Best ACCUPLACER Preparation Books

Best ACCUPLACER Preparation Books

You’ve passed your SAT, ACT and are accepted to college. When you think you’ve passed the test and you discover you have a choice to make. The ACCUPLACER test is a test used by a lot of universities to evaluate writing, reading, and math proficiency.

The ACCUPLACER was created through the College Board, the same individuals who created the ACT.

The multiple-choice exam is not timed, and it is computer-adaptive. This means you won’t be able to be successful or fail however, the more you complete the test and correct it, the harder the examination will become.

Even though you aren’t able to be successful or not but it is important to be ready. The goal testing is designed to put you in college classes. If you fail in the exam, then you could be required to take courses that don’t count towards college credits.

Best ACCUPLACER Study Guides

The ACCUPLACER study guides listed on the following list are among the most current and accurate books available to aid you in preparing and practicing for the exam you are taking.

1. Accuplacer Study Guide 2021-2022: ACCUPLACER Test Prep and Practice Exam Book

Publisher: Miller Test Prep

Year: 2021

Number of Pages: 160

Vast Learners Final Grade: A-

Not everyone wants to know everything about the test. You may want to get straight to the source of it.

If you’re the kind of student who appreciates a simple reference guide to study, then this book is ideal for you. The book was written by teachers who concentrate on giving you the most important details to help you get your task accomplished. It’s not full of nonsense in the book but you’ll be provided with a complete guide.

While the book isn’t particularly thorough, it does cover the entirety of the exam. It’s a great study guide when you think you’ll need to study for the essay section of the exam. It includes six examples of essays with an explanation of how the test is graded. This is an excellent option when you are worried about the Write Essay part of the test is a concern for you.

Concept examples are step by step, to give you a clear idea of how to get the answer. This quick guide teaches you how to use problem-solving to discover the answer to numerous questions. However, it won’t overdo it by offering multiple variants of the same question.

By using concise information, you don’t give you the feeling of having to integrate every bit of information into your head. If you’re short of time to spend studying, then this is the guide that is focused on you. You enter and go out with just the facts you need.

If you are looking for more information, you could add to the text using free flashcards, or other reading materials from your school or college.


  • The book contains six essay examples that are fully complete and scores
  • Conceptual examples are step-by-step
  • Simple details


  • Compared to the other materials on this list, it’s fully dated
  • Doesn’t have a full practice test

2. Accuplacer Study Guide: Spire Study System & Accuplacer Test Prep Guide with Practice Test Review Questions

Publisher: Spire Study System

Year: 2020

Number of Pages: 173

Vast Learners Final Grade: A+

Spire prefers to go beyond providing you with excellent study tools. Since their inception, they’ve always strived to provide an easier way to learn. They aim to become more than an ebook, but rather an authentic guide.

With more than 300 practice questions You won’t need to think about test details when you study this guide. The study guide is flexible and allows you to go through a variety of topics before you take the tests in the practice sections.

It comes with a customized program that you can create to suit your needs. Find the best method to prepare for the test, and then adjust as needed. This method keeps you on track to ensure that you don’t feel like you’re cramming or losing all the information you have already accumulated.

The 30-day schedule will take a considerable amount of time to plan. This guide isn’t appropriate for students seeking last-minute preparation or if you’re looking for a refresher in the lessons you learned in high school. It’s not easy to use this resource to help you cram.

The book also contains two practice tests in full to add to your routine to be able to take them when you’re prepared. When a full practice test is provided is an excellent thing to do. This gives you the real experience of what it’s like to take the test.

This will not only prepare students for taking the ACCUPLACER exam, however, but it will also help you prepare for your studies throughout your college years. The cognitive recall method is an established method for studying which can be used in any future studies.

If you’re in search of aid to assist you in reviewing all topics you’ve learned, then this is the guide. It covers every topic and includes review materials. The information available can be overwhelming, and it’s essential to stick to the strategy you have created for yourself. If you’re not an organized person look for a different method.


  • Personalized plan you can customize to your schedule.
  • Full practice test is included
  • It covers all topics of the exam so you won’t feel like one section is lacking in information


  • The 30-day system takes a lot of time to plan out
  • All of the information can be overwhelming, so it’s important to stick to the plan you create for yourself.

3. ACCUPLACER Study Guide 2020-2021 ACCUPLACER Test Prep Secrets

Publisher: Mometrix Media LLC

Year: 2020

Number of Pages: 153

Vast Learners Final Grade: A

Since its inception around the year 2002, Mometrix has created the most extensive collection of educational materials that you can come across. In the case of the ACCUPLACER product, their goal is to help you recall concepts that you might have lost in high school.

We are awestruck by this guide as it’s an extensive review for anyone who wants to know everything about the subject. Mometrix offers study resources available online to help you get going. The online review lets you discover the strengths and weak points prior to you determining which topics require the most focus. It can help to make a choice on what you should do with your homework.

If you’re in search of more than a simple list of answers and questions, then this is the book for you. This study guide contains secrets techniques, tips, and tricks to help you succeed in the exam. The choice of videos tutorials surpasses other guides to study with regard to a contemporary method of studying.

This guide is much more than exhaustive; it’s an entire analysis of every part of the test. It covers concepts and techniques to help you develop a plan of how you can take your exam to the highest stage.

While the guide contains many topics but it is organized in a way that is simple to follow. The explanations of the videos and questions offer options for thorough learning that will suit your preferences. This guide is for those who are looking for clear, step-by-step directions directly from the instructors.


  • Complete review of all test sections
  • Added sections that cover more elementary algebra and college-level math
  • Includes video tutorials
  • Tips and strategies help you learn the best way to take the test


  • No full practice test
  • No ebook version

4. Accuplacer Study Guide 2020 and 2021

Publisher: Test Prep Books

Year: 2020

Number of Pages: 340

Vast Learners Final Grade: B

If you’re looking for information on how long you will are allowed for the various sections This is the article for you. An in-depth breakdown of the topics on the exam will give the information you need you can prepare for the exam. If you don’t like surprises will enjoy studying with this guide. After you’ve read this book, you’ll be aware of the dangers you’re doing yourself.

This is the most up-to-date guide available and covers everything, even the essay. The essay test and the sentence skills test are the perfect way to get ready to focus more on the writing portion. Although this will give you plenty of practice for the writing portion of the exam it might not be what you’re trying to find if you wish to concentrate on the math section.

The author of the book claims that you can speak with a person in real-time in case you are concerned about the product, so it could be worth taking the risk to test if the guide will be helpful for you.

Like many guides, this one also includes questions for practice with clear answers. However, it also provides test-taking strategies to help you prepare for the test beyond the questions on the test. The information you receive regarding the exam can be overwhelming but don’t be too focused that you don’t remember to study.


  • Include essay exam and sentence skills test
  • A full breakdown of what’s on the exam


  • Less focus on the math sections of the test
  • The information you get about the test can be distracting

5. The ACCUPLACER Tutor by Apex Test Prep

Publisher: Apex Test Prep

Year: 2021

Number of Pages: 255

Vast Learners Final Grade: B+

Consider this book as your teacher. It’s designed to help you through the test by adding your knowledge base. If you’re getting closer to the exam and don’t require a complicated study plan to follow this is the right guide for you. It directs you to the information you require and concentrates on the test itself.

Like many of the other books listed on this list, you’ll receive an answer key that includes thorough explanations. You’ll be able to determine the correct or wrong answer in your test.

However, if you require assistance with any of the questions on the test, this guide could be helpful. It includes a section on tests and techniques to help with any anxiety that you might be experiencing.

The most interesting part of this manual is the data that will assist you in figuring out the best way to make educated predictions. Be aware that the ACCUPLACER is computer-based and the more you excel the better you do, the more difficult the test becomes. If you can make educated predictions, you’ll be able to help to determine your place in the next classes.


  • It has detailed test-taking tips, including how to make educated guesses
  • An easy study guide to follow
  • If you’re running low on time, it’s a quicker way to prepare


  • Not a detailed, fully comprehensive study guide with practice tests


It’s possible that you haven’t thought of taking the ACCUPLACER test at the moment however, it could be advantageous. While you can technically pass but you do not want to be placed in a class where you will not receive college credits.

Although it might seem as if there is pressure on you to perform very well in this exam You don’t need to be concerned. You can find resources that will cover all you must learn about the test.

If you’re looking for a method to pass the test or guidance with the questions on the test these books listed here are the best choice for you. Online tutorials with detailed instructions or complete test preparation will help you prepare for the test you’ll need to score the highest that you can and start on the path to college.

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