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Cameron University Acceptance Rate, Courses & Requirements

Cameron University is an educational establishment that is located in the United States. It is a popular school with a low collection of academic courses. 

Are you interested in studying in this university? Are you looking for information concerning the school? Read on as we’ll reveal key info about the Cameron university….

Highlights of Cameron University:

  • Cameron university is also referred to as “University of Choice.” This is due to the quality of education it offers
  • The size of the entire school is customised. This is the reason why it remains the only public educational institution in Oklahoma to host its degree-awarding programs at one main campus
  • The school offers good undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs and these studies are handled by qualified and credible tutors
  • Cameron University is one of the best university in Oklahoma, United States. It is ranked 18 for education quality.
  • Value is also emphasised at this school. According to reports, this educational establishment ranks as the 11th best on value in Oklahoma
  • There is presence of a flexible studying track in the school. Mode of studying in Cameron university include full-time, weekend, online, and part-time.
  • The school has good educational facilities and runs on a rigorous coursework with emphasis on practical experience
  • This prestigious University has lots of research opportunities especially on its postgraduate studies. Undergraduate study programs is characterised by strong academic work.

Cameron University Acceptance Rate

Cameron University admissions is selective with an acceptance rate of 100%. Half the applicants admitted to Cameron University have an ACT score between 16 and 21. However, one-quarter of admitted applicants achieved scores above these ranges and one quarter scored below these ranges. The application deadline is rolling and the application fee at Cameron University is $20.

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The student must: Earn an ACT composite score of 20 or higher or a SAT score of 1020 or have an unweighted high school grade point average of 3.0 and rank in the top 50% of their class.

Understanding the Admission Policy in Cameron University 

Cameron University is a good school to study bachelors, masters and graduate degree programs. Dubbed as the choice university, this institute has a competitive admission requirements despite pegging its acceptance rate at 100%.

Admission into this prestigious school is overseed by the University’s office of admissions.

According to the statement made by this admission office, every student deserve a chance to receive excellent education with high value at cheap rates.

This is reflected across its undergraduate and postgraduate study programs. The school also run an open admission policy hence every requirements is boldly indicated in the program’s web page (for online) or the admission office on campus (for offline applicants).

Another important point to note about the school is the student debt ratio. The United States is a country students rarely do without study loan and in some cases, most of them will continue paying off the debt after graduation.

Cameron university boost of one of the lowest student debt in the country. According to stats, the school graduates an average of 65% of scholars with debt-free profile.

This is attributed to school’s cheap and affordable tuition rates, financial aid schemes, excellent career track, and flexible payment options among others.

The school also has a dedicated page for students seeking for information concerning its admission criteria. This page was created for potential scholars to meet, interact, and help themselves with relevant information. 

The Role of the University’s Office of Admissions 

The admission criteria, guidelines, and codes of conduct of Cameron University is postulated by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. This group communicate these requirements to students through the school’s admission office. 

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Fresh and returning students are given heads up on updated information concerning admission.

Irrespective of the individual seeking for the admission guidelines; whether a sponsor, student, friend, relative, or guardian, they are all to do this at the office of admissions which is where all the admission policy and criteria of the school is filed and documented.

Once a student visit this office, evaluation concerning objectives, goals, expectation of both parties (the scholar and the Cameron university) will be emphasised by the office. 

This makes it a lot more preferable by most students to apply through the admission office than via the online route.

Cameron University Programs of Study

Cameron university doesn’t offer much course of disciplines. It has one of the lowest course collections in Oklahoma and the state at large. 

While programs are limited and few, the school offer high quality education with strong value. Here is the list of courses in Cameron university:

  • Literacy – Master of Education
  • Teaching and Learning – Master of Education
  • Education – Masters of Education 
  • Reading – Master of education 
  • Educational Leadership – Master of Science 
  • Childhood Education – Bachelor of Science 
  • Special Education – Master of education
  • Elementary Education – Bachelor of science 

Cameron University Tuition and Fees

Cameron university is one of the affordable schools in Oklahoma. This educational establishment doesn’t have a fixed tuition hence it varies. 

Read on to discover more information on Cameron University Tuition and fees;

Oklahoma or local Tuition Charges

Residents are charged tuition of $215.00 per semester hour for bachelor degree study. While forr bachelor guaranteed, a tuition of $238.00 per semester hour is charged.

Also, resident postgraduate scholars are charged tuition fees of $255.00 per semester hour.

International Tuition Charges: 

This fee applies only to foreign students. It is charged at $529.00 per semester hour for bachelor degree studies.

For postgraduate degree programs, the tuition fee of $628.00 per semester hour is charged.

Other charges

  • Audit, Without Credit for undergraduate local students:
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Residents are charged fee of $215.00 per semester hour for audit. For audit  guaranteed, of $238.00 is charged per semester hour 

  • Audit, Without Credit for postgraduate local students:

Resident postgraduate scholars are charged audit fees of $255.00 per semester hour.

  • Audit, Without Credit for undergraduate International Students:

This fee applies only to international students. It is charged at $529.00 per semester hour for bachelor degree studies.

  • Audit, Without Credit for postgraduate International Students:

For postgraduate degree programs, the audit with no credit fee of f$628.00 per semester hour is charged for foreign scholars.

  • For local students: MBA & MSOL Online Course

Residents and local students are charged $320.00 per semester hour on online study programs

Foreign or international students are charged $425.00 per semester hour on online MBA and MSOL study programs.


Cameron university is an excellent studying choice. This Ameican university is one of the best degree-awarding instutes in Oklahoma due to its high education quality and value.

What are your thoughts on the school?

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