attend, the place has meaning, and if they are absent, everything is spoiled, as if life without them is nothing, and to confirm this love between them chanting words about love and adoration 2021 such as:
  1.  I will not forget you.. when I search among my withered papers.. I find your picture written on it. I will not forget you. And that picture stirs the pulse of my heart and brings back your love engraved in my memory and leaves the papers scattered and keeps your image in my imagination.. Human, I will not forget you.
  1.  I will boil you from my heart and from my soul.. and the joys of my heart are complete in meeting you.. all of you are a solution. Glory be to Him.  You melt and beat in it.. They say passion is a world that is guaranteed by love with love.. They say love is power and you can’t resist it, but today I see deception and scattering and illusions like a mist on your heart over your eyes that you cover it with.. Like a lie you believe with which the days go on.. Like an idea on your mind that you wish for.
  1.  I love you as many as the lovers said the word I love you, I love you as many as the words I love you were written on the papers.
  1.  You entered my life, and you loved me with my trivial details, my madness, and my mood swings.
  1.  There is a voice that shortens the distance, there is a look that shortens life, and a person that shortens everyone.
  1.  You are my present, my future, and the past that I used to live in as dreams, and now I live as facts, but I can hardly believe what my eyes see, because I am in it now of love and adoration.
  1.  And in the heart an endless prayer for you.
  1.  I send you a million greetings with a heart full of love, longing, and tenderness.
  1.  How beautiful to feel you with my mind, see you with my heart, and adore you with my soul.
  1.  I loved you so much that when you are gone, everything goes with you.
  1.  You are not one of those who love enters his heart, but he who sees your eyelids adores.
  1.  The most wonderful of hearts is your heart, the most beautiful words are your whispers, and the sweetest thing in my life is your love.
  1.  You remain alone above time, your eyes remain the most beautiful place, and you remain the most precious person.
  1.  very romantic love words
  1.  When the Knights of Love, whose battalion of soldiers of longing, armed with arrows of passion and the fire of love, invades the hearts of lovers and seizes their pulses, and then their dominance is reflected in their actions and thoughts, and they become prisoners of their feelings and bound by their intense passion.  Infatuation, which is clearly evident in the exchange of words of romantic love 2023 between romantically connected.
  1.  I loved you for love, if it turned into water, the whole world would drown.
  1.  It doesn’t matter how long I have left, the important thing is that I stay with you the whole life.
  1.  And when they ask me about you, I will say happiness has entered my life and I do not want it to go away.
  1.  you tied me up;  Even if you are not around, I feel your shadow with me, no matter how far away you are.
  1.  Your looks, my love, are fiery arrows that pierce my soul, igniting an endless war of love.
  1.  It is easy to expel an army that colonized your country, but it is difficult to expel a love that colonized your heart.
  1.  Your image is engraved between my eyelids, and it is the light of my eyes, your eyes are calling my eyes, your hands are embracing my hands, your whispers are pleasing to my ears.
  1.  romantic love words facebook
  1.  The participation of social media pioneers, especially lovers and married couples, reflects the romantic words of Elvis.  And illuminated with its light and its blazing rays from the flames of love their lives.
  1.  Elegant is my heart when it chose you as its soul.
  1.  Your laughter is a short story of the beauty of the universe.
  1.  And I did not believe in the eyes and their magic until you gave me passion for your eyes.
  1.  You were, still are, and will remain one of the most wonderful people that fate has brought into my world. I adore you forever.
  1.  The peace of love and its depths, embraces the heart and its longings, the soul desires you, and the poem guides you with colors.
  1.  They say that people of all kinds are races, gold, silver and copper, but frankly, you are the only one with my eyes of diamonds.
  1.  Very short romantic love words
  1.  Loved ones and couples prefer to express their attachment and their feeling of love and flirt with the feelings of their lovers. Choosing short romantic love words that carry, despite the few letters of its letters, the highest meanings and connotations of love, depending on the theory of good words, in addition to the ease of memorizing and integrating them on romantic backgrounds, which became very popular among lovers at the time  The latter because of its aesthetic touches that increase the magnificence and impact of the written formula on it.
  1.  Clinging to you as if the earth contained no one but you.
  1.  I don’t need the moon, your eyes light up the darkest days of my life.
  1.  If love knew how much I love you.. to change its name from love to yours.
  1.  I have only loved three in my life: your smile, your kindness, and the letters of your name.
  1.  I wish the heart was transparent and the one inside it dries up.. then you would know how to love you and you should be afraid.
  1.  There is a person, no matter how stubborn I am or disagree with him, I will not leave him and I will not let him down, because I really loved him.
  1.  My main concern is your satisfaction.. I wish I was with you.. My eyes glimpse you for a few seconds.. and I come back to imagine meeting you.
  1.  Words of love and adoration for the husband 2023
  1.  All sounds enter my ears except your voice .. it enters my heart.
  1.  Like crazy, I love having you by my side, as if I knew nothing in life but your love.
  1.  Morning illuminates your path, and my heart always prays for you, facilitates your affairs and your path, and may God always help you.
  1.  Happy birthday, my affectionate husband, I adore all your details and love your features, you are the dwelling of the heart and soul.
  1.  My beloved husband every day my love for you increases, you are the true meaning of love and warm emotions, you are the one who fills the void in my heart .. I love you.
  1.  Words of love, love and romance for the lover
  1.  Words of love and affection for the beloved represent the fuel of the flame of love that increases his enthusiasm and provides him with support, attention and all motivating feelings to push him to face all obstacles and life circumstances that may cause passion to disappear and lose its luster.  Attachment to him and keenness to be close to him and not to leave him because of its influential impact that refreshes feelings and increases longing.
  1.  Your laugh, my love, summarizes the beauty of the world in my eyes.
  1.  And my life, you are the anchor. You live a lifetime in my heart, and if he forgets you, I will forget him.
  1.  I am your morning and the sun of your soul and your world, and you are the life on which my morning is.
  1.  Your voice is life, I saw you a second life, and the more I love you, the more I want to love you.
  1.  I yearn for you in all my moments all my times I miss you, I breathe you in love, soul of the soul, you are the king of my heart.
  1.  I miss you my love..between slumber and nap..between whispering blinking and awakening..I miss your whispers and the paper of your dialogue.
  1.  My husband is my heartbeat, neither my eyes nor my heart can see anyone but you, my feelings and feelings are all for you, you are my love and everything is beautiful in my life.
  1.  The most beautiful romantic words for the morning
  1.  Lovers and spouses, especially expatriates from the audience of WhatsApp and various chat applications, pay great care in selecting the sweetest words of love in the morning loaded with the tender breezes of love that fall with the dawning of a new dawn on their love and heralds happiness to send it to the wife or lover to wrap their day with love and accept with his charming words their hearts and their wandering souls in the kingdom  lovers.
  1.  My morning with you, with you, for you and for you.. my morning with you.
  1.  I didn’t miss any morning until your love grew in my heart.
  1.  I picked the flowers of the world, and with the longing of my heart I covered them, and with good morning I sent them.
  1.  Peaceful morning dawn, with all my heart I call, may God protect you today and always, my dear.
  1.  Morning without you is darkness, silence with your eyes is words, and you have from me, dear, a thousand greetings and peace.
  1.  The beauty of the morning is the look of your eyes, the sunlight is drawn on your eyelids, and the whole universe is not worth it without you.
  1.  Morning love, O absent, O sugar with honey is permanent, may we only have your mind, and I hope what is disappointing.
  1.  The most beautiful romantic love words
  1.  I love your love there are no limits, if that turned into water, the whole world would drown.
  1.  You just don’t beautify and I don’t pretend to love you as you are and miss me as I am.
  1.  I keep you in my heart, you are the most precious thing I have.
  1.  I love you more than my soul, you are my heartbeat that beats with your love.
  1.  How I wish my heart was bigger than that, to love you as befits you.
  1.  My heart does not want anyone but you, a lover.
  1.  If your love is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
  1.  I did not believe in the magic of eyes until your eyes charmed me with love.
  1.  When I tell you that I love you, it means that I live and die for you.
  1.  I knew I was in love with you when I loved everything that people hate about you.
  1.  I miss your eyes even when you are in front of me.
  1.  Love is a restriction that the old desires before the young, for it makes the person feel that he is alive and alive and his heart makes him young again.
  1.  You are a gift from heaven, as God made flowers the gift of spring and rain the gift of winter.
  1.  My heart became afraid of your return after it was strong and not afraid of anything.


That was all on 200+ Love Messages For Her (2023 Best for Lovers, Girlfriend and Wives). Let’s hear from you.

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