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Davidson Fellows Scholarship 2023 | Application Form, Amount, Eligibility Criteria, Easy Way To Apply


The Davidson fellows scholarship gives $50,000, $25,000, and $10,000 in three different categories to gifted students in STEM. The Scholarship was created to give financial support to students under 18 who have done outstanding projects.

According to the U.S News and World Report, Davidson scholarship is up there among the seven best scholarship programs in the world

You can apply to any field of study among all parts of STEM and humanities. You can apply to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, literature, music, philosophy, and other courses outside these two categories.

The scholarship program has different areas in which you can enroll, but you can only apply for one. If you are confused about what to venture into or which category to apply to, you can use the Academic Guidance option

This option will help you figure out whether to apply for courses in STEM or arts. The Academic Guidance Option also has excellent assets for music contests, fairs, carnivals, and other intriguing programs.

You can also check here for many other programs in the arts and humanities to get clarity about what to do before applying for any course in Arts in the Davidson scholarship program.

You can also check here for resources on Mathematics and science to get familiar with what’s to come later in the course.

davidson fellows scholarship

Scholarship Value

The Davidson fellow scholarship has three categories of financial awards. The first and largest category is the Davidson Fellows Laureates; the winners are awarded a $50,000 cash prize. The following list is a Set of Davidson associates who are awarded a $25,000 cash prize. The last on the list are Set of Davidson colleagues who were awarded a $10,000 cash prize.

You can use the Davidson fellows scholarship awards in 6 different domains. Those domains are;

  1. North Central Association of colleges and schools- NCA
  2. Middle States Association – MSA
  3. Southern Association of colleges and schools- SACS
  4. New England Association of Schools and Colleges- NEASC
  5. Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges – NASC
  6. Western Association of Schools and Colleges – WASC
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Eligibility criteria

As you have known or would have been expecting, there is no scholarship anywhere without specific eligibility criteria. As for the Davidson Fellows scholarship, the eligibility requirements are listed below;

  • You must be 18 years of age or below.
  • You must be a citizen of the United States of America
  • When it’s time for the award events and gala, you must be able to attend.
  • You must be in high school.

The main objective of the Davidson Fellows scholarship is to master one particular topic in a specific field to show that you have a college-graduate-level knowledge of that specific topic.

Getting into top colleges and universities is a little bit difficult, but presenting an outstanding college graduate-level project will set you up among the favorites. 

You can apply to one of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, literature, music, philosophy, and some other courses in the two categories. Community service courses are not allowed in the Davidson Fellows scholarship program.

Although community service can’t be a course of study in the Davidson Fellows scholarship, there are ways you can bring it into your topic. Community service gives you additional points in admission processes.

You should understand that you must present a particular project for you to be selected as one of the Davidson Fellows scholarship award winners. The selection committees that judge your work are experts in their fields, so mediocre projects will not be considered.

Your work can;

  • Center around an exceptional recreation of an already existing project.
  • Be a discovery that has the potential to make massive impacts.
  • A magnificent presentation
  • An outstanding development that others can build on and contribute to
  • A record-breaking achievement.

Also, sports courses are not eligible in the Davidson fellows Scholarship Program, but there are specifications for sports, how to get registered, and make it part of your college program.

Category Requirements 

Below are the societal contributions made by Davidson fellows from all categories, including STEM and arts;


  • Creating awareness on how the gene works in breast cancer
  • Creating a curative system for deadly cancers
  • A cheap trap for catching mosquitoes carrying the Zyka virus. 


  • Creating a different and advanced approach to developing medicinal drugs using an expert system 
  • Developing a smartphone that you can use to examine lung functions 


  • Research on how to make flying a little safer, especially for the military. 
  • Launching a tool that will lessen the germ on potatoes, eggs, and forks by about 99.5%
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  • Getting solution to a mathematics question that has lasted for 30years
  • Starting a theory used to determine how the heartbeats and creating equations to determine how the shape of the heart evolves. 


  • Creating a story that takes an associative approach in answering these three questions; what is the cause of cruelty? How can it be prevented from happening again? What’s your experience with genocide?
  • A movement to explore storytelling for the primary purpose of preserving culture and ancestral identity.


  • Using the violin to motivate students to challenge themselves and teach their progress
  • Creating a jazz portfolio that has maintained the integrity and originality of an art form.
  • A musical performance serves as an intermediary between the American hymn, classical piano, and traditional Colombian music.


  • “The roots of evil”
  • “The principle of moral risk and following conclusion”
  • “Consciousness and the hard problem: Discovering the mind.”

How to apply for the Scholarship

Davidson Fellows Scholarship studying-physics_t20_rOwL1d

Before applying, make sure you are eligible for the Davidson Fellows scholarship. Been qualified means you qualify for every requirement mentioned earlier.

After that, fill the application form on the Davidson Fellows scholarship official website HERE, after which your project will be examined, and you will proceed to the nomination stage.

Your nominating form is to be filled by two people that are not your family members or relative; they should be able to confirm that you are qualified to be in the scholarship contest.

Also, a parent form will be sent to whoever you approve as your natural parent or guardian.

Rules of the scholarship

To qualify for the Davidson Fellows scholarship, you must;

  • Turn in your project as soon as possible.
  • Work solo, team projects are not allowed.
  • Submit a complete application form.
  • Submit only one application. If you have applied and you didn’t win, you can reapply next year.
  • You are only allowed to apply through the application website. Any application you send through mail or fax will not be considered.

If you apply for any course in the science category, NOTE THIS;

The following projects are not allowed

Projects that have a human as a specimen.

  • Projects containing infectious substances.
  • Controlled materials 
  • Assessable recombinant DNA

You can present a tissue project if you can prove that;

  • The resources used in the project were gathered not just for the Davidson fellows scholarship program but for other reasons
  • A veteran scientist was supervising the program.
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If you notice that your project breaks any of these rules, check for other competitions or contests that your ideas and presentation qualify for.

Davidson Fellows Scholarship Terms and Conditions

  • Any project that you submit to the Davidson fellows scholarship remains your property whether you become a Davidson scholar or not.
  • The scholarship grants that you get from the Davidson Institute for talent development can only be used to sort out your college tuition and related expenses.
  • The Davidson fellows scholarship will determine the time and mode of scholarship.
  • Suppose you pull out of school or your performance is not impressive, as a selected Davidson fellow. In that case, you are not making the necessary arrangements to pursue another course in that same academic institution or elsewhere. If you are selected as a Davidson fellow,  You will forfeit your Davidson fellows scholarship funds.
  • The Davidson fellows scholarship has control over the tenure of the awards and can terminate at any time.
  • The decision of the Davidson Fellows scholarship committee is final and can not be questioned.
  • The number of awards to be shared each year will be determined by the scholarship body.

Disqualification Criteria of Applications

  • Your application can be disqualified if you did not submit it on time.
  • Your application can also be disqualified if it breaks any of the scholarship rules or lacks the required credibility.
  • Your application can also be disqualified if an error is noticed, even if you submit it earlier.

Project Judging Criteria

Your application and the project you submit are judged for their correctness, accuracy. Experts in that particular field evaluate all projects submitted; no mediocre projects will be considered. 

Below are the following judging criteria used in selecting Davidson Fellows;

  1. The quality of your project and how deep and wide you go into it carries 50 points.
  2. The project’s degree of relevance takes 30 points.
  3. Your range of knowledge about the topic and how much you know about the related issues will take 20 points.


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