California State University-Fresno Transfer Acceptance Rate, Tuition and Admission Requirements 2023/2024

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California State University-Fresno Overview

California State University-Fresno is an public university that was established in 1911. It has an undergraduate student population in the range of 22611 (fall 2020) The campus is urban, and its campus is of 363 acres. It has an academic calendar that is based on semesters.

California State University-Fresno’s position on the edition 2023 of Best Colleges is National Universities # 213.

Fresno State serves the richly diverse region of Central California. Fresno State is part of the U.S. Department of Education recognizes our school as an Institution serving Hispanics as well as an Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution.

California State University, Fresno, is situated near the bottom of the Sierra Nevada range in the middle of the state.

The school, which is commonly called Fresno State, began as a teacher’s college but now it offers bachelor’s degrees in over 60 different areas of research.

Graduate students are able to choose among more than forty master’s degrees which include those offered by the Craig School of Business.

In addition to the classroom, a lot of Fresno State students take in the beauty of nature on the campus and its surrounding area which includes in the San Joaquin Valley, as and Yosemite National Park, which is just sixty miles from the campus.

The students of Fresno State can also spend time exploring the city activities that is San Francisco and Los Angeles and are both approximately 200 miles away from campus.

In the city, Fresno offers plenty to do too, including theaters malls, restaurants, and theaters. At the campus Fresno State students can join over 200 organizations and take part in Fresno State’s Fresno State Bulldogs varsity sports teams that play within the NCAA Division I Mountain West Conference.

California State University-Fresno Transfer Acceptance Rate

In previous years, California State University-Fresno received 6929 transfer applicants.

The school admitted 3519 students. Making the transfer acceptance rate for the California State University-Fresno to be 50.79%.

This shows how hard it is to get atransfer into the California State University-Fresno.

California State University-Fresno Acceptance Rate

The California State University–Fresno has an acceptance rate of 95%.

Half of the students admitted to California State University-Fresno possess an SAT score of between 890 and 1100 , or an ACT score between 16 or 21.

However, a quarter of applicants admitted to the university scored higher than these ranges, and one-quarter scored below these levels.

The deadline for applications is November. 30. The fee for applications at California State University–Fresno will be $70.

California State University-Fresno’s 2023 Rankings

California State University-Fresno is listed:

  • #213 in National Universities (tie)
  • #21 in Top Performers on Social Mobility (tie)
  • #107 in Top Public Schools (tie)

California State University-Fresno Scholarships and Financial Aid

If you’re interested in applying for financial aid, you’ll be required to fill out an FAFSA and The California Dream Act Application.

Fresno State awards over a thousand scholarships that total more than 4.3 million dollars of cash to new as well as continuing students. These scholarships are awarded by various departments, colleges and other organizations to those who meet certain criteria.

No matter what your achievements and interests, as well as your background We encourage students to apply for scholarship.

California State University-Fresno Information for Transfer In Students

You must have completed 60 or more semester units that are transferable and 90 quarter quarter units in order to be eligible for admission into a transfer program.

California State University-Fresno Transfer Application Requirements

  • Minimum GPA: Fresno State will admit undergraduate applicants who satisfy the minimum CSU requirements and have a GPA of 2.00. Transfer applicants who are not California residents must be able to show an GPA at 2.40 or higher.
  • Official Transcripts: Official transcripts from all previous universities are mandatory. A high school transcript could be required for certain applicants.
  • SAT Scores: Standardized test scores could be required for certain applicants.
  • Other Requirements: A proof of good standing from institutions previously attended may be required for certain applicants.

Apply Here For A Transfer To California State University-Fresno

California State University-Fresno Transfer Credit Policy

Credits (Min/Max): Up to 70 credits can be transferred from a two-year college. It is required to complete thirty credits in Fresno State to earn a bachelor’s degree.

California State University-Fresno Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any international students who are enrolled at Fresno State?

There are about 1,492 foreign Students on the campus of Fresno State; they make up 5.9 percent of the total students.

Are there any financial aid programs available to international students?

Check with the school to find out the types of grants, scholarships or financial aid could be available for international students.

Are there any campus-based jobs?

Some schools offer positions on campus for students from abroad to help defray the costs.

Be sure to apply as early as possible for these positions as they are likely to be filled quickly.

Do you know of any international student associations on campus?

Contact the school to find out what kinds of student services, clubs, associations and organizations are available to international student.


What is the location where the Career Development Center located and when does it operating?

The office is found in room 126 in the Campus Life Office inside the Steinert Campus Center.

The hours of operation are 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and on evenings upon appointment.

We are open on all academic breaks, unless the whole university is closed.

Who can the Career Development Center assist?

We are able to work with all FPU students, regardless of major, in any year of study. We also help alumni as well as faculty, employers, and staff.

What is do the Career Development Center do?

We assist students in making educated decisions about their the majors and career options.

We also assist in finding job opportunities that are part-time or full-time in the workplace, gaining experience through hands-on work and gaining solid interviewing and job-searching abilities.

Does be the Career Development Center help in selecting a field of study?

Although we don’t offer advice on your academics however, we offer the tools to self-assess.

Finding your interests, personality manner, values, and talents can help you choose or clarifying your choice of a choice of a.

Can The Career Development Center offer help with cover letters and resumes?

We have a wealth of resources to assist you in writing an effective CV and cover letter. Participating in a workshop is a great way to start , or you can check out our online sources.

When you’ve got your resume, or cover letters in the mail, we will assist by offering expert advice and feedback that is tailored to your needs. Set up an appointment with a counselor for career advice.


Are appointments required?

You can drop into the Career Center at anytime! If you make an appointment, you’ll be able to inform your counselor in advance of the subject that you require help with. get the most value from your time. Additionally, you will receive outstanding services.

The Career Development Center still help after the completion of your degree?

We are happy to assist FPU alumni! Services are completely free.

When is the most appropriate time to join the Career Development Center?

There is no registration requirement to avail the career counselling services. Even though FPU career counseling doesn’t have to be registered, CDELC utilizes online platforms that require login credentials such as Handshake or StandOut (more details below).

We urge all students to utilize our services, whether freshmen or seniors. However, starting at the earliest possible time will ensure the development of a solid career strategy.

What is Handshake?

Handshake is an online application which assists students to search for jobs in all categories including on-campus employment, part-time/full time job opportunities, internships, and graduate assistantships.

To get the most opportunities, students must sign up at least one semester prior to the date of their graduation.

However, it is recommended to sign up as an undergraduate.

What is StandOut?

StandOut is a mock-video interviewing platform that helps you develop and perfect your interviewing abilities. Utilize your FPU login credentials to follow the instructions to set up your account.

For a start we suggest that you consult with a career advisor to help you navigate the steps to a mock interview.

The Career Development Center help in finding internships and jobs?

We offer listings for part-time, on-campus, full-time and summer positions as well as internships and graduate assistantships.


What size are the rooms?

In a residential suite, the majority of triple occupancy, double occupancy or big singles in a two or 3 bedroom suites have a size of 14′ by 12′ 2. Images of rooms are available on the tours section on the website.

What should I bring?


  • Clock or alarm radio
  • Sheets (twin extra long)
  • Computers
  • Hangers
  • Extension Cord
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Surge Protector
  • Mirror
  • Flashlight, batteries and additional batteries
  • Kleenex
  • Paper towels
  • All-purpose air freshener and cleaner
  • Laundry hamper
  • Laundry detergent
  • Pillow
  • Shower caddy
  • Renter’s insurance
  • Stereo
  • Sewing kit
  • Swimsuit
  • First aid kit
  • Shower equipment (shoes and other items)
  • Television
  • Trash bags
  • Thumbtacks
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Poster putty or tacky-tac tape

What size are the mattresses and beds?

The mattresses measure long by 80″ long by 36″ wide. It can accommodate the extra twin sheet or twin flat sheets.

Can I bring a fridge or TV, vacuum cleaner?

Yes. The refrigerator should have 2.5 cubic feet, or smaller. We do supply a microfridge (compact microwave/freezer/refrigerator combination) to share with your roommates or suitemates.

Vacuum cleaners can be rented out in the Atrium Customer Service desk. The television within the Atrium is accessible to all residents to use , and there is a television on the lobby on the first floor in each one of the communal style halls.

Cable hook-ups are free in every room, which includes those living spaces in the suites. Convertors for digital cable are accessible through Comcast.

What exactly does “residence suites” mean?

Residence Suites consist of three or two bedrooms during summer. Roommates and suitemates are able to share a living area and bathroom.

Because there is no common hallway and every suite has its own entry point, the residents must put more effort into connect with people and form friendships.

What’s included in a room with two people?

The rooms for double occupancy are equipped with:

  • Mattress (extra long twin bed -“80″ x 36” wide)
  • 3-drawer dressers
  • large desks
  • Carrels for books with task light
  • 2-drawer file cabinets
  • Desk chairs
  • closets
  • Microfridge (compact microwave, freezer and refrigerator) in the living room

Do I have to be a part of a household with someone of different genders?

No. You are not able to share a bedroom with a person of an opposite gender. Suite-style halls are gendered rooms. However, genders belonging to the opposite gender can live together in separate rooms.

What can I do if I can’t agree with my roommate, or if I’d like to move rooms?

Space for summer sessions is restricted and students are advised to speak with their suitemates or roommates to resolve any conflict.

With the approval of Director Housing If a dispute cannot be resolved , and there is a bed available and the processing fee is $50, it is paid to Fresno State Student Housing for anyone who is requesting an upgrade to a room.

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