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The 5 Best Dorm Alarm Clocks for College Students [Reviewed]

When you do a quick search on Amazon, you’ll be able to find hundreds, if not thousands, of dorm alarm clocks. But, not all of them will suit your specific needs as a college student.

While they all seem to promote similar features, it’s important that you’re looking for one that will have the bells and whistles you need. The wrong dorm clock can cause you to stress, which will make it harder to wake up in time for class.

The best dorm alarm clocks will ensure you are up and ready to go in the morning. If you’re a college student, your life is already busy enough without worrying about being late for class.

Alarm clocks can be used for more than just waking up in the morning. They can also wake you up in the evening if you have an early morning meeting or are going on a trip and need to set multiple alarms before getting on an airplane.

Here are five of the best alarm clocks that will help you get through college:

Sonic Bomb Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

This alarm clock has a bed shaker that works well for heavy sleepers. It also has an annoying sound that can get anyone out of bed. It comes with batteries and is easy to set up, which makes it perfect for dorm rooms.

Sonic Bomb Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Sonic Bomb Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

BrandSonic Alert
Display TypeDigital
Power SourceCorded Electric
Are Batteries IncludedNo

If you’re tired of getting up early every day, this alarm clock might be right for you. It wakes you up by shaking your mattress instead of playing music or using any other type of noise to get your attention. The device also comes with two backup battery packs to work even when no power source is available.

This portable device is small enough to fit on your nightstand or dresser without taking up too much space in your dorm room at college or university.

That’s why we love this dual alarm clock from Sonic Bomb. It has two alarms that can be set for different times on weekdays and weekends, so you can make sure you get up on time without disturbing anyone else.

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It also has a bed shaker that vibrates to wake you up if you’re a heavy sleeper, which is perfect for those mornings when your alarm isn’t loud enough!

CLOCKY Alarm Clock on Wheels (Original)

The Original Clocky is the runaway alarm clock that wakes you up with a buzz. It jumps off its base and rolls around your room for a full minute before it shuts off. You have to catch it to turn it off, which is an excellent way to get out of bed!

CLOCKY Alarm Clock on Wheels (Original)

CLOCKY Alarm Clock on Wheels (Original)

Display TypeDigital
Special FeatureAlarm
Power SourceBattery Powered
Product Dimensions5.51″W x 4.33″H
Age Range (Description)Adult
Room TypeBedroom, Home Office, Office, Study, Living Room, Dining Room

Clocky’s alarm is extra loud and has a backlit screen so you can see it in the dark. It also has a snooze button that automatically resets itself after 9 minutes.

The snooze lasts for 9 minutes, so if you want to sleep longer, just push the snooze button again. If you’re not ready to get up yet after two minutes of chasing down Clocky, just press the “off” button on top of its head, and it will shut itself down until morning!

This is an awesome alarm clock! It is loud enough to wake you up without jumping out of bed. It also comes with a snooze button to sleep for as long as you want before heading off to school or work.

Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio

The Sony alarm clock is one of the most popular alarm clocks. It has several features make it an excellent choice for a dorm room or bedroom.

This clock radio has the ability to charge your iPod and phone, which is a great feature because you don’t have to worry about having your phone die at night. The display is bright enough to be seen clearly in low light conditions, and the radio has good reception.

Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio

Display TypeLCD
Power SourceAC & Battery
Product Dimensions6.2″W x 7″H
Are Batteries IncludedYes
Mounting TypeWall Mount

It also has a snooze feature so you can sleep in if you want to! This clock radio also has a backup battery in case of a power outage, so there will be no disruptions in your sleep schedule!

The ICF-C1PJ has an LCD display that can be dimmed or brightened depending on your room’s bright or dark. This feature makes it easy to find the right setting for any day, so you don’t have to worry about waking up before you’re ready!

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The best feature of this alarm clock is its dual alarms. With this feature, you can set two different alarms for each day of the week — perfect if you have early classes or late-night studying sessions during the week!

American Lifetime Day Clock

This is the best dorm alarm clock that I found for my daughter. It has a large display, which is easy to read. It also has a battery backup. This is good because your alarm will still go off on time if the power goes out.

One feature I like about this product is that it can be set to go off at different times every day of the week. This way, you don’t have to remember to set it every night before you sleep!

American Lifetime Day Clock

American Lifetime Day Clock

BrandAmerican Lifetime
Display TypeDigital
Power SourceBattery Powered
Product Dimensions8.5″W x 6.75″H

This alarm clock is a great choice for those looking for a large display alarm clock. It has a large digital display that is easy to read from across the room, and it even has a backlight so you can see it at night.

The American Lifetime Day Clock also comes with two alarms, which is great if you need to wake up at different times on different days.

This alarm clock also comes with four different brightness settings, so you can choose how bright you want your alarm to be. You will love waking up every morning with this fun alarm clock!

Philips SmartSleep Alarm Clock

The Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light, Personalized Sunrise and Sunset, SleepMapper App Enabled, Sleep Environment Tracking, HF3670/60 is an affordable option for those looking for a simple alarm clock that can help them sleep better.

It’s a little more expensive than the average model we reviewed, but the price tag is still reasonable.

Philips SmartSleep Alarm Clock

Philips SmartSleep Alarm Clock

StyleSleepMapper App Enabled
BrandPhilips SmartSleep
Product Dimensions11.1″D x 12.05″W x 5.43″H
Shade ColorBlue

The alarm clock features a programmable wake-up light that gradually increases in brightness over 30 minutes before your set wake-up time. It also has a built-in FM radio with 20 preset stations and an adjustable snooze button (1-30 minutes).

It comes with free access to the Philips SleepMapper app, which allows users to track their sleep patterns and receive personalized recommendations on how they can improve their sleep quality through its Healthy Living Coach feature.

In addition, this device also comes with a built-in speaker so you can enjoy music from your smartphone or tablet without having to worry about headphones getting tangled in bed sheets or tangled around your neck while you’re sleeping.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Dorm Alarm Clock

If you are in college and are still using the alarm clock given to you by your parents, then it’s time to upgrade.

This section of the article will look at some factors you need to consider before buying a dorm alarm clock.

Type of Alarm Clock

Knowing what type of alarm clock you want is important before buying one. The most common types of alarm clocks include mechanical and digital ones. Mechanical alarms tend to be cheaper, but they are less reliable than digital ones.

Digital alarms can be programmed in advance and have more features than mechanical ones. If you want something that’s reliable, go for a digital one, but if you don’t mind spending extra money on a mechanical model, go for it!


The size of your dorm room should also play a role in determining which type of alarm clock you get! If you have a small room, it would be better for you to go for an alarm clock that doesn’t take up too much space since it can become difficult for others when trying to find things in your room!

Volume Levels

If you prefer not to wake up with an annoying ringtone, consider purchasing an alarm clock with adjustable volume levels so you can set it, so it doesn’t blast your eardrums in the morning! Some models even have built-in FM radios and smartphone chargers if needed!

The Snooze Duration

Another important feature is how long each snooze lasts. If there are too few snoozes or they don’t last long enough, then you will not be incentivized to get out of bed! A good dorm room alarm clock should have at least five snoozes that last at least 15 minutes each.

Battery Life

Ensure the alarm clock has a battery life of at least 12 hours! This way, even if there is no power outlet nearby, it would still work as expected.

You might also want to consider getting an alarm clock with a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries every now and then.


If you live in a small room or share your dorm with other students, then portability is an important factor to consider when buying an alarm clock for your room.

Make sure that the alarm clock is lightweight enough so that it doesn’t take up too much space on your desk or bedside table.


Your dorm alarm clock should be made from tough materials that can withstand bumps and falls (because we all know how clumsy college students can be).

It should also come with a warranty or guarantee from the manufacturer to protect your investment if something goes wrong with your new device after purchase.


A good dorm alarm clock should provide you with a cheap, compact replacement for your home alarm clock. It’s important to get used to waking up at the same time regularly when you’re at school so that a good alarm clock can help.

These five options are the best dorm alarm clocks, and I believe any of them would be a great asset to your dorm room.

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