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Careers For History Majors in 2023 [10 Interesting Career Options]

Which are the interesting career options in history majors? While the popular and familiar adage says that “history has a way of repeating itself”, choosing a career path in the field can be exciting, interesting, and fulfilling. 

Becoming a historian entails lots of details and one can wield the art to good use through writing, research, and management, among others. And of course, this has arrested the unwarranted notion that history scholars have career prospects that don’t exist beyond the classroom. 

To be clear and Frank, the average salary per year earned by historians in the United States with bachelor’s degrees is $100,000; which is higher and better than that of some art courses.

So, if you have a degree in history, then there is a bright future happily waiting for you but to tap from these opportunities available in the market, then it is pertinent to know the top position(s) your history major can land you.

Nevertheless, listed below are the 10 interesting career options for those seeking to create an authority in history:

  1. Public relations manager
  2. Marketing Director
  3. Genealogist
  4. Museum Assistant
  5. Living historians
  6. Marine anthropologists
  7. Dramaturge
  8. Geologist
  9. Editor and author
  10. Political scientists
  1. Public relations manager

Coming in first on the list of interesting career options for history major degree holders is Public relations manager. Also known as PR manager, this is probably the highest-paid position in history. 

Though this may not come to the mind of many historians especially given the not-too-big salary they earn, it takes a lot of skills to develop into effective communicators. Even so, with sound and research knowledge, potential history practitioners can select target audiences based on customer needs and financial constraints.

Additionally, the take-home salary for this particular position is attractive; the annual salary for a Public relations manager in the United States is $115,000 with the potential to rise. And of course, the more experience you have, the higher your earning potential will be. This makes it the highest office in the land of historians.

2. Marketing Director

Next on the list, Marketing Director is one of the interesting career options for history experts. Unlike a Public relations manager, a marketing manager is responsible for all organizational marketing activities.  

Even so, for there to be successful marketing management then the importance of good communication skills cannot be underestimated. However, gaining a better understanding of the product or service you are promoting will help you connect with the target market.  

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In the general sense, this usually requires one to have the trio of communication skills, knowledge of the marketable products/services, and strong organization skills. 

Moreover, if you are a marketing or history marketing manager, let’s say a museum, historical institution, or specialty publication, your background will be helpful.

In a nutshell, hiring a marketing manager is a priority for many companies because marketing is critical to business success.  Marketing executives are expected to earn around $100,000 per year, but rates vary from location to location as well as the level of expertise of the marketing director involved.

3. Genealogist

A genealogist is one of the core career paths for historians and rightly pays well too. This field deals with making connections between the past and the present and truth be told, this is one of the most exciting/interesting aspects of history.  

Even so, Genealogy is a unique way of connecting the past with the present that is used to study ancestry using genealogies, birth and marriage records, court records, death histories, and other historical artifacts and documents involving individuals or their families.

However, to become successful in the field, you should link up with companies that have penetrated the market and one of such is Geni. With such a site, potential Genealogists can have plenty of access to resources including the ones that are not available on the net. This can equip them to become successful and meet the needs of people who desire their services.

4. Museum Assistant

Coming in among the top four (4) in the list of interesting career options for history majors, Museum Assistant is a well-regarded career option. Set in a location with plenty of artistic artifacts, Museum assistants are also called museum technicians. 

This set of professionals prepare materials such as books, paintings, bones, and fossils for research, exhibition, and storage especially when the collection is unknown. This is a wonderful work for those who like to visit museums and learn about history.  

Even so, in the United States, Museum technicians earn an average salary of $50,000 which officially makes it attractive especially for those with a passion for the career path.

5. Living historians

Be as it may, the job and salary prospects of Living Historians are exciting. If you’re someone who considers your work an important part of your life, consider working as a living historian.

To bring the past back to life, living historians present it at museums, festivals, and historic sites. These history practitioners practice their thread on the low-key as they mostly go about their daily lives like most other men.

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But let’s clarify one thing: Historians are different from living historians. Instead of recreating unique historical events such as the Civil War, this set of history practitioners reflects on daily life and the activities of their choice, educating the audience in the process. 

In the United States, the living historian can earn as little as $20,000 a year, making it one of the lowest-paid professions in history. But does that means the work is not exciting? Yes, it is though it is mainly driven by passion as opposed to earning potential.

6. Marine anthropologists

As one of the most exciting historical career paths, Marine anthropology is certainly a to-go option for historians. This group of water-related professionals is also known as Underwater archaeologists and they study shipwrecks, drones, historical sites, oceans, lakes, and other bodies of water.

Moreover, in the past, Marine anthropologists studied densely populated areas. The field also has varying areas of specialization and depending on one’s area of ​​interest, opportunities abound to be concentrated in deep-sea drilling, archaeological restoration, restoration, and conservation, or shipwrecks and historical research.

Even so, marine anthropologists are one of the highest-paid when it comes to earning potential. In short, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, professional underwater archaeologists can earn between $30,000 and $75,000, depending on their position and skill level.

7. Dramaturge

Next on the list, dramaturge is one of the most exciting career options for history major degree holders. To start, if your heart is in drama and your mind is in history, then working as a content creator is an incredible way to incorporate both your interests and talents as well. 

Dramaturge is highly segmented hence there are a whole lot of opportunities for historians to tap into. For example, Playwrights work with playwrights and theater organizations to research, adapt, and validate historically and culturally accurate and contemporary plays. Most of these professionals are dear to the agencies they are working with and this is due to their work technicalities. 

Aside from that, Sportswriters often receive gifts in place of salary. Fortunately, these prizes can range from $2,000 to $5,000 depending on their prestige.

 8. Geologist

A geologist is the 8th most interesting career option for history major holders. This career path is a perfect fit for those who want to learn more about Earth and how it interacts with other celestial bodies. In the actual sense, Geologists are usually exposed to many opportunities most especially in the oil and gas industry. 

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To put it short, these history experts are imbibed with the responsibility to share knowledge about natural and man-made phenomena. Upon graduation, job seekers can look forward to working with some government agencies or better still, pick up lecturing work in higher educational institutions.

Moreover, in the United States, Geologists earn an average of $72,000 which is among the highest on the list.

9. Editor and Author

Another good way to turn your passion into income as a major degree holder in history is through Writing and editing historical texts. This is important and necessary for learning history and is a chance to take that big career step.

Even so, as a historian, you can write books, articles, and other manuscripts on historical topics of interest. This important knowledge base ensures that articles are factual, interesting, and well written.  However, to start your journey, you will be needing a college degree in history.

10. Political scientists

Rounding off the list of interesting career options for history major holders is Political science. Political Science is the study of political systems, their historical conditions, evolution, and their functioning. 

These professionals also study laws, constitutions, ordinances, and rules among others. Although most positions in political science are in education and academic fields, there is still room for this role in business.  Political scientists are often employed by government agencies.


This guide deals with the interesting career options in history. Hope it was useful.


Are there any free online history courses?

Of course, there are assorted free online courses to choose from that offer you a certificate at the end of the program. Go through this link and make your choice www.alison.com

How much money can I earn with a history bachelor’s degree?

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in history have good earning potential, yet job choices heavily influenced the pay. Education, law, and management are the three major careers for historians, and they all make above-average salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for education professionals was $52,380 in 2020, $84,910 for legal professionals, and $109,760 for management professionals.

How long does a history major last?

Most students typically complete a bachelor’s degree in history in four years. If necessary, part-time students and working professionals can frequently take more time.

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