University of Tokyo Acceptance Rate

Hi Scholar, are you a Tokyo university applicant? Are you an international student seeking admission into the University of Tokyo? After thorough research, I have drafted the University of Tokyo acceptance rate and other necessary information you need to know.

Brief History of the University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo is the best and first national University in Japan, established in 1877. It is also regarded as one of the top and Recognized universities in the world. it is also known as  “Todai.”  Also, the Todai contains the central Hongo campus, which is a major tourist destination for international people. Also, the Maeda family has occupied an estate on the campus, which serves as a historical building.

Is the University of Tokyo a good school?

University of Tokyo (Todai) is known as the most prestigious and selective University in Japan and ranked among the best universities in the world. Apart from that, it is a school filled with fun and historical structures for sightseeing.

The University of Tokyo Ranking Rate

The Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2012 ranked the University of Tokyo as No 1 in Asia and the No 20 in the world. In 2013, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked the University of Tokyo as 27th. The QS World University Rankings ranked the University of Tokyo 25th in the world. From these rankings, you will know that it is an excellent school with a low acceptance rate.

The University of Tokyo Academic Structure

The University of Tokyo is the hub of academics because it practically offers all programs of study you can think of, ranging from undergraduate to graduate and full-fledged research-based programs.

In terms of student employability, the University of Tokyo is designed to train students theoretically and practically equip them with skills to stand successfully in the outside world.

Also, the University of Tokyo has various campuses scattered in Japan that houses different faculties and departments. One of which includes the Komaba campus. The Komaba campus houses the College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences. It has a total student population of about 7000 students that include sophomores and first-year students.

Currently, 30,000 students are studying at the University of Tokyo, and about 2,100 students are of international descent. The University contains ten faculties and 15 graduate schools, including the science school, including the Global Science Course, taught in English.

Unlike many universities in Japan, the University of Tokyo teaches most of its programs entirely in English.

The University of Tokyo Alumni

Due to the excellent structuring and formation, the University of Tokyo produces gems out of its students. The alumni are suitable proof of this fact. Also, its rich history and heritage contributed to its reputation and strength, which keeps the University continually striving for excellence.

The University of Tokyo provides a holistic and three-dimensional education that produces a lot of excellent students who come out every year to become notable personalities in all walks of life.

It may interest you to know that out of all the Prime Ministers of Japan, 15 of them have graduates of the University of Tokyo. Presently, ten alumni members of this University have received the most prestigious Nobel Prize in various fields of study. Also, a lot of members have received the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

University of Tokyo Acceptance Rate

From what I have explained above, you can agree with me without a doubt that the University of Tokyo is a prestigious university. As such, the University of Tokyo acceptance rate is estimated to be 20%. To hear what others are saying about this, I will advise you to go through this quora post.

Apart from the low acceptance rate, it would be best to have excellent SAT/ACT scores, GPA, and extracurricular activities, to increase your chance of getting accepted. So, the low acceptance rate should not prevent you from applying. You can also badge some scholarships to help ease your stay at the University of Tokyo.

The University of Tokyo Acceptance Rate – Available Scholarships

A couple of scholarships are available for students who wish to study in Japan and meet the requirements. Although many of the scholarships are provided by external entities, some scholarships are still awarded directly by the University of Tokyo. You can apply for some scholarships before arrival in Japan, while others can only be applied after securing admission into the University.

Examples of the available scholarships for both domestic and international students include:

 University of Tokyo Admission Requirements

We will be looking at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. You must satisfy these requirements before you are considered an admission into the University.

The requirements include:

Undergraduates level

  • (1)High school/secondary school final result

You must have any of the below certification

  • International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) (the International Baccalaureate Organization must award it)
  • Abitur (designated by the Federal Republic of Germany)
  • Baccalaureate (awarded by the French Republic)
  • General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-level) (awarded by the UK)
  • You must write and pass the pre-university preparatory institutions for students who want to study in Japan, as approved by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology.
  • You must pass the official test that shows you possess the academic background equivalent or superior to that obtained from a 12-year school curriculum.
  • You must be 18 years at least at the time of the application.

Note: if you are an international student studying languages other than japan, you are to apply for the April-entry admission instead of the September-entry admission of PEAK, which is reserved for students taught in Japanese.

What are the requirements for the Global Science Course (GSC)

This course is reserved for undergraduate students who have completed the first two years of their degree and want to transfer to the University of Tokyo from their third year. Upon satisfying the graduation requirements, you will be given a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from the University of Tokyo.

In addition, you must satisfy the below criteria before you are accepted:

  • It would help if you had English as your native/first language.
  • English must be your language of instruction at your secondary and post-secondary schools for the last eight years before applying to the Global Science Course.
  • It would help if you partook in the following English proficiency tests.
  • TOEFL iBT: 80
  • TOEFL PBT: 550
  • IELTS Academic: 6.5
  • You must have completed the basic undergraduate classes in Chemistry and at least two mathematics, biology, or physics subjects.
  • You must acquire 62 credits about the credit system of the University of Tokyo, in which two credits consist of 13 weeks of 105-minute lectures.

Graduate Level

  • You must have completed and pass your basic undergraduate program before applying. Also, if you possess different qualifications, you can contact the Admission Officer before sending an application.
  • You must write a GRE standardized test

Important info to note:

You should know that some graduate schools have restrictions based on which institutions the applicants have acquired their bachelor’s degree. For example, the International Program in Economics (UTIPE) located in the Graduate School of Economics only accepts students from international universities. It does not tolerate domestic applicants, that is, those that attended universities in Japan for the undergraduate level, including American universities with a campus. Also, some graduate schools do not accept research students and only regular graduate students, as in the case of the UTIPE program.

It is advised you check the eligibility requirements for each respective graduate school that you are interested in before applying.


I hope you found this article, “University of Tokyo acceptance rate,” beneficial towards your efforts in securing admission into the University. For further information, do follow up on our blog.

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