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Cheap Medical Schools in Canada 2023/2024

Cheap Medical Schools in Canada

Hi Scholar, you are here because you want to know about the cheap medical schools in Canada; I have taken the time to do the research. This article will get to know the top cheap medical schools in Canada, their requirements, and their stance on international students enrollment.

It is not current news that Canada has the best structure of medical education globally.  According to the QS World University Ranking for Medicine, Canada is said to have the ten top medical schools in the world.

Although Canada does not offer international scholarships, like the US and UK medical schools, the cost of studying at the medical schools is relatively cheap. And the Uk and US medical schools are in no way superior to Canadian universities. As a first-world country, its medical schools are highly equipped with the latest technologies to train you at par with the current times.

Top Cheap Medical Schools in Canada

  1. University of Toronto

With an inclusive and extensive medical education, The University of Toronto has is recognized as the best university in Canada by almost every ranking platform. The institution is ranked among the top 20 medical schools in the world.

The University of Toronto offers medical education that is evidence-based, technological centered, and student-centered, which allows students to be highly knowledgeable.

After the foundational studies, you will be privileged to complete the two years of clinical research in the best hospital in Canada.

It may interest you to know that the University of Toronto is one of the few cheap medical schools in Canada open to international students.

  1. McGill University

McGill University has the oldest medical faculty in Canada, which was founded in 1829.

It serves as one of the current leading medical research universities in the world. The school places colossal value on innovation; and practices emphatic behavior, and technology which develop their students into professional, empathic physicians.

However, it is classified as one of the cheap medical schools in Canada, but its acceptance rate for international students is meager.

  1. McMaster University

Unlike most Canadian medical universities, the medical education at McMaster University lasts three years and 11-months.

Aside from its highly esteemed medical education, this medical school in Canada provides one of the best clinical clerkship experiences affiliated with Hamilton Health Sciences faculties and Hamilton Hospitals.

  1. University of Montréal

With over 175 years of existence, the University of Montréal is regarded as one of Canada’sa’s best and cheap medical schools. It is a French-speaking school located in Quebec.

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The school has one of the highest acceptance rates and produces a third of all the medical personnel in Quebec.

Their medical education lasts 4-5 years consisting of the one year prior for those who did not meet the minimum units required in admission, two-year foundational studies, and the last two years for clinical internships.

To study at the University of Montreal, you must write and pass the French proficiency test.

  1. University of Calgary

The medical education at the University of Calgary usually lasts for three years with an evidence-based, patient-centered, and presentation-based learning approach.

Like most cheap and good medical schools in Canada, The University only prioritizes citizens or permanent residents, especially students in the Alberta province.

However, The University of Calgary does not accept applications of international students. The only international students they take are those from institutions or countries with formal and contractual agreements with their schools of MedicinQueen’sn’s University.

Queen University is one of the cheap medical schools in Canada that has a large arm for international students. The acceptance rate for international students is 11.9% for undergraduates and 27.4% for graduate students.

TQueen’sn’s University School of Medicine can accept up to five international students yearly. This tells you it is a huge school.

Similar to other Canadian medical universities, it offers a four-year medical program that emphasizes hands-on clinical engagement. In addition, it provides a residency program.

  1. Dalhousie University

The medical education program is divided into three phases: Med 1, Med 2, and a Clerkship program (Med 3 and 4).

Med 1 and 2 focus majorly on basic sciences like Physiology, Anatomy, and Biology, coupled with the different philosophical, ethical, and practical views in health care.

Before the clerkship stage, you will be introduced to four discussions about the Introduction to Clerkship and Critical Review and Mastery (CRAM). Also, in Med 4, you will be introduced to medical research, which will serve as part of the requirement to graduate.

Upon graduation, you can also undergo your post-graduate training at Dalhousie University concerning family medicine.

  1. Laval University

Laval University is also a French-speaking university. So you must understand French before you can study here as everything is taught in French here.

The medical education at Laval University lasts for four years. Unlike the University of Montréal that gives a preparatory class, the Laval university does not.

If a student fails the French Proficiency test, they must take one or more French courses before admission.

The program is divided into two complementary stages. The first stage comprises the first two years of fundamental medical education, taking the pre-externship courses. And, the second stage comprises the clinical internship for the remaining two years.

  1. University of Sherbrooke

Next on the cheap medical schools in Canada is the University of Sherbrooke. The medical education program takes four years. The first and a half years is the pre-clinical education, and the remaining one and a half years to clinical training, either done on-campus or international-partnership facilities.

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The University of Sherbrooke is the first Canadian francophone medical university recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) for its excellent health education. What a good choice of medical university for international French-speaking students.

  1. Memorial University of Newfoundland

The Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty of Medicine is located at the heart of many health centers and hospitals, including H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre, Janeway Children Hospital, Medical Education Centre, and a Health Sciences Centre. It is Canada’s largest medical school, but it only accepts five international students per year. Similar to other medical universities, its medical education runs for four years.

How much is the tuition fee at the cheap medical schools in Canada

The tuition fee is calculated around $13,000 for Canadians and $25,000 for international students. In addition, you can still bag a scholarship at your school.

Can international students get admitted into the cheap medical schools in Canada?

Yes, you can study at the medical school stress freely as an international student.

The fact is Canada lacks a sufficient supply of health personals. As such, the government highly subsidized medical schools and lowered the admission qualifications for Canadian and international students to encourage them to pursue Medicine.

Canada only has 17 medical schools. Most of the slots are allocated to in-province and out-province Canadian students who are more likely to contribute to their medical personnel pool. Only a small percentage is reserved for international students.

As an international student, you should note that only 10 out of 17 medical schools in Canada accept international students. And, only two of these schools  (Dalhousie University and the University of Calgary) only admit students from countries with a signed contract with them. Three of the remaining schools, the University of Laval, the University of Montreal, and the University of Sherbrooke, only offer medical courses in French.

So as an international English student, you are most likely to get accepted into only five Canadian medical schools, including the University of Toronto, McGill UniversityMcMaster UniversityMemorial University of Newfoundland, and Queen’s University.

However, there is no complete assurance these five fore mentioned schools would accept you. As stated above, the slot for international students is highly manicured, hence the intensity in the competition. To secure an admission, you need to prepare an impressive and eye-catching application. This takes us to the next section.

Requirements to study at the cheap medical schools in Canada

Below are the conditions you must fulfill to order to secure admission into any of the medical schools.

  • A very high GPA and high-grade score in biology, chemistry, and English.
  • A high score in CASPer Test
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • A high score in English proficiency test; TOEFL or IELTS (for non – English speaking international aspirants)
  • While students who want to study in the medical schools that employ French as an instrument of instruction must have a French Proficiency Language exam.
  • A personal essay
  • High MCAT scores
  • A well-detailed sketch of all your accomplishments, extracurricular activities, employment, and other academic activities you have been involved in from age 16 till now.
  • Additionally, Application Questions that varies from each school
  • WES transcript assessment ofBachelor’sr’s degree.
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It would help if you started building your profile now to increase your chance of being admitted.

How long do medical schools in Canada take?

Please do note that Canadoesn’tn’tCanadoesn’tn’t offer undergraduate programs in Medicine. So all forms of medical education are given at the graduate level. So it would help if you made ready your:

  • four-yeBachelor’sr’s degree (with full-course equivalents (FCEs), two in life sciences and the remaining one FCE in social science, humanities, and language)

In plain terms, medical education in Canada lasts for four years. These four years are divided into the pre-clinical (Foundations) and clinical (Clerkship). This takes us to the next section.

Nature of the medical education in Canadian

The first two years of foundational studies occur in a classroom and clinical settings; The Foundation curriculum covers three significant dimensions,  components, courses, and themes. Typically, the first year introduces the study of Concepts, Patients, and Communities, which covers extensive instruction on the differential diagnosis of all the body systems.

The second year of the foundational studies continues the Concepts, patients, and communities taught in the first year. This is in addition to health and disease management.

During this course, there are four components of studies which are:

  • Toronto Patient-Centred Integrated Curriculum (TOPIC)
  • Integrated Clinical Experience (ICE)
  • Portfolio and Health Science Research (HSR).

The last two years are for the practical and clinical sections. When you practice all, you have learned the skills and knowledge they acquired during the Foundation years.

The third-year consists of 50 weeks of rotation-based internship. And an additional 25 weeks in the fourth year.

After completion, you must complete a residency certificate to be able to practice in Canada. Without being a citizen or permanent resident, you won’t be able to practice.

For further studies, do visit the University of Toronto MD  program curriculum guide:



I hope that this article on the cheap medical schools in Canada was helpful. It is always advisable you research a university before applying to it. And also, as an international student, do not be afraid to use. You may not know; you can be the lucky one.




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