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Colgate University Transfer Acceptance Rate, & Admission Information 2023

Hamilton , New York, USA. August 12, 2017. View of the Colgate Inn , built in 1925, ahistoric building in the small college town of Hamilton, New York, home of Colgate University, an Ivy League school

Hi Friends, Welcome to Vastlearners, today I will be talking about the transfer acceptance rate and admission requirements for Colgate University.

Are you a Colgate University applicant? Are you an international student seeking admission into Colgate University?.

After thorough research, I have drafted the Colgate University acceptance rates and other necessary information you need to know.

Colgate University Overview

Colgate University is a private institution founded in 1819. It has an undergraduate student population in the range of 3,042 (fall 2020) Its location is rural, and its campus is 553 acres.

It has the semester-based academic calendar. Colgate University’s position on the edition 2022 of Best Colleges has been ranked as National Liberal Arts Colleges, 17th place. The tuition and fees for Colgate University are $61,966.

Colgate University is located in Hamilton, N.Y., which is a tiny town with a population similar to the students. The Colgate Outdoor Education Program offers a range of outdoor activities and students are able to participate in any of the special interests or student government clubs.

Greek life plays an important aspect of student life and is a major factor in the lives of juniors, sophomores and seniors.

Students must be on campus — which includes Greek residences and university apartments — for the first three years. Colgate Raiders Colgate Raiders compete in the NCAA Division I Patriot League and are well-known for their rivalry with Cornell University Big Red.

The Colgate’s Seven Oaks Golf Course is one of the top five colleges courses in the nation according to Golf Digest.

The academic departments and majors at Colgate are grouped into the four divisions of humanities mathematical sciences, natural sciences social sciences, as well as university research.

Colgate offers over 20 on-campus studies opportunities that are run by Colgate faculty members, and the university also grants credit to programs provided through other schools. Arts programs cover studies in theatre and visual arts, film media and studies as well as music.

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The number 13 is considered lucky for Colgate as it is believed that Colgate College was established by 13 men, who each had “13 dollars, 13 prayers and 13 articles.

Colgate’s goal is to offer an intense, broad education for a selective group of talented, diverse intelligent students who are able to challenge themselves, their classmates, as well as their teachers in a place which combines life and learning.

The mission of the college is to create intelligent and thoughtful critical thinkers and leaders who are perceptive by helping young people to reach their full potential through living in a community that is awash in intellectual rigor and recognizes the complexity of human knowledge.

Colgate University Transfer Acceptance Rate

In previous years, Colgate received 326 transfer applicants.

The school accepted 71 students. Making the transfer acceptance rate for Colgate University to be 21.78%.

This shows how competitive it is to get into Colgate

Colgate University Acceptance Rate

Colgate University has an acceptance rate of 27%.

Half of the students admitted into Colgate University have an SAT score between 1300-1470 and an ACT score between 30 or 33.

The table below shows Colgate University acceptance rate over the years;

[table id=25 /]

But, one-quarter of the admitted students scored over these ranges, while one quarter was below the scores. The deadline to apply is Jan. 15th. The fee for applications for Colgate University is $60.

Colgate University’s 2022 Rankings

Colgate University is ranked:

  • #17 in National Liberal Arts Colleges (tie)
  • #42 in Best Undergraduate Teaching (tie)
  • #18 in Best Value Schools

Colgate University Transfer Application Requirements

  • Minimum GPA: The most successful applicants for transfer have the GPA that is at or above at least the 3.0 (B) level point in their college experiences prior to. The average GPA of admitted student transfer applicants is 3.5.
  • Official Transcripts: Official transcripts from high school should be submitted to CU at the time of graduation. Official transcripts from college are required to be submitted to CU from the institution which the student attended. The transcript should contain the classes in which the applicant is currently taking.
  • SAT Scores: Official results from the College Board’s SAT or the American College Testing (ACT) Program are required to be sent to Colgate.
  • Letters of Recommendation: A College Instructor Evaluation and an Official’s Report must be submitted when you submit your application.
  • Essay: Two of the essays required must be included with the application.
  • Application Fee: There is a non-refundable $60 application fee.
  • Interview: Interviews aren’t required and are not a way to evaluate.
  • Other Requirements: The current Semester Grade report on the Colgate Supplement as well as the College Official’s report and Instructor Evaluations are required for consideration of admission.
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Apply Here For A Transfer To Colgate University

Colgate University Transfer Credit Policy

  • Minimum Grade: Colgate may consider giving credit to actual college courses that are into the scope of the liberal arts program and where students have received the grade that is “C” or higher.
  • Credits (Min/Max): The maximum number of credits that are acceptable for the transfer of credit is (1 Colgate course credit = 4 semester credit hours). It is required to earn 16 credits from courses at Colgate to obtain an undergraduate degree.

Colgate University Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

How do I pay for Colgate University?

Colgate costs at least $N/A per student. Below are the vendors that provide loans to private students to Colgate students to cover the costs.

Do you think you’ll enjoy the change to Colgate University?

There are many reasons to choose to go to Colgate. Maybe your dream has been to attend a community college and then transfer to a four-year college in order to cut costs while finishing your education.

Perhaps you’ve had a negative incident at school – don’t be concerned, it’s more frequent than you imagine.

What is what are the Colgate University transfer GPA requirements?

Colgate requires an undergraduate GPA of 2.0 which is on the 4.33 points scale.

Additionally, Colgate requires a minimum GPA for high school students of 2.0.

What is Summer Funding?

Summer Funding is a scheme that is designed to help students pursue unpaid or unpaid summer activities by helping them pay for the extra expenses (living and transportation, food and so on.) that are associated with these events.

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Who can apply for summer funding?

Students currently matriculating with good academic and behavioral standing can apply for summer scholarships. Students must be planning to enroll for a course at Colgate in at minimum one more term.

Students should also submit their resumes to Career Services certified within the current academic year prior to the deadline for applications.

Is it possible to get the money I need even if not qualify for Colgate financial assistance?

Yes. Students who receive financial assistance from Colgate and students who do not are eligible for the summer grant.

Do I have the ability to travel abroad?

As of now in accordance with the policies on travel that are set out in Colgate’s commitment to health for the community, Career Services is unable to assist students in their travel to other countries.

Students whose international destination is their home can use their grant to help pay for the cost of living in the country they are from.

I hope that this article was useful, and remember sharing is caring.

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