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California Institute of Technology Transfer Acceptance Rate, Tuition and Admission Requirements 2023/2024

Hi Friends, Welcome to JustScholars, today I will be talking about the transfer acceptance rate and admission requirements for California Institute of Technology, California.

This is the complete and straight forward guide for transferring to Caltech. I suggest you read until the end.

I have done all the hard work and researched everything you need to know about transferring to California Institute of Technology.

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California Institute of Technology Overview

Caltech is a world-class science and engineering institution that brings together the most brilliant minds around and most ingenuous instruments to tackle fundamental questions in science and urgent social problems.

The Institute oversees JPL for NASA and sends probes to investigate the solar system, and to quantify the effects of the effects of climate change on our planet.

Caltech also has its own vast-scale research facilities like that of the Seismological Laboratory and a global network of Astronomical observatories that include those of the Palomar as well as the W. M. Keck Observatories as well as co-founded and oversees LIGO.

Caltech is an unincorporated, privately-funded institution that has a campus of 124 acres situated within Pasadena, California.

California Institute of Technology Rankings

California Institute of Technology is ranked:

  • #4 in theWorld University Rankings 2021
  • #2 In the World University Rankings
  • #2 in the World University Rankings 2020
  • #11 in the World University Rankings 2020-21
  • #1 in the Top universities in the United States 2022
  • #3 in 2022 Hardest Colleges to Get Into in America
  • #1 in Best Aerospace Engineering Programs
  • #1 in Colleges With the Highest Percentage of Asian Students
  • #3 in Hardest colleges to get into in the US in 2022
  • #1 in Top US engineering schools

California Institute of Technology Acceptance Rate

Caltech is an elite private technological institution with an enrollment of 938 undergraduate students. Admissions is extremely competitive as the Caltech acceptance rate is only 6.7%.

Below is the list of California Institute of Technology acceptance rate over the years:

[table id=10 /]

From the above, you can see that the rates keep plummetting over the years. It keeps getting lower and the competition to secure an admission seems impossible to brink.

California Institute of Technology Transfer Acceptance Rate

What is the California Institute of Technology’s acceptance rate for transfer?

In previous year, Caltech received 158 transfer applicants.

The school admitted only three students. So, the transfer accept rate at Caltech is 1.9 percentage.

This is a sign of how difficult it is to make the transition to Caltech.

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California Institute of Technology Transfer Application Requirements

You may be considered a potential transfer candidate if you’ve finished your high school education and been enrolled in any other university or college than Caltech and have earned credit for your courses.

  • Official Transcripts: Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended and official transcripts from your secondary school (grades 9-12, or the international curriculum equivalent) are required.
  • Letters of Recommendation: A pair of college professor evaluations by science, math or engineering professors: In addition to two compulsory teacher evaluations, students are allowed to submit an additional evaluation from a supervisor or mentor who has worked with your work in an entirely different way.
  • Essay: A personal or essay is mandatory.
  • Application Fee: A $75 fee for application or waiver of fee
  • Transfer Report Form

Apply Here For A Transfer To Caltech University


California Institute of Technology Scholarships and Financial Aid:

If you are just looking you to be considered for financial aid from the federal government, you just have to complete the free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Our financial aid is dependent on need.

California Institute of Technology Tuition and Fees:

The estimated cost for tuition is $77,718 that includes housing, tuition, fees board, meals, books, materials as well as personal expenses. Costs do not include cost of $3138 Caltech Students Health Insurance Plan.

Frequently asked questions and answers about CALTECH

What are the graduate programs similar to at Caltech and how does the admissions process function?

Graduate programs at research-intensive institutions such as Caltech offer a few classes however, the majority of the time is spent studying through the work of solving an open-ended question and the aim of being able to think independently and execute the research plan. Students in graduate programs spend the bulk of their time working in small research groups or in collaboration with faculty advisors.

The admission process to Caltech graduate programs is extremely competitive. Faculty review all documents submitted before making a final decision.

They look at a range of factors such as the applicant’s academic background, experience, research interests, and recommendations from mentors or teachers, and examine a possible connection between the professor and the applicant’s research goals.

Where do I find the deadlines for applications?

The application deadlines differ by department and vary from November 15 until January 1.

We recommend you refer to the Application Deadlines document.

Applications submitted after the advertised deadline could be considered however, late applicants could be in a disadvantage terms of admission or in the distribution to financial aid.

Caltech admits applicants once a year. Applicants are evaluated for admission for the fall term only.

Does Caltech have admissions that are rolling?

Caltech admits students to just the autumn term. Applications are not accepted for the spring, winter and summer term.

When will I be notified regarding my request?

Each academic program has its own schedule to consider applications and offers for admission are announced when the faculty decides regarding individual applications.

Candidates may be notified anytime during the time period between the closing date for submission until April 1.

The offers are made as fast as is possible to ensure that applicants are able to take a look at graduate studies at Caltech in addition to possibilities at other institutions.

Do I get interviewed? Or will I have the opportunity for a visit Caltech?

The majority of academic institutions host visit days to allow selected applicants to get more information about the school, its campus, and the community before making a choice.

The dates and schedules for the visit days are decided by each option, and each one will collaborate with the selected faculty and applicants to organize visits. If in-person visits are not possible online interviews can be scheduled.

Do I have to take the GRE test?


There are no requirements for the GRE examinations (general and advanced subjects) are not mandatory and in many programs, scores won’t be considered when applying for admission.

Certain departments offer the option of self-reported scores however, students who decide not to provide scores in their application won’t be at an advantage.

How do I calculate the required GPA?

Caltech is not a school with a minimum GPA requirements. However, the majority of successful applicants are able to demonstrate at least a US GPA at minimum 3.5 on the 4.0 scale, or are among the top 5-10 percent in their respective classes.

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Do international students need to submit their GPA?

GPA’s should be reported only at schools in the United States. GPA’s and rankings from outside the United States should not be converted to the normal US grade point average.

Do I need to pass an English proficiency test (i.e. TOEFL, PTE, or IELTS)?

Applicants whose primary or first language isn’t English must demonstrate English proficiency during the application process. Caltech recognizes scores from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) (www.toefl.org), Pearson’s Test of English Academic (PTE) (www.pearsonvue.com/pte), and from the Cambridge Examinations and International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (www.ielts.org).

The following exemptions are applicable:

Candidates who have been studying abroad in the US for at least two years

Candidates with an education from a college or university where the primary course of course of instruction is English

Please be aware that, regardless of the proof of English proficiency that is submitted during the admissions process.

All non-native English users who haven’t attended a school in which English is the main instructor’s language are evaluated prior to admission and could be required to complete further English to be a second Language (ESL) classes.

How do I determine the required English proficient score?

There is no set minimum requirements in the English proficiency tests.

However, any new students who have received only a little instruction in English will be required to participate in an individual English test with the ESL Instructor during Orientation and could be required to sign up for the English as a Second Language (ESL) course.

What number of letters do I need?

Three letters of recommendation are required.

Is it helpful to provide more letters of recommendations?

The online application accepts only three letters. So be aware that you must provide three strong letters from those who are the who are most familiar with your.

Who should I ask the letters of recommendations?

Letters of recommendation should be sought from the people who are familiar with you and can confirm your academic skills or your training.

While professors and research supervisors are able to provide the most scholarly recommendations However, some applicants have experience in their work which is relevant to their skills and education. Remember that who write recommendation letters must be able and able to communicate the following details:

How well the candidate is well-known and in what capacity?

If the candidate has the intellectual capacity, abilities to experiment, fundamental training, and desire to succeed as a student at Caltech

How the applicant will be incentivised to pursue a doctoral dissertation under the direction of the reference writer

I am aware it is recommended to use electronic suggestions. more preferred however, can my referee(s) provide paper recommendation instead?

Individuals who are unable to send electronic submissions of materials can mail materials to:

Graduate Studies Office, Mail Code 230-87, California Institute of Technology 1200 East. California Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91125.

Check that the name of the applicant is clearly stated on any documents supporting the application that aren’t included along with the application.

What will Caltech assess grades beginning in spring term 2020 because of the disruptions caused by COVID-19?

There are a number of reasons for this. Graduate Admissions Committees recognize that applicants who enroll in the term of spring 2020 and beyond can take advantage of pass/fail or other alternative methods of grading as well as applicants won’t be required to note or record the changes made in the grading system transcripts submitted.

My grades won’t be released on the latest semester prior to the deadline for application. Should I delay submitting my transcripts ? Or upload them up to the deadline?

The most current transcripts available must be uploaded along with an application. Reports on grades for other term are not required to be submitted for the application.

Once the application has been submitted it cannot provide current transcripts.

Official transcripts that are sealed and certify the degree awarded and attendance by each university or college are required of admitted students prior to their enrollment.

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Do I need to provide official transcripts?

To apply applications, scanned and unofficial copies of the original transcript or web-based printouts generated by the university are acceptable.

Be aware, however, that all electronic submissions should be non-official transcripts from the institution or college which the applicant attended.

Courses that are hand-written by the applicant won’t be considered. Official transcripts confirming attendance and the degree conferred to each institution are required of admitted students prior to enrolment.

What number of copies are needed?

A proof of transcripts from each university or college you which you have attended is required.

I prefer to submit an application to multiple departments. Do I need to make two separate applications?

Applications are not approved for more that one academic choice per admissions cycle. When reviewing your application, the admissions committee of the program that you applied to could suggest that your application be examined by a different option.

In the event that your application gets sent to a different option, there will be no charge any additional costs or requested to submit a duplicate application.

How can I request an exemption from fees?

The fee waiver form is included in your online application. To demonstrate the need for financial assistance, applicants who want an exemption from fees will be required to submit the source of their income and expenses, and provide any other circumstances that affect their capacity to cover for the application fee.

The majority of fee waivers will be communicated via the admissions system online within 72 hours.

Who is eligible to be eligible for a fee waiver?

Caltech have agreements signed with various organizations that offer guarantee-free fee reductions. This includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Cal-Bridge
  • GEM
  • McNair
  • IIE Fulbright
  • Mellon Mays Foundation
  • Amgen/SURF/WAVE
  • Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP)
  • Caltech-USC MD/PhD
  • Caltech-UCLA MD/PhD
  • Caltech-Kaiser MD/PhD
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion conference attendees

Candidates who are eligible for an automatic fee waiver must fill out the fee waiver form on the application online and mention their affiliation on the above list. Additional documentation regarding economic hardships is not required.

Furthermore, waivers of application fees will be offered to a small amount of applicants who show financial hardship.

Financial hardship can be proved by providing a reason for circumstances in which $100 is to be a financial burden.

Are there any changes I can make to the application or send additional documents following the I have submitted the application?

After the application has been accepted, you won’t be able to alter your supporting documents. Therefore, please ensure that you have proofread your documents before you submit.

Do you have admissions counselors?

Caltech has no admissions counselors for graduate students.

Most information can be located online through the Graduate Studies Office website (www.gradoffice.caltech.edu) or the main Caltech homepage (www.caltech.edu) and searching by area of interest.

Admissions staff members cannot give information about the probability of being accepted or on how to make a successful application.

Particular questions about the current research or requirements must be addressed to the department you’re applying.

I hope that this article was useful, and remember sharing is caring.

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