Auburn University Transfer Acceptance Rate, Tuition and Admission Requirements 2023/2024

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Auburn University Overview

Auburn University is a public university that was established in 1856. It has an undergraduate student population at 24,505 (fall 2020) The campus is in the suburbs, and its campus is 1,875 acres.

It follows an academic calendar based on semesters. Auburn University’s rank on the edition 2023 of Best Colleges has been ranked as National Universities at #99. The in-state tuition and fees amount to $11,796 while tuition and fees cost $31,956.

Auburn, Alabama, has been recognized as among the top cities to live. The life at Auburn University can be equally pleasant for students.

Football is an especially popular event in the fall when fans show their support for Auburn’s Auburn Tigers with the help of the school’s Mascot Aubie The Tiger.

The Tiger teams compete within the NCAA Division I Southeastern Conference The influx of football supporters make Auburn the fifth-largest in the state during games days.

Pep rallies are staged in Downtown Toomer’s Corner, and the area is covered with toilet paper from fans following each big win.

There are over 500 student groups located on the school’s campus. around 6000 students are part of Auburn’s Greek system. Auburn freshmen begin the college life by attending the camp War Eagle, a two-day night summer orientation program.

Transition assistance continues during Hey Day, an annual attempt to make students wear name tags and talk to each other. Students who are freshmen don’t have to be on campus, in reality there is no dorm space even offered. Due to the limitations on space First-year students are given housing on campus on a first-come-first-served basis.

As a sea, land as well as space-grant institution Auburn University receives federal support to conduct research that benefits the community at large.

The university offers an Urban Studio in which students can take part in community-based projects. There is also the Rural Studio, aimed at developing housing solutions for the those living in West Alabama.

Research projects also include sites for storage and storage of radioactive waste. Auburn also has distinct programs, including the first wireless engineering course in the nation.

Some notable Auburn students includes Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, Oscar- and Golden Globe-winning actress Octavia Spencer as well as Olympic silver medalist in swimming Rowdy Gaines.

Auburn University’s mission can be defined by its land-grant tradition of accessibility and service.

The University is committed to serving all citizens of the State by providing educational and research-based programs and help prepare Alabamans to respond effectively to the challenges of a globalized economy.

The University will offer students of all kinds with access to the institution’s academic resources. In the provision of educational programs both on campus and in the surrounding areas the campus, Auburn will draw heavily upon the most innovative technology for outreach and instruction in the era of information.

As a university that is comprehensive, Auburn is committed to providing high-quality undergraduate, graduate and professional training for its students.

Auburn University Transfer Acceptance Rate

In previous years, Auburn received 2936 transfer applicants.

The school admitted only 1930 students. Making the transfer acceptance rate for Auburn to be 65.74%.

This shows how competitive it is to get a transfer into Auburn.

Auburn University Acceptance Rate

Auburn University has an acceptance rate of 85%.

The majority of applicants accepted into Auburn University have an SAT score of between 1160 and 1320 and an ACT score of between 25 and 31.

However, a quarter of applicants admitted to Auburn University scored higher than these ranges, and one quarter was below the scores.

The deadline to apply is Feb. 3. The cost for applying to Auburn University is $50.

Auburn University’s 2022 Rankings

Auburn University is ranked ;

  • #99 in National Universities (tie)
  • #58 in Best Colleges for Veterans (tie)
  • #163 in Best Value Schools

Auburn University Financial Information

  • In-State Tuition: $9,446
  • Out-of-State Tuition: $25,190
  • Books and Supplies: $1,100
  • Federal Loans: Students getting aid: 37%
  • Federal Loans: Average amount received: $6,846
  • Scholarships and Grants: Undergrads receiving aid: 54%
  • Scholarships & Grants: Average amount received: $9,417

Auburn University Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Services will assist you to start and enjoy a fulfilling learning experiences at Auburn.

We urge you to submit the necessary application(s) in the earliest time possible in order to ensure that you are given the maximum amount of consideration for the aid to which you might be eligible.

Auburn University Transfer Application Requirements

Minimum GPA: A 2.5 total GPA on an 4.0 scale for all college courses completed and the ability to re-enter the college which they attended the last time are necessary before being considered for admission to transfer.

Transfer applicants who are not eligible to be admitted to Auburn after they completed high school must submit at least 45 quarter or 30 semester hours that count as college hours.

Candidates who are transferring (from both campuses or outside campus) to Architecture and interior Architecture as well as Building Science in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction must satisfy the requirements of the university and be able to show minimum 2.80 total GPA.

The official transcripts for transfer applicants have to submit transcripts of their own (not duplicated or faxed copies) from every college attended, which includes any where the applicant was is enrolled during high school. Official transcripts from high school could be required by certain applicants.

Scores on the SAT: Official standardized test scores could be required for certain applicants.

The essay: An essay or personal statement is not necessary.

The Application Fee: A $5 processing charge (international application processing fees are $60) that is payable via check or money order or credit card, should be included with all admission applications. It is not refundable or applicable to any other charges.

An interview: An interview is not necessary.

Additional Requirements: Other Requirements: Transfer Plan of Study is a formal document that all students who are transferring must be able to complete after acceptance into Auburn University and paying the $200 deposit for confirmation.

Apply Here For A Transfer To Auburn University

Auburn University Transfer Credit Policy

  • Minimum Grade: The dean will decide on the whether to accept D grades. Credit for freshman English is only available on scores of C or higher.
  • Credits (Min/Max): The maximum amount of credit that can be earned for completed work in the junior or community college must not exceed the amount of time that are required during the initial 2 years that the students are in their education at Auburn.

Auburn University Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Do you admit students about studying abroad?

Auburn University offers a wide range of study abroad options for students. Every year, more than 1,350 students are enrolled in credit courses in different countries around the world.

What is the typical class size?

More than 84 percent of undergraduate classes contain less than fifty students.

Do I earn credit through exam?

Auburn recognizes that students with superior academic background should be able to be placed into programs that are suited to their talents.

Credit for advanced placement or credit can be obtained in Auburn by utilizing an Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEE), ACT and SAT scores as well as for the International Baccalaureate (IB) and proficiency tests administered by the relevant academic department. Be aware that Auburn University does not accept CLEP credit.

What if I’m unsure regarding the major I want to pursue?

A lot of students are unsure on a particular major or want to alter their minds about their enrollment. In any case, Auburn University offers great tools to guide students through this decision-making process.

Freshmen who are first-time students can choose to attend Auburn University as Exploratory.

Students who are Exploratory will have two semesters in which to pursue their the world of academics and careers with the assistance of the staff at the Exploratory Advising Center.

They’ll attend the First Year Seminar, which is led by an academic advisor as well as a counselor. They participate in hands-on activities as well as experiences that will assist students in selecting their major.

When is when the deadlines to apply, for scholarships and deposit due dates?

  • Freshmen and Transfer – Spring Term

November 1 – Priority application submission deadline for all students who are applying for the spring term. This is the deadline for the submission of the completed application form and the application fee. Documents required for admission are due on or before November 15.

1st December (or 15 days following acceptance) Deadline for deposits for all students accepted for the spring semester to confirm their decision to enroll at Auburn University. The $250.00 enrollment fee is non-refundable.

  • Freshmen – Summer and Fall Term

November 1 – Scholarship Application Available

February 1 – Application for Scholarships Deadline is through AUSOM

February 1 The deadline for applications to be accepted is February 1. All applications are due by the deadline to be considered for admission.

May 1 – The deadline for deposit for all freshman students accepted for the fall and summer term to secure a spot for the class of freshman. This $250.00 tuition deposit for enrollment is not refundable.

Deadline to Accept or Decline Scholarship Offers

  • Transfer – Summer Term

May 1 – Priority application submission date for all transfer students who are applying for the summer session. This is the date of priority to submit the application for admission to transfer as well as the application fee.

Documents required are due on or before May 15. The deadline for deposit is the 1st of June or fifteen days after the date of acceptance.

  • Transfer – Fall Term

July 1 – Priority submission deadline for all students applying for the fall term. This is the date of priority to file the complete transfer admission application as well as the fee for application. The required documents must be submitted on or before July 15.

1. August (or 15 days following acceptance) Deadline for deposit for all transfer students accepted for the fall semester to confirm their choice to attend Auburn University. The $250.00 enrollment deposit is non-refundable.

When will I get notification regarding my admissions status?

Auburn will announce freshman decisions during rounds. The three Early Action Decision rounds released in mid-October, mid-November , and mid-January. The final decision on the regular plan is expected to be made public in early March.

What is the distinction between dual enrollment and early admission?

JE – Dual Enrollment

Students with dual enrollment are looking for the possibility of joint (simultaneous) admission to Auburn University and their high school. Students who are dual enrolled want to enroll in college courses while in high school and pursuing their studies.

If they attend Auburn University as a dual students, they must also fill out an admissions application for regular freshman at the end the junior years in high school along with the dual-enrollment application.

EA – Early Admission

They are students who have completed all graduation requirements for high school and are looking to begin their college journey early, beginning in the spring semester.

This application for early admission is the sole admissions application that is submitted in paper to AU. Students admitted to early admission are not able to submit an online application.

Who is eligible to apply?

We invite any student who is who is interested in attending Auburn to finish the application process. We believe that our students are competent enough to succeed academically at Auburn according to their admissions test scores, high school grades, and academic preparation.

Students who are interested will be evaluated individually.

What are the admission requirements for freshmen?

  • Academic Achievement

Your transcript from high school is the most important criterion to determine your academic readiness. Each freshman applicant must fulfill the following requirements of the core curriculum before the end of their senior year:

  • Four years English
  • 3 years in social science
  • Three years of math, including Algebra I and II, and either Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus or Analysis
  • Two years of science, comprising Biology as well as Physical Sciences and Laboratory Component
  • In addition to assessing the core courses, Auburn will consider high school grade point average (GPA), ACT and/or scores from the SAT as well as the rigor of high school.
  • The evaluation of transcripts is based on an 4.0 scale. (A = 4 points; B=3 points 2 points, C = 3 points, D = 1 point F = 0 points).

Alongside the basic requirements, we choose our freshman class using an evaluation that incorporates an extensive assessment of your academic progress. The elements we look at in our evaluation are:

  • Your grade point score, including the weighted as well as unweighted.
  • The grades you earn in the core curriculum courses.
  • Your 12th-grade classes you’ve planned.
  • The pattern of your grades over time. Significant improvement in academic performance as shown by your academic GPA and quality of your coursework completed or being completed.
  • The amount of college preparatory, Advanced, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) Honors, college courses that you are gifted and transferable to you’ve taken and your performance in those courses.
  • Your academic performance in relation to other students at your high school, as well as the educational opportunities offered in the high school you attend.
  • Outstanding performances in one of particular subjects

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