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10 Deadly computer viruses everybody should be scared of


10 deadly computer viruses everybody should be scared of.

Computer viruses has been around the block since the first generation computers evolving into more complex forms as newer generation comes up. Over 200,000+ viruses are discovered everyday and from the looks even more to come .These viruses has the capability to damage computers , steal user information, make fraudulent transactions without authorization and so on leaving users devastated.

In this article I’ll tell you about 10 deadly computer virusesf, worms and malwares that have caused massive damages to individuals over the past years and are still causing. These viruses have caused the globe billions of dollars.

10 deadly computer viruses everybody should be scared of.

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This is one of the worst viruses all time, wrecking havoc on almost every computer system causing destruction worth around $9.8 billion. It was created by two Philippine programmers namely Onel de Guzman and Reonel Ramones who made the virus because they didn’t have funds to operate paid platforms.

The virus appeared as a text file which when clicked, will send itself to everyone in the user’s mailing list and proceed to overwrite files with it, making the system unbootable.

Code Red

The code red virus is a worm that came to be known in 2001.It was greatly known for the attack on the white house website It targeted computers that had Microsoft IIS web server on them and left very little trace on the hard disk as it is capable of running only on the memory. The code red displayed “hacked By Chinese” on every webpage that it infected.

After infection It will launch a denial of service attack on several IP address. This virus damages caused $2.4 billion dollars.


Surfacing in 2004, Mydoom also known as “Novarg” is a worm that is spread through bulk emailing.The purpose of this virus was to shut down servers. Mydoom scraped email addresses from infected machines then sends copies of itself to the addresses. It joined infected machines into a web of computers called a botnet. This botnet performed distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on SCO group.

The Mydoom cost a jaw dropping sum of $38 billion and although the programmers were never caught, the worm isn’t as notorious as it was.


The wannaCry virus surfaced in 2017. This ransom ware according to its name has the capability of holding and keeping your files captive. This virus attacked more than 150,000 computers in over 150 countries causing less productivity in the sectors of businesses as every attacked company would need to pay huge ransom or risk start all over.

This malware mostly attacked systems that are out-of-date and this was discovered by a security researcher in the UK.


The slammer worm surfaced in 2003. This Slammer worm randomly selected IP addresses, exploiting vulnerabilities the sending / coping itself to other machines. Like some of the other worms it uses infected machines to launch a distributed denial of service (DDoS) thereby slowing internet traffic.

The worm hit hard on U.S and Canadian banks shutting ATMs down in many locations. This kept the funds of many individuals of the particular location inaccessible.


The Melissa virus was created by David L smith in 1999. The virus posed itself as a word document containing a list of passwords for pornographic sites which got people pumped and prompted them to click. If a user clicks these files, Melissa will mail itself to the first 50 people in the email address list of the user. This caused massive email traffics.

The creator of the virus was later caught and due to his co-operation with the FBI in solving other virus issues around his sentence of 10 years was reduced to 1 year and 8 months with a fine of $5,000.


The zeus virus surfaced in 2009. It is a Trojan horse that was made to steal the login credentials of social network, email and banking accounts of any computer it infected.

Through this virus about $70 million was stolen having its majority of it attacks in the US and more than 1 million computers were affected.


The cryproLocker is a ransomware that surfaced in 2013. This malware attacked people computer, encrypted them and held them hostage. It displays a ransom note on the screen of the user together with a payment window. The only way to access such files is to pay either in cash or in Bitcoin. Failure to meet the payment deadline resulted in permanent loss of file.

This came to an end when the law enforcement agencies and security companies took control of the botnet operating Cryptolocker.


Discover in 2004, this worm was created by Sven Jaschan a 17-year old German computer scientist (creator of another worm called Netsky).  This virus infected millions of computer taking out airlines, news agencies, public transportation, hospitals, train stations and so on. Jaschen received 21 months suspended sentence.


This is a computer worm surfaced in 2008 targeting the Microsoft windows operating system .

This worm exploited vulnerability in Windows OS software and dictionary attacks on administrator passwords to propagate while forming a botnet, and has been unusually difficult to counter because of its combined use of many advanced malware techniques. The conficker worm affected many computers in more than 190 countries including the government making it of the most notorious virus since 2003.

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