Baylor Medical School – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, and More

For a start, Baylor Medical School may not have the offer of a coastal city or the great prestige that comes with Ivy Alliance educational establishment, it does have most things a future specialist would need: top-rate staff, excellent and plentiful research opportunities, and a history of creating fabulous physicians.  

Moreover, Baylor Medical school was set up  in 1900 and is affiliated with the Texas Therapeutic Center. It would be in your best knowledge to know that this academic establishment, located in Houston, is the world’s biggest therapeutic  center.  

For this reason, scholars and researchers at this American University are opportuned to work with a wide run of patients as well as handle cases.  If you’re thrilled by research, Baylor Med houses a few  of the foremost inventive centers and programs  within the world, counting the Human Genome Sequencing Center and the Epigenomics Information Examination and Coordination Center. 

Baylor College of Medicine also has excellent staff that are willing to collaborate with students and ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest medical trend on ground. Without the benefit of a doubt, it is a good school for any aspiring medical scholar. 

Baylor Medical School Acceptance Rate

Acceptance rate is a very important factor to consider when applying for admission in any school. For Baylor Medical school, the acceptance rate is as low as 5.3% hence competitive. However, last year, around 84 of the 402 candidates who connected to the school gotten interviews with college staff, and only 12 gotten offers of affirmation.

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Literally, this means that the acceptance rate (2021) of the school was a meagre 3.5%. While it is better not to expect the same thing, it would be wise to boost your academic CV ahead of time.

Nonetheless, the figure mentioned-above outs the school in parity level with elite academic establishment like Stanford School of Medicine which had an acceptance rate of 2.2% for its 2021 candidates. Harvard acceptance rate was also 3.4%, while that of Princeton was 4.3%. 

But as typical as the rate may be, there’s one key difference to be beyond any doubt . These schools tend to urge thousands of applications each year, which implies that the acceptance  rate still affected by the number of students application.  

For illustration, Stanford Medical school had 6800 applications in 2021, which implies that their 2.2% application rate brings in 153 students.  Baylor Medical school gets a far less applications, fair over 400. For that reason, the school’s acceptance rate rate shows that they bring in no more than 14 scholars every academic session.

Baylor Medical School Tuition

A few local and international scholars may have studied and followed the acceptance rate of Baylor Medical School and on seeing how low it is, chose to apply  somewhere else. Their expectation might be that trying may not be worth the work with such an obviously, low acceptance rate. 

Nonetheless, Baylor School of Medicine is certainly more prohibitive than numerous of its peers, it does stand out in one incredible way. The cost of attending this prestigious American school of medicine is less when considered to numerous other schools.  

Scholars who come from exterior of Texas pay no more than $41,192 each year in educational cost, expenses, and protections. Meanwhile, In-state scholars pay indeed less, $28,092 per year.  

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Beyond doubt, that’s a parcel of cash well spent. But when looked at within the setting of the costs to go to schools of comparative quality, the esteem of Baylor gets to be clearer.  For a case sample, at the College of California at Los Angeles’s Geffen School of Pharmaceutical, scholars pay $45,306 every academic session for tuition. The Stanford College Medical School costs indeed more in educational cost, charging over $62,000 each year.  

Baylor Medical School Requirements

Due to its low acceptance rate, Baylor School of Medicine is not easy to enter. Hundreds apply each year, and no more than fourteen scholars make it in. In case you need to be among that 3.5% with successful application, you will have to get  the school’s prerequisites ready and available.  

The good thing is that Baylor School of Medicine does not have a Grade Point Average Requirement (GPA). In any case, fruitful candidates tend to have a GPA of at slightest 3.9 on a 4.0 scale. In other words,  scholars who get accepted into the school tend to urge straight A’s in their classes.  

On normal, scholars entering Baylor Med scored 518 on MCAT. With the MCAT, medical schools can evaluate a student’s availability for progressed education. The test’s four segments cover the major competencies a scholar needs in medical school,  including behavior establishments, thinking aptitudes, organic chemistry, and organic systems.  

Additionally, Baylor Med requires a score on the Computer-Based Appraisal for Examining Individual Characteritics

Baylor Therapeutic School Rankings 

As the alma mater of the many doctors recorded over the years, Baylor Medical School has created a notoriety for fabulousness. That fabulousness has been measured by numerous outlets that investigate and rank educational institution of higher learning.  

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According to about each outlet within the world, Baylor College Medical School has a place among the top 50 best of its kind within the nation. Each location gives the school credits for its workforce, the commitments it makes to therapeutic research, and the previously mentioned graduated class it produces. These components put Baylor tall on the records compiled by United States News & World Report. 

Out of all the outlets covering American higher education, this ranking report puts as much consideration into its investigation about a school, using comprehensive  assessment data.  According to U.S. News, Baylor Medical school is the 22nd best  school within the country in terms of medical research, sharing the spot with the  Emory College School of Medicine. Baylor ranks as the 17th place medical school on primary care tied with Midwestern University.   

Moreover, Concurring to the worldwide ranking of, Baylor College of medicine is the 47th best of its kind across the globe, tied with the College of Glasgow in Scotland.  

This is because of its exceptionally excellent research work, which is regularly cited by a wide run of journals. 


This post deals on Baylor Medical School, its acceptance, tuition, requirements, and ranking. What are your thoughts about the article?

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