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10 Cheapest Caribbean Medical School – All the Information You Need To Know

Hi scholar, are you a medical student seeking the cheapest Caribbean medical school? This article contains the ten best cheapest Caribbean medical schools coupled with other vital information you must know as an applicant.

Why Study in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is known as the “tropical paradise” is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the West. It is a significant destination route well endowed with natural bodies, waters, vivid climate, and cooling vegetation.

Also, apart from its reputation as a favorite holiday spot, it is known to be a good choice of e country if you want to earn a Bachelors’ or Masters’ degrees that are less competitive and stressful compared to that of the United States and Canada.

Additionally, the presence of the Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions helps to checkmate and ensure all universities maintain high academic standards of education.

However, as a prospective medical student, this Caribbean is an excellent location to choose. It has become one of the top countries globally that provide superior medical education characterized by quality education, small student: staff ratios, multiple student associations, and personalized teaching.

Why study at Caribbean Medical Schools

One of the significant advantages of schooling in medical schools here is that their medical schools have lower tuition fees and provides an excellent quality of education to comparison to medical colleges in the USA.

Also, Caribbean medical schools are affiliated with other colleges in countries such as the USA or Canada. This means that you will have the same clinical exposure as those in the original schools in the UK and US as a medical school.

Furthermore, Caribbean medical schools also are not as competitive as the American or Canadian medical schools. And they have a higher acceptance rate than them. Coupled with the natural vegetation and reputation, you will have the best medical education in the Caribbean.

Cheapest Caribbean Medical School

1. All American Institute of Medical Sciences

First on my list is the All American Institute of Medical Sciences, located in the southwestern city of Black River in St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica. It is the cheapest Caribbean medical school in the southwest city.

It is an offshore school of medicine founded in 2009, but it officially began accepting students in 2011.

The medical school offers a four-year MD program. The first two years of the program consist of the pre-clinical studies carried out in Jamaica. The final two years (clinical/experimental stage) are carried out in affiliated medical institutions in the UK, US, or Canada.

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Unlike other medical schools in other countries, you don’t need the MCAT examination to secure admission. This is coupled with its low tuition costs and low cost of living, making it a good choice for international students.

Furthermore, the institution is popularly known for its 5-acre campus that gives a glamorous look of the Caribbean ocean. Lastly, it provides several facilities, including on-campus accommodation and medical laboratories for students.

2. Windsor University School of Medicine

The Windsor University School of Medicine is a private college of medicine founded in 2000 in Cayon in Saint Kitts and Nevis.  And, since then, It has expanded in becoming one of the most prestigious institutions in the Caribbean region with a student population of over 1500.

It is headquartered in Monee, Illinois, with other affiliated campuses in Carbondale, Illinois, and Houghton Lake, Michigan.

The medical curriculum here is built from the combination of the British and American medical school systems. Its medical education is designed for a four-year MD program comprising of 10 semesters, three semesters per year. The last two years are for Clinical and clerkships training usually carried out in affiliated national hospitals in the US.

In addition to the MD graduate program, the university provides a premedical program for high school leavers who do not have the requirements to secure admission into the MD programs. Also, most of the students here are international students.

3. International American Medical University

The American International Medical University is an offshore medical college established in 2007 in the island country of St. Lucia.

The cheapest Caribbean medical school works in affiliation with several other schools of medicine in the US and Canada, including Washington Adventist University (WAU).

The academic structure of the school consists of a School of Medicine and a school of nursing.

Additionally, the university is an offshore medical school that provides a high student-to-staff ratio to ensure more direct and personalized teaching.

Tuition fees: $6000

4. Georgetown American University

Georgetown American University is a private university established in 2013 located in the capital of Guyana, Georgetown.

It was founded as part of the Caribbean initiative to increase the number of international students coming to pursue medical studies. Presently, the university offers degrees in both Premedical science and medicine.

Like other Caribbean universities, the medical condition runs for four years and is awarded under the MD program.

However, the university’s premedical science program is taught as a diploma program that provides the students with the prerequisites essential to other medicine.

Lastly, The University collaborates with hospitals in Guyana and the USA (Wyckoff Hospital), and Canada (Royal Queens College).

  • Tuition fees: From $11,000

5. George’s University School of Medicine

St. George University School of Medicine is one of the oldest Caribbean medical schools founded in 1976 as an elite international university located in the capital city of St. George’s in Grenada.

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In addition to the MD medicine program, it also offers courses in health sciences, nursing, public health, veterinary medicine, and arts and business studies.

As a top cheapest Caribbean medical school,  it has a student population of about 6300. The majority of the students are international from over 140 different countries and a staff of over 2000.

Similar to other Caribbean universities, the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program runs for four years. It might interest you to know that it is the only university in the region that offers the MD program in joint partnership with other degrees such as the Master of Public Health, the Master of Science, or the Master of Business Administration.

This medical school collaborates with other international institutions in the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland to achieve its objectives on the student.

  • Tuition fees: US 25,000

6. Ross University School of Medicine

The Ross University School of Medicine is an offshore private medical college that is not only among the cheapest Caribbean medical schools but is regarded the best among them. It was founded in 1978 and is currently based in the sunny island of Barbados. But, the medical school is headquartered at the administrative offices in Iselin, New Jersey, and Miramar, Florida.

It works with international collaborations that include Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science and Dillard University. Usually, the last two years of clerkship practice are done in the United States at any institution, as mentioned earlier.

  • Tuition fees: $20,000

7. New York Medical University

The New York Medical University is a globally recognized and foreign-oriented offshore school of medicine based in the Caribbean island of Curacao. It prides itself in four languages including; Dutch, English, Spanish, and Papiamento (a local language). This cheap medical school in the Caribbean provides two sets of programs in medicine that include: an MD program of 4 years and a 5.5-year program.

The university comprises a solid and vibrant international student community, including academic staff from different parts of the world.

  • Tuition fees: $4000

8. Matthew’s University School of Medicine

St. Matthew’s University is a private school of medicine established in 1997 and based in the Grand Cayman of the iconic Cayman Islands.

Like other Caribbean medical schools, it has a globally recognized MD program that comprises ten semesters. The first two years are dedicated to basic premedical sciences and the remaining two years are on practical clinical training.

The university runs in affiliation with the New York and the Florida State Education Department that allows its medical students to undergo 12 week-long intensive clinical clerkships in either New York or Florida, both in the  United States.

  • Tuition fees: $14,000

9. All Saints University School of Medicine, Dominica

All Saints University is a private school of medicine established in 2006 that serves as the cheapest Caribbean medical school located in the capital city of Roseau in Dominica. It is headquartered and administered by an international university based in Toronto in Canada. The university also has an international branch office in Chicago, Illinois.

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The university provides a five-year MD program for new and young school leavers that want to directly gain admission into this affordable and prestigious medical school in the Caribbean.

Also, it offers a 4-year program for graduates of the university that finish with a Bachelor of Science degree. Furthermore, students here have the advantage of undergoing their clinical fellowships and rotations in the different affiliated hospitals and medical centers in the United States.

  • Tuition fees: $4000 per semester

10. Caribbean Medical University

This is the last university on our list of the cheapest Caribbean medical school. The Caribbean Medical University is the cheapest Caribbean medical school located in the Caribbean island of Curacao that serves as part of the Antilles in the southern Caribbean ocean.

It is an independent medical school established in 2007 that runs the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program for an intensive four-year training course.

Like most medical schools in the Caribbean, it runs a Doctor of Medicine for ten semesters (3 semesters per year). The first four semesters are mainly dedicated to basic pre-clinical studies and necessary clinical exposure. In comparison, the remaining five semesters are devoted to clinical clerkships in affiliation to medical institutions based in the United States.

Also, it is a well-recognized medical institution of medicine by the Canadian government. As such, the university collaborates with prestigious medical institutions and centers in Canada and the United States.

Furthermore, in addition to the relatively cheap tuition fees it offers, the university also offers different payment plans and student loans to ease students’ financial stress.

  • Tuition fees: $14,700


I hope you found this article, “Cheapest Caribbean Medical School,” exciting and educating. For more information, you can check “Top 5 amazing Philadelphia med schools and those that offer scholarships.”

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