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Brown Early Decision Acceptance Rate & Decision Date

The standard of education in every given country is worth developing the citizens of that particular Nation. Brown University is one of the oldest Universities in the world at large. It was founded in 1764. The School deals with the research matter. The school is highly sought after among top Universities.

The school is on the list among the elite Ivy league institutes in the world. They provide world-class students which could fit in any part of the world. Being a graduate from the school gives an edge over order students from an upcoming University because Brown is known for excellence. Meanwhile, they offer students entrepreneur skills, even out of school the students can develop themselves individually.

An interesting fact about Brown University, is they make tuition fees affordable and most importantly her decision acceptance rate is quite low compared to most lvy League institutes. Recently the institute accepted students with high performance at the entry-level, (they take students with high performance) therefore applicants are admitted if they follow due process.

The yearly report

In 2022, Brown University took the lead among the best universities in the United States, the source was obtained from the US news in the list of the 2022 edition of the annual academic ranking. They place a position of 14th among the leading universities in the United States.

Due to the affordability of tuition fees and low payment methods in most entry programs the school offers, they quite have huge numbers of returning students for the next academic year. At least 95% of students are satisfied with the academic standard provided by the brown university. 

Another good part of the school is the number of classes and the ratio of students per classroom. Interestingly, all faculty and student ratio to each department are quite minimal compared to most schools, they provide a conducive atmosphere for learning with low-class size. Most importantly, the class size per department, students are quite less than 20 per class, enabling good interaction between students and the teachers. The total number of enrolled undergraduate students is about 7,000.

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Students wishing to be part of Brown University should take up an application form for the early decision program. I’ll be passing on some important information on how students can apply in every section of the University and step by step guide to getting the right information needed.

Brown Early Decision Acceptance Rate

Brown: Early Decision Acceptance Rate – Class of 2027. The Class of 2026 ED round saw the number of applicants rise to 5,540 (a 22% increase from the previous year) and 885 were admitted. This calculates to an acceptance rate of 17.5%.

Early decision acceptance rate for brown university

About 15% of the acceptance rate for Brown University comprises early decisions and order-related decisions. In the first year of the brown early decision program, the total number of applicants was 6,211 for the class of 2026. Of having a total of students about 897 were legitimately given admission into the institute. Comparing the admission status, they offer a huge number of applicants admission which is twice the rate for regular decision students.

Recently the early decision rate has decreased compared to the previous years. about 3% of the previous rate which is drastically low. The previous year was quite low, though now there’s a great improvement in the acceptance rate of early decision candidates.

For a new academic session for previous statistics, about 800 applicants were admitted into the institute adding up to building the early acceptance rate for the year. Which is about 18%. That total number for the year 2020 was about 1800 students who applied and got admission, part of the number was slashed to about 800 for early decisions leaving the rest for regular decisions. Given huge numbers of the freshers for all programs.

The Decision Date for early decision Brown University

For candidates seeking a decision date they need to wait for the school to decide on the admission process before being given admission and deciding on what next, but, meanwhile, the decision date usually comes up in December yearly while the regular decision would be February yearly as well.

 After applying, there are possibly three decision programs for all applying students wishing to pursue a career via Brown University, it’s either you as a student accept the admission, reject the admission or defer, whichever way chosen the school also needs to be aware of that on time.

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For denial of admission, anyone who denies his/her admission status won’t be eligible for the regular decision program, unless you deferred admission, which means the candidate would wait till the following year for the next academic session. An accepted student would be allowed to continue or defer admission if there are any reasons for deferment.

When finally admitted, students with high academic performance would be entitled to some basic things which the school offers specially for the best student of the year. Anyone deferring admission would wait for the next academic year, for that the school would have to approve the deferment plan or move to a regular decision which is usually April yearly.

Finally when the candidate’s admission request is granted the student would have access to the official portal of the school. Everything the student needs to know would be made available on the official portal.

The Deadline for Brown’s early decision

Before you embark on any admission process, you should find out when the closing date is to know relevant information about the school you intend to apply for. Meanwhile, Brown university’s deadline is 1st November yearly, while that of regular decision is 5th, January yearly, the space interval is for the candidate having in mind to plan well.

For intending students, as soon as they reach the admission requirement, the school would notify them through a confirmation text, email or any means of reaching out to students.

Mandatory submission of all candidate documents and application forms is submitted before the deadline. The university States that possibly most of the student’s documents won’t be available on time, the documents which include, transcripts, and test scores subsequently they would be gotten within the period of admission.

Brown University: Does Brown have an Early Decision 2 program?

Most people have been thinking if Brown has an early decision 2 programs, No, the institute doesn’t support an early decision 2 programs. The basic reason why other institutions allow decision 2 is due to the high rate of applicants. Some might think the higher percentage of un-admitted candidates provides means for an early decision 2 enrollment plan.

Nevertheless, Brown University stands among the prestigious universities in the world and as such, they are selective of candidates they admit. They admit students with higher educational morals and values, students ready to learn and give back to society at large. Therefore, they have no business in giving students a decision 2 option for admission.

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Brown University: ED Deferral rate 

Previously the University had a total of 27% of candidates deferring admission yearly. Still the period of acceptance rate was low, consecutively the school witnessed a drastic change in acceptance rate. Though students keep applying yearly.

Recently there has been improvement in the way candidates apply for the university compared to the previous year, previous applicants were rejected instead of deferred, and the institute has uplighted in taking the deferral pattern which is more suitable for the rejected instead. The deferred candidate would be reviewed for admission via the regular decision.

How can I apply for Brown University’s early decision?

Do you want to know how you can apply for Brown university? Keep reading for more info

Note that most importantly student must complete all registration process which is carried out online. Also candidate needs a counselor to guide and Direct in every academic difficulty which he or she may face as regards to the admission process.


One of the prestigious university in the world in educational standard and value the school pass across to student, Brown university is among the oldest of it kind and as such the quality of education offered can’t be compared elsewhere.

They offer students early decision admission and regular decision including deferral rate and decision date. All kind of admission process except early decision 2 admission which isn’t available for Brown university. Meanwhile student have to complete all application process for effective admission.


Where is Brown University located?

The university is located somewhere in the United States.

When was the university discovered?

Brown University was founded in the year 1764 known as the oldest university in the world at large, the school has a high standard of academic performance.

Does the institute have an early decision 2 admission?

No, they are selective of candidates they admit. They admit students with higher educational morals and values, students ready to learn and give back to society at large. Therefore, they have no business in giving students a decision 2 option for admission.

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