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Binghamton University Transfer Acceptance Rate, Tuition and Admission Requirements 2023/2024

Hi Friends, Welcome to JustScholars, today I will be talking about the transfer acceptance rate and admission requirements to Binghamton University.

This is the complete guide for transferring to Binghamton University. I’ll suggest you read until the end.

I have done all the hard work and researched everything you need to know about transferring to Binghamton University.

Before anything let’s do a little overview of the university.

Binghamton University overview

Binghamton University is an institution of public importance founded in 1946. It has an undergraduate student population at 14.333 (fall 2020) The campus is in the suburbs, and its campus covers 930 acres. It follows the semester-based academic calendar.

Binghamton University rank for the year 2023 in Best Colleges was National Universities, #83. The in-state tuition and fees are at $10,319 and the tuition and fees for out-of-state students are $27,909.

There is plenty of outdoor recreation in the southeast New York location of Binghamton University. Although it is not named it is situated within Vestal, N.Y., an area that is part of Binghamton. The campus is a nature preserve with a pond and forest that students can walk or bike around.

By using the Adventure Resource Center and the Outdoor Pursuits program, students can take part in scheduled kayaking, climbing, and camping trips , or arrange an excursion on their own. Fans of winter sports can take a trip to ski and snowboard on Greek Peak, a 30-mile journey from the campus.

On campus, the annual activities for students include University Fest and Spring Fling Two outdoor parties that include live entertainment, carnival rides and food. There are over 300 student groups, including over 60 recognized fraternities as well as sororities.

Students must reside on campus. One advantage to living within the residences is the Free laundry. It is the Binghamton Bearcats compete in the NCAA Division I America East Conference and the student crowd are part of the BU Zoo’s cheering section at basketball games. The school’s mascot is an bear named Baxter.

On average, over nine out of 10 students stay at SUNY Binghamton following their freshman year, which is among the most high rates of first-year retention across the nation.

Binghamton University has built a reputation for itself as a top-quality institution that has one of the best studies programs within the country.

It is a pleasure to have been included as one of the top public universities across the country for challenging our students academically but not financially. Our academic culture is in line with an elite private school as it is collaborative, rigorous and boldly innovating.

Our campus culture represents the highest type of university experience for public students that includes diverse students as well as a vibrant social life and an active involvement with the local community.

Students, undergraduates and graduate, collaborate with a renowned faculty, including Pulitzer Prize winners and groundbreaking researchers.

Binghamton University is ranked as one of the top colleges within the State of New York. The top graduate programs are departments like the Department of History, Department of Public Administration and Department of Psychology.

Additionally, the school is known for its efforts to sustain itself. Famous students includes Madeleine Smithberg, the co-creator and director of “The Daily Show,”” Andrew Bergman, the screenwriter who wrote “Blazing Saddles”” as well as Tony Kornheiser, an ESPN commentator.

Binghamton University Transfer Acceptance Rate

In previous years, Binghamton University received 4834 transfer applicants.

The school admitted only 2070 students. Making the transfer acceptance rate for Binghamton University to be at 42.82%.

This shows how hard it is to get a transfer into Binghamton University

Binghamton University Acceptance Rate

Binghamton University has an acceptance rates of 43 percent and earlier admission rate of 60 percent.

Half of the applicants admitted into SUNY Binghamton have an SAT score between 1290-1450 as well as an ACT score between 29 , 32, or more. But, one-quarter of the applicants admitted scored over these levels and one-quarter scored below the scores.

The deadline for application is advancing and the fee for application at Binghamton University–SUNY is $50.

Binghamton University 2023 Rankings

Binghamton University is ranked:

  • #83 from #83 in National University (tie)
  • #46 in the Best Universities specifically for Veterans (tie)
  • #42 in the Best undergraduate Teacher (tie)

Binghamton University Requirements for Transfer Applications

Minimum GPA:

Binghamton requires an at-least 2.8 GPA, 3.0 encouraged; School of Management and Decker School of Nursing have more competitive GPA requirements.

Official Transcripts:

A transcript of your official transcript from each school or college that you’ve attended since high school. be sent at the Admissions office. If you’ve less than 24 credits from college Also, send your official, final high school transcript.

SAT Scores:

It is possible to provide SAT/ACT scores in order to be considered in order to consider transfer admission.

Letters of Recommendation:

Binghamton doesn’t have the requirement for letters of recommendation.


An essay or personal essay could be required of certain transfer applicants.

Application Fee:

The fee of $50 to both SUNY Application and the Common Application is waived for those who are applying to Binghamton during the semester before receiving their Associate’s Degree at an SUNY or two-year college of CUNY.


An interview with a person is not necessary.

Apply Here For A Transfer To Binghamton University

Binghamton University Transfer Credit Policy

Minimum Grade:

A minimum score that can be used to transfer credit is C+.

Credit (Min/Max):

The maximum is 96 credit hours will be accepted as transfer credits. It is necessary to earn at least 44 credit hours at Binghamton to be eligible for the bachelor’s degree.

Binghamton University Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

The University will offer GRE waivers in the academic year 2023-24?

Any school that wants to skip the GRE can do so.

I was accepted to an academic program. Can I delay my admission to attend an upcoming term?

There is the option to delay an admission offer for up-to a period of one year (2 sessions).

Deferrals are granted on the advice by the department responsible for academics. Students who wish to delay their admission offer must contact their department of study to request the deferral.

From an immigration standpoint From an immigration perspective, in terms of immigration, Form I-20 (for F-1 students) can only be delayed for a maximum of one year at an time.

If the program permits that, it may be deferred until the fall of 2022 (less than one year) or later until spring 2023 (as required).

The SEVIS fee I-901 students must make payment to SEVP only valid for an entire year. The fee might require repayment at a later time in the event that a student decides to delay for a longer time.

If I am enrolled in a course at a different university is it possible to enroll on Binghamton University?

Yes, it is an alternative. You need to apply for and be accepted by Binghamton University.

If you’re an international student when you have been admitted you will then need to send a formal request to the institution you are currently at to transfer your current SEVIS records in order to transfer your SEVIS record Binghamton University through the SEVIS system.

Graduate students who are contemplating transferring into Binghamton University are encouraged to study the Graduate School’s policy on transfers of graduate credit.

I’m a recently admitted graduate student. What date do I have to send my formal bachelor’s transcript(s) in the Office of Graduate Admissions?

New graduate students need to submit the final official transcript(s) by the six weeks following the start of the semester at which they begin graduate studies.

Graduate students who have enroll for the fall semester of 2021 have an extended deadline. They must submit their official, final transcript(s) by six weeks into spring 2022 semester.

The final, official transcript(s) are required to be sent at the Office of Graduate Admissions. Instructions on how to submit the official final transcript(s) are on the web.

If a student is deferred for a semester or year, does the student lose their deposit and need to pay for a new deposit? 

Yes. The admission deposit is a confirmation of the student’s intention to attend Binghamton University and reserves their spot in the academic program during the time in which it was approved.

If a student asks for and agrees to a deferral of admissions process the deposit is forfeited. Admissions applicants should go over the policy on refunds for admission deposit.

As an undergrad, I attended student at Binghamton I am currently an undergraduate student. What health-related requirements am I obliged to fulfill?

Yes. The admission deposit is a confirmation of that a student’s decision to apply to Binghamton University and reserves their place in the academic curriculum during the time in which the student was accepted. If a student applies for and agrees to a deferral of admissions offer the deposit is forfeited. Admissions applicants should go over the policy for refunding deposits to students.

A recent graduate student who attended Binghamton in the first year of undergraduate study and who is totally satisfied in all medical requirements including the COVID-19 vaccine is not required to fulfill any health-related requirements, but with the following limitations:

  • If their last case of meningococcal meningitis (MMR) was more than five years at the time of their admission as a master’s student will need to fill out a new Meningococcal Meningitis Response (MMR) Form (or provide proof of having shots within the past 5 years).
  • If they’ve been away of Binghamton University for more than three months, they have to fill out a new health medical history form (which includes an TB screening) along with TB testing when the TB screening is positive, and they must also prove that they’ve been vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis (MMR) vaccine in the past five years (or fill out a response form refusing the vaccine).

Students who were granted admission on a provisional basis due to the absence of evidence of English proficiency be admitted?

International students continue to have to prove their English proficiency through English tests for language proficiency.

Students who fail to score above the University minimums will not receive regular admission or be capable of paying the depositand are not able to enroll in classes.

Additional information regarding proof of English proficiency is available online HERE.

Note: As a result of COVID-19 The Office of Graduate Admissions has temporarily authorized for the application of Duolingo English Test as proof of English proficiency in applications to the 2022 application cycle. An absolute score of 105 points is required.

Do you require an I-20 required if classes are being on the internet?

If students from abroad are enrolling in all of their classes on the internet from outside of the United States, an I-20 is not required.

If students who have been admitted are not able to get their visa and are unable to enter the U.S. by the start of the semester, they should be encouraged to talk to their academic advisors and investigate whether online courses that can be taken from abroad can be accessed in the semester of spring 2022.

Binghamton University resumed full in-person instruction for the autumn 2021 semester.

Therefore, the online courses available are likely to be restricted. If students have received an I-20 for the spring of 2022 and the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) will be deferring the date of their start on the I-20 until for the semester beginning in fall 2022. Students will receive a brand new I-20 with an autumn 2022 start date. The updated I-20s will also be distributed in the spring semester of 2022.

Do I require a visa prior to when the term starts?

If you intend to take courses in-person at Binghamton University, you will require an I-20 and be able to pay for fees for the SEVIS fee, receive an F-1 visa from the U.S. consulate or embassy and then be admitted to within the United States before the end of the add/drop time.

Students who cannot arrive before the beginning of classes must be in contact with their academic department as well as the ISSS to let them know of this delay.

They should also acknowledge that if they’re unable to make it to campus by the close of the add/drop window and are unable to do so, they can either take part in online learning abroad or postpone their admission to a subsequent semester, in line with the courses offered by their academic program.

What can I do to know when my consulate in my area will be reopened?

Consulates may resume visas at various times based on local conditions. In the meantime, the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is watching this situation closely and will update you when more information becomes available.

Students are encouraged to keep an eye on the website of the nearest consulate or embassy for information regarding the reopening of plans and scheduling appointments for visas.

Should I make an appointment for an emergency visa?

It is contingent upon the policy of the consulate or embassy closest to you. You might be able to make an appointment for an emergency within 30 days of the date of your I-20.

Students are encouraged to look over the website of your local consulate or embassy for more information on appointment for emergency visas.

Be aware that if you’re located living in the United States and your visa is due to expire it is not necessary to do anything. You are allowed to stay within the United States with an expired visa and apply for a fresh visa for a subsequent trip.

I was issued my electronic I-20. Do I have the ability to utilize the electronic I-20 to get my visa?

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic due to the COVID-19 pandemic United States Department of Homeland Security has approved temporarily the electronic I-20s.

If you have received electronically-generated I-20 from ISSS the I-20 has the same validity length of time as a hardcopy of the original I-20.

It is important to note that the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) has partnered together with Department of State and Customs and Border Protection in the past, and both agencies have declared their acceptance of electronic I-20s. We suggest printing a copy your letter explaining, and keep it along with your I-20.

Notice That the electronic I-20 is an official document that can be used for applying for a visa and for entry into to the United States. ISSS will keep the Original I-20 and you must plan to collect it at ISSS when you arrive.

What happens to my I-20 If I’m not able to travel to in the United States?

If you’re not able to get into for the United States in F-1 status at the time of the add/drop time period for the spring 2023 semester , but would like to begin your study abroad program it is recommended to talk in conjunction with the academic advisor and determine the possibility of online courses which can be taken abroad and available for Spring 2022’s semester.

If you start your course on the internet from abroad, or you decide to delay your admission until the spring semester and you will be notified by the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) will postpone the start date on your I-20 until the fall of 2023.

You will receive an updated I-20 to assist in applying for a visa (if you haven’t had the opportunity to apply for one) as well as for further travel plans to the United States.

As a student from another country, are there any restrictions on travel I need to be aware of?

Beginning on November 8th, 2021, all non-citizens and non-immigrant travelers who are traveling into America from U.S. must show proof that they have been fully vaccined against COVID-19.

Travelers must provide evidence of full vaccination using an approved vaccine by WHO. Visitors arriving in America by air U.S. by air must also show proof of the negative COVID-19 test at least 72 hours before their departure.

Further information about traveling in the U.S. and the vaccination requirements are available on the CDC website.

The exceptions to the requirement can only be obtained in very specific circumstances. Students who have been granted an exemption for religious or medical reasons from the requirement for vaccination from Binghamton University may not qualify to be exempted under CDC requirements .

They should be able to review the exemptions information available on the CDC website. If you have any additional concerns about traveling, send an email.

I hope that this article was useful, and remember sharing is caring.

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