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Best Community Colleges in Canada for International Students

Which are the best community Clcolleges in Canada for international students? Located in the Northern part of America, Canada has emerged to be one of the best countries and choices for a majority of international scholars.

The nation is home to many educational establishment including community colleges. These colleges are cheap and also offer quality education as well. 

This is what makes an ideal choice over other post-secondary educational establishments. However, not many people know what a community college is – so, let’s clear the air before we proceed further.

What are Community Colleges?

Defining a community college in a general sense is by all means wrong. The reason for this is because the definition may vary across different countries of the world.

However, in the case of Canada, community colleges are educational institutions that prepares and equip upcoming undergraduate scholars. Also known as “a senior secondary school”, the academic establishment is like a bedrock to further studies. 

So as expected: most of them offers Masters of science, bachelor degree programs and doctoral degree. In addition to that, some of them gives scholars certification of either A-Level or O-Level certification (Advanced or Ordinary).

Additionally, Canadian community colleges last for a period of 2 years. Now that we know what community colleges are, let’s proceed and take a look at the best community colleges in Canada for international students.

1. Red River College

With a tuition charge ranging from $7500 CAD to $8500 CAD, Red River College is a top Canadian community college. This educational establishment is located in Manitoba and Winnipeg – and is the biggest in the area. 

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This college is very popular in Canada and boost of one of its highest student population; with 31,000 scholars and counting. The school also offers a handful of academic programs including diploma degree, certifications, apprenticeship among others.

2. Centennial College

Centennial College comes in next on the list of best community colleges in Canada for international students. This prestigious academic establishment was founded in 1966 and has since then, offer quality community college education.

It is located in the city of Toronto, Canada’s capital and other around 100 degree awarding programs. It also has certifications courses across fields ranging from communication to engineering. 

Accordingly, these professionally-driven courses promote practical understanding in laboratory learning, business education, and industrial and business distribution.

3. Seneca College

Seneca College is a prestigious community college in Canada. This academic establishment has continuous training program as well as certifications in fields ranging from financial services to science. 

The college is also one of the most affordable in the country hence parades an advantage in this case. There are many fields of study scholars can avail themselves in and these includes Biotechnology, Information Technology,  Event Management, Engineering, Fashion Design, international marketing, Digital a d Multimedia Animation, accounting and finance, and the rest.

4. College of New Caledonia

College of New Caledonia is one of the ” top four” best community colleges in Canada for international students. This prestigious education establishment was founded in 1969 is known for its excellent, well qualified staffs. The school’s faculty is one of the best on the lost and moreover, tuition charges are low and affordable. 

Scholars enjoy the benefits of small classes and strong academic support.

5. Fanshawe College

Located in Southwestern Ontario, Fanshawe College is a top community and college in Canada. This prestigious academic institution has more than 110 undergraduate degrees, degrees, certificates and post-graduate programs. 

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Additionally, the school is also home to around 1,300 scholars from outside the shores of Canada; spanning acorss 60 nations across the globe.

This Canadian community college is prestige and highly renounced in the country. It offers programs in fields of transportation, business, production, broadcasting, social services, design, electronics, health care and information technology among others.

6. Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College is one of the best community colleges in Canada for international students. This prestigious Canadian school is located in Alberta, and is home to a growing number of a global community of students.

It serene, and conducive learning environment allows scholars to thrive in innovation and creativity.

7. Selkirk College

Selkirk College is a top educational establishment that is located in Canada. This school is home to a variety of academic disciplines. 

It is public post-secondary college that prides as the biggest of its kind in British-Canadian. Not only big in size, it is also big in offered academic programs as well.

Currently, the school offers about 60 academic disciplines and the study mode include Full-time, Part-time, and virtual classes.

8. Southern Alberta Technology Center

Southern Alberta Technology Center is one of the best community colleges for International students. Shortly known as, SAIT, this Canadian school offers more than a hundred academic programs in arts, technology and business.  

The college, which is established in Calgary, Alberta, is one of the most ancient academic establishments of higher education in the province.

This school is also home to over 11,000 students. 

9. Nova Scotia Community College

Nova Scotia State Community College is a top post-secondary education service provider in Canada. It is renounced for its excellent programs in the field of applied arts, health sciences and polytechnics.

This notorious Canadian school also has over ten campuses as well as six study centres. Accordingly, when described in relation with the rest of the colleges on the list, tuition charges are much cheaper and affordable especially for international students.

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This officially makes this Canadian colleges affordable and inviting as well for international scholars.

10. Humber College

Humber College rounds off the list of best community colleges in Canada for international students. This College Institute of Technology was established in 1967, hence a long-standing academic establishment.

It is located in the booming city of Toronto and it offers over 150 academic programs. This is inclusive of bachelor degree awarding programs, certification in engineering and hospitality and others, postgraduate programs.

Eligibility Criteria

Listed down are the community colleges in Canada with their respective admission requirements and application portal to apply online:

CollegeAdmission RequirementsApplication Portal
Red River CollegePassed Grade 12 TOEFL – 80IELTS – 6.5 +Apply
Centennial CollegeHigher Secondary School CertificateTOEFL – 80IELTS – 6.5 +Apply
College of New CaledoniaGraduation TranscriptsTOEFL – 42 +IELTS – 6.0 +Apply
Fanshawe CollegePassed Grade 12TOEFL – 70 – 90IELTS – 6.0+Apply
Bow Valley CollegeHigh School TranscriptsTOEFL – 71IELTS – 6.0 +Apply
Selkirk CollegeCertified from the previous InstitutionTOEFL – 80 +IELTS – 6.0 +Apply
Humber CollegeGrade 12 DiplomaTOEFL – 80 – 100IELTS – 6.0 +Apply
Eligibility requirements for best community college in Canada & Application portal.

Partying Words

The was all on the best community colleges in Canada for international students.

Here’s a quick recap of The best community colleges in canada

Best Community Colleges in CanadaAverage Tuition Fees
Red River CollegeDegree: CAD 7,500 – CAD 8,500 Certification: CAD 2,732 – CAD 11,294
Centennial CollegeCAD 14,937.50 for 1 year
Seneca CollegeCAD 11,970 for 1 year
College of New CaledoniaCAD 3,200 for 1 year
Fanshawe CollegeCAD 15,000 for 1 year
Bow Valley CollegeCAD 10,000 – CAD 15,000 for 1 year
Selkirk CollegeCAD 8,500 for 1 year
Southern Alberta Technology CenterCAD 4,000- 28,000 (depending on the program)
Nova Scotia Community CollegeCAD 11,350 for 1 year
Humber CollegeCAD 14,000- CAD 15,000 for 1 year
List of Best Community Colleges in Canada

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