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50+ Likely JAMB Physics Questions 2023/2024

50+ likely jamb Physics questions 2023/2024

Now today we will be looking at:  Jamb Physics Questions & Answer 2023/2024. Many Jamb candidates who put Physics as their aspiring course is asking for jamb Physics past question and answer. What will Jamb set in Physics for 2023 UTME and what are the top hot likely questions to come out in Jamb 2023 Physics? We know that any candidate who wants to score high in his/her jamb most make use of Physics questions. However, most of you have been calling me asking me to provide you with Physics past question or likely questions to come out on the jamb day. Some are even asking how important is likely Physics questions. So I have complied more than 400 likely jamb Physics Questions 2023/2024. 

50+ likely jamb Physics questions

Jamb physics past questions

1. The temperature at which the water vapour present in the air saturates the air and begins to condense is?

A. boiling point
B. melting point
C. triple point
D. dew point

2. Dew point is the temperature at which water vapour in the atmosphere does?

A. Turns into steam
B. Solidifies into ice pellets
C. First condenses into liquid form
D. Is just sufficient to cause cooling

3. The small droplet of water that forms on the grass in the early hour of the morning is?

A. Fog
B. Mist
C. Hail
D. Dew

4. The temperature at which water vapour present in the air is just sufficient to saturate the air is?

A. Dew point
B. Saturation point
C. Boiling point
D. Ice point

5. Reduced visibility when water droplets in the atmosphere combines with dust particle in the air is called?

A. Cloud
B. Mist
C. Hail
D. Fog

6. What happens to the human skin at low humidity?

A. Dry and smooth
B. Damp and smooth
C. Damp and tough
D. Dry and rough

7. If the partial pressure of water vapour at 27 ⁰C is 18mm Hg and the saturated vapour of the pressure of the atmosphere at the same temperature is 24 mm Hg, the relative humidity at this temperature is

A. 30%
B. 70%
C. 75%
D. 80%

8. Blowing air over a liquid aids evaporation by

A. Decreasing its vapour pressure
B. Decreasing its density
C. Increasing its surface area
D. Increasing its temperature

9. The saturated vapour pressure of a liquid increases as the volume

A. Temperature of the liquid decreases
B. Temperature of the liquid increases
C. Volume of the liquid increases
D. Volume of the liquid decreases

10. Which of the following statement is not correct?

A. Boiling occurs when the saturated vapour pressure of the liquid involved equals the external pressure.
B. Both the boiling point and the saturated vapour pressure of a given liquid depend on the external pressure.
C. The saturated vapour pressure rises with increase in temperature.
D. The saturated vapour pressure is independent of the volume available for the vapour

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11. If a room is saturated with water vapour, the temperature of the room must be

A. at 0⁰C
B. above the dew point
C. at 100⁰C
D. below the dew point

12. When the vapour of a substance is in equilibrum with its own liquid, it is said to be

A. unsaturated
B. liquified
C. diffused
D. saturated

13. A vapour is said to be saturated when

A. More molecules return to the liquid than leave it
B. a dynamic equilibrum exists between the liquid molecules and vapour molecules at a given temperature
C. the vapour pressure is atmospheric
D. the temperature of the vapour varies

14. Change in state is accompanied by

A. temperature
B. volume
C. heat content
D. temperature and volume

15. if a solid changes directly into gas when heat is applied,the process is called?

A. sublimation
B. evaporation
C. Ionization
D. Vaporization

16. which of the following is common to evaporation and boiling? They

A. take place at any temperature
B. are surface phenomena
C. Involve change of state
D. take place at definite pressure

17.The melting point of a substance is equivalent to it’s?

A. vapour pressure
B. solidification temperature
C. liquidification temperature
D. solidification pressure

18.food cooks quicker in salt water than in pure water because of the effect of?

A. atmospheric pressure on the boiling point
B. food nutrient on the thermal energy
C. salt on the thermal conductivity of water
D. dissolved substances on the boiling point

19. What will happen to the boiling point of pure water when it is heated in a place 30m below the sea level?

A. it will be less than 100⁰C
B. it will still be at 100⁰C
C. it will be fluctuating
D. it will be more than 100⁰C

20. The phenomenon that shows that increase in pressure lowers the melting point can be observed in

A. coagulation
B. regelation
C. sublimation
D. condensation

21. A block of ice floats on water inside a container.If the block of ice gets completely melted, the level of water in the container will?

A. increase
B. remain the same
C. Decrease
D. first decrease then increase

22. If a container is filled with ice to the brim, what happens to the level of water when the ice completely melts?

A. the level of water remains the same
B. the level of water drops
C. the level of water goes up
D. the water in the glass overflows

23. The specific latent heat of vaporization of a substance is always

A. less than its specific latent heat of fusion
B. greater than its specific latent heat of fusion
C. Equal to its specific latent heat of fusion.
D. All of the above depends on the nature of the substance

24. The specific latent heat if fusion of lead is the amount of heat required to

A. Melt lead at its melting point
B. Heat a unit mass of lead through 1⁰C
C. Change the state of a unit mass lead at its melting point
D. Change the state of a unit mass of lead at its boiling point


25. The latent heat of fusion of ice ia 80clgˉ¹. How much heat is required to change 10g of ice at 0⁰C into water, at the same temperature?

A. 80cal
B. 10cal
C. 8cal
D. 800cal

26. All the heat generated in a 5 ohm resistor by 2 A flowing for 30 seconds is used to evaporate 5g of a liquid at its boiling point. whichof the following is the correct value of specific latent heat of the liquid?

A. 120J
B. 60Jˉ¹
C. 120Jˉ¹
D. 1500J

27. A heater marked 50W will evaporate 0.005 kg of boiling water in 50 seconds. the specific latent heat of vaporization of water in J/Kg is

A. 5 x 10⁶
B. 1 x 10⁶
C. 2.5 x 10⁶
D. 5 x 10⁵

28. An electric heater is used to melt a block of ice, mass 1.5kg. if the heater is powered by a 12v battery and a current of 20A flows through the coil, Cal. the time taken to melt the block of ice at 0⁰C.(specific latent heat of fusion of ice = 336 x 10³JKgˉ¹)

A. 76 min
B. 35 min
C. 21 min
D. 29 min

29. The melting point of a solid is given at 80⁰C. If 10⁵J of heat energy is required at this temperature to melt 10g of the solid, the specific latent heat of fusion of the solid is

A. 1 x 10³ Jkgˉ¹
B. 1.25 x 10 Jkgˉ¹
C. 1 x 10⁷ Jkgˉ¹
D. 8 x 10⁸ Jkgˉ¹

30. A drop of petrol makes a finger colder than a drop of water because

A. petrol takes its latent heat of fusion from the finger
B. petrol takes its latent heat of vaporization from the finger
C. water has higher surface tension than petrol
D. water is more viscous than petrol

31. The quantity of heat is required to melt completely 1kg of ice at -30⁰C is (specific latent heat of vaporization of water = 2.26 x 10⁶Jkg¹)

A. 0.05 x 10³J
B. 4.0 x 10³J
C. 0.50 x 10³J
D. 9.04 x 10³J

32. cal. the quantity of heat required to change 0.1kg of ice to water at 0⁰C (specific latent heat of fusion of ice = 3.4 x 10⁵Jkg¹)

A. 6.2 x 10³J
B. 3.4 x 10⁴J
C. 3.3 x 10³J
D. 1.4 x 10³J

33. The motion of the moving skin of a talking drum can be rightly described as

A. translational
B. Random
C. Rotational
D. oscillatory

34. Two cars moving in the same direction have speeds of 100 kmhˉ¹ and 130 kmhˉ¹. what is the velocity of the faster car as measured by an observer in the slower car?

A. 130kmhˉ¹
B. 230kmhˉ¹
C. 200kmhˉ¹
D. 30kmhˉ¹

35. A boy sits in a train moving with uniform speed on a straight track. if from his outstretched palm he gently tosses a coin vertically upwards, the coin will fall?

A. in front of his palm
B. behind his palm
C. beside his palm
D. Into his palm

36. When a ball rolls on a smooth level ground, the motion of it’s centre is?

A. oscillatory
B. translational
C. random
D. rotational

37. The motion of smoke particles from a chimney is typical of

A. oscillatory
B. translational
C. random
D. rotational

38. Which type of motion does the wheels of a moving car undergo?

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A. random and translational motion.
B. rotational and oscillatory motion
C. translational and rotational motion
D. vibratory and translational motion

39. A car starts from rest and moves with a uniform acceleration of 30ms for 20s. cal.the distance covered at the end of the motion

A. 6km
B. 12km
C. 18km
D. 24km

40. A car accelerates uniformly from rest at 3ms, its velocity after travelling a distance of 24m is

A. 144msˉ¹
B. 72msˉ¹
C. 36msˉ¹
D. 12msˉ¹

41. A car moving with a speed of 90km/h was brought uniformly to rest by the application of the brakes in 10s. How far did the car travel after the brakes were applied?

A. 125m
B. 150m
C. 250m
D. 15km

42. If it takes an object 3s to fall freely to the ground from a certain height, what is the distance covered by the object? [g = 10ms¯²]

A. 45m
B. 60m
C. 90m
D. 30m

43. A motorcyclist travelling at 30msˉ¹ starts to apply his brakes when he is 50m from the traffic light that has just turned red. If he just reached the traffic light, his deceleration is?

A. 5ms¯²
B. 9ms¯²
C. 10ms¯²
D. 18ms¯²

44. A small metal ball is thrown vertically upwards from the top of a tower with an initial velocity of 20msˉ¹. If the ball took a total of 6s to reach the ground, determine the height of the tower.[g = 10ms¯²]

A. 60m
B. 80m
C. 100m
D. 120m

45. An object is projected with velocity of 80msˉ¹ at an angle of 30⁰ to the horizontal. the maximum height reached is

A. 20m
B. 80m
C. 160m
D. 320m

46. An object is projected from a height of 80m above the ground with a velocity of 40msˉ¹ at an angle of 30⁰ to the horizontal. cal. the time of flight [g = 10ms¯²]

A. 4s
B. 16s
C. 10s
D. 8s

47. Which of the following is a fundamental unit

A. Newton
B. Watt
C. Joule
D. Second

48. Which of the following is a dimension for pressure?

A. MLˉ¹T²
C. ML²Tˉ³
D. MLˉ³

49. The physical quantity that has the same dimension as impulse is

A. Energy
B. Momentum
C. Surface tension
D. pressure

50. The dimension ML²T² represents?

A. Momentum
B. power
C. work
D. pressure

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