Top 5 Best iPad For Nursing Students (in 2023)

Are you a nursing school student looking for the best tablet brand for your studies? If YES, here are 5 best nursing school tablets in 2023.

One of the main work equipment or gadgets that you can’t be found without whether you’re a nurse trying to start a career (enrolling in nursing school) or if you’re already working as one is a tablet or pad.

As a nurse, getting a trustworthy tablet will go a long way toward ensuring that you are current with your studies, capable of conducting research, effective, well-organized, and of course current with your nursing practice. In actuality, it will be quite challenging for a nurse to properly communicate or obtain essential information while on the go without a tablet.

What are the Best Tablets for Nursing School Students in 2023?

Below are the Best iPad For Nursing Students they include;

1. iPad 10.2in (9th gen, 2021): Best low cost iPad

Despite being the least expensive iPad, it nevertheless offers enough performance and features to be a great option for many students. Apple made substantial enhancements to the gadget in 2021, including the addition of the potent A13 processor that had previously run the iPhone 11 series. Additionally, the front-facing camera now includes an Ultra-Wide lens and support for Center Stage.


  • Low price (in US)
  • Centre Stage support for FaceTime
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth keyboard


  • 64GB storage may be too little
  • Price hike outside US


2. iPad mini (6th gen, 2021): Most portable iPad

The iPad mini 6 is much better looking, more powerful and more versatile than its predecessor, and the portable nature will appeal to many – you just need to decide whether the price increase is worth it for your needs.


  • Portable one-handed design
  • Incredible A15 Bionic performance
  • Detailed display
  • Apple Pencil 2 support


  • No Smart Connector for Magic Keyboard
  • Big price increase, especially in the UK
  • Not suited to split-screen use


3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

The 8-inch super AMOLED display of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 makes it simple for you to watch your favorite shows or read books or assignments. Its battery has a 13-hour maximum runtime after a full charge.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 features up to 64GB of internal memory and the ability to extend storage by up to 512GB via a Micro SD card. Navigation is facilitated with the S-pen.


  • It uses a micro USB
  • It has an expandable SD card
  • It has a large internal storage
  • It has a long-lasting battery
  • It can be used on Wi-Fi
  • It has an S-pen


  • It does not accept SIM cards
  • It cannot be used on cellular networks
  • It can be quite slow.


4. The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

The 10.3″ screen size of this tablet offers a spacious and clear display. Its performance is incredibly quick and flawless thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdog Octa-core processor and Android 9 Pie Operating System. Dolby Atmos is installed in the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus speakers, which enhances the clarity and aural appeal of all audio output.

Concerned that the tablet may appear dated and out of date? The body of the device is completely covered with thin metal, which also increases the size of the screen.

With a memory capacity of up to 2GB and storage space of up to 32GB, the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus tablet provides enough of room for notes, reading materials, textbooks, and even photos. Its battery has a maximum seven or eight hours depending on how long it is charged.


  • It has face recognition
  • It has an expandable card slot of up to 256GB
  • It has eye protection
  • It has Google assistant to aid hand-free use.


  • It does not come with a case
  • Its RAM cannot be upgraded
  • It does not accept SIM cards.


5. Android 10.0 Tablets, Vasking Kingpad SA10

The Vasking Kingpad SA10 Android 10.0 Tablets run the Android 10 operating system. Its octa-core 1.6GHz processor facilitates multitasking. It features a storage capacity of 32GB, which can be expanded to 128GB, and 3GB of RAM. Your favorite shows or online tutorials/classes are easier to enjoy on its 10 inch blue light filter screen.

Vasking Kingpad SA10 Android 10.0 Tablets have an exceptionally slender form that makes it simple to use or carry along. This tablet has a very good battery life and can operate for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Take classes, exams, tutorials, and even reading assignments on the move! You may take beautiful images and capture priceless experiences with the aid of its 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera.


  • Its screen has eye protection
  • Apps can be downloaded easily
  • It has a USB Type C port
  • It has 5G Wi-Fi
  • It also supports audio


  • It can only be connected to a Bluetooth keyboard
  • It does not accept SIM cards
  • It has no HDMI port.


Should students buy an Tablet or a Laptop?

Before you go ahead and buy your tablet you may want to consider its suitability for your purpose.

As a student you probably have a few requirements:

  • Low price
  • Great apps for things like note taking, recording lectures and revision
  • Light enough to carry around all day
  • Keyboard and stylus support
  • Suitable for making video calls home


Is an iPad Necessary for nursing students?

Yes, an iPad is a necessity for nursing students.

Is 128 GB iPad enough for Nursing Students?

The average nursing student will be able to achieve a lot with a 128GB iPad. It should contain virtually all their study materials for a class. On the other hand, if you prefer having study materials for all your classes in a place, you might have to settle for more storage space.

Should I Get a Tablet or a Laptop for Nursing School?

Lots of nursing students are sometimes not sure if what they need is actually a tablet or a laptop. So, this question always comes up. Well, if you have enough funds for a tablet and a laptop. It is okay to get the both of them. This is simply because they have their pros and cons. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy a degree of versatility if you have a laptop and an iPad.

Now, a lot of nursing students do not have the financial muscles to afford a laptop and a tablet. If you fall into this category of nursing students, you will need to select a laptop over a tablet. This is because with a laptop, you can do virtually everything that your tablet can help you do. However, there is a lot your laptop can do for you that your tablet cannot.

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