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Dr. Pepper scholarship 2023-2024 | Easy Steps To Applying And Getting The Award

The Dr. Pepper scholarship was established in 2008 as a means of financial assistance to college students aged 18-24 who are United States of America residents by law for their college education.

The scholarship is worth a lot in scholarship value and prize. Right from 2008, qualified students have won up to $10 million. Dr. Pepper’s scholarship program does not involve a fixed GPA, and it is one of the easiest scholarships to apply for.

Dr. Pepper scholarship

All you have to do is gather 50 votes, then submit a video to spur and attract more supporters to yourself. You will then be given your reward in cash.

Apart from the winner, other participants that performed well will also be rewarded in cash. There are about eight runner-up prizes to be awarded. Dr. Pepper scholarship has given out $100,000 in college fees since the program was launched in 2008.

Candidates will compete to win a championship match. Twenty will be selected and paired into two groups for the championship football match.

Below is the list of the championship football game;

  • The ACC
  • The Big 12
  • The SEC
  • Pac- 12
  • The Big 10

The contestants will then lock horns in a “pot of gold” match at the break for a scholarship award. Five contestants will go home with a massive sum of $100,000 each. $ 20,000 will be given to the five second-best contestants each, while the remaining ten contestants will get $2500 as a reward for participating.

Note that the award is organized in the United States of America.

Dr. Pepper Scholarship Value

The total value of the Dr. Pepper scholarship is $100,000.

The scholarship selection committee chose 20 contestants, 4 for the Big ten event, 4 for the Big 12 event, 4 for the Pac-12 event, 4 for the SEC event, and 4 for the ACC event.

Number of Awards

There are a total of 16 awards in the Dr. Pepper scholarship program. Five awards for the winners, five for the second-best, and ten participation awards for the remaining contestant.

Eligibility Requirements

You would have expected that for every scholarship, there are criteria that can make you qualify. For the Dr. Pepper scholarship, to be eligible, you must

  • It would help if you were a resident of the United States of America by law in an eligible state.
  • You must be 18 and above but not older than 24

Certain factors can disqualify you from applying for the Dr. Pepper scholarship program.

  1. If you or any member of your family are employees, directors, influencers, or officers of any promotion party.
  2. You are also ineligible if you or any of your relatives are a director, owner, CEO, Manager of sales, and purchase commitment at the reseller of sponsor product.
  3. Also, your application to the Dr. Pepper scholarship program will not be considered if you are an active sports person at any level in any sport of NCAA institution.
  4. Additionally, if you have been a professional, semi-professional, or division footballer once in your life, you are not eligible.
  5. You cannot apply if you are an international student. 

How to apply?

Below is the step by step process on how to apply for the Dr. Pepper scholarship;

First of all, you are to create a profile on drpeppertuition.com. You will briefly talk about a particular goal you are motivated to achieve in less than 50 characters on that profile.

You will then give a detailed description of that goal and the plans you have outlined to achieve it, not more than 350 characters.

Canvass Vote

At this stage, all you need to do is implore your friends, fans, classmates, and family members to vote for your article about your goals and how you will achieve them.

To make it to the next round, you must get 50 votes. Also, you can edit your answer. So far, your number of votes is not up to 50 yet. Once you Canvass 50 votes, don’t edit your answer again. 

Video Upload and Requirements 

Immediately your votes get to 50; you will be informed to upload a video of 60 seconds in length, with impressive quality. The video will be about why you think you deserve to be in the Dr. Pepper scholarship program.

You will also talk about the positive impact that winning the scholarship will bring to your life. Additionally, your past academic records as well as your professional and academic aspirations.

Though not compulsory, you can include a Dr. Pepper product in your short video.

You must speak the English language throughout the video, and it must be an original work that you recorded yourself.

It must not be more than a minute, and it must be of a quality that you can publish, the capacity must not be more than 50MB, and you must upload it in one of the file formats listed below

  • .mov
  • .wmv
  • .mpeg
  • .Mp4
  • .Mpg


After you have uploaded your 60 seconds video, you will wait while the selection committee evaluates and examines all the videos uploaded. As you know, there are a lot of contestants.

Fortunately, if you are selected, you will win an already paid trip to one of the five championship games to compete with three other selected candidates.

The task is to throw as many footballs as possible out of 30 into a big Dr pepper Container.

If you are selected and a notification is sent to you, but you do not acknowledge the notification, your scholarship eligibility may be canceled. 

You have the right to decide how the scholarship award you won is being used. If you change your contact information, you must notify the Dr. Pepper scholarship body about the changes and send an updated version of your contact details. 

Also, you must agree to attend any championship game that you are invited to by the Dr. Pepper scholarship body. This is because you have entered the scholarship history book, and once in a while, past winners are invited to the game to motivate the current contestants and be a sign of testimony. 

If invited, the Dr. Pepper scholarship body will be responsible for your transportation, feeding fee, and a ticket to the game for you and one other person you come with(optional). 

The selection committee’s decision concerning who to be selected for the Dr. Pepper scholarship award is final. 

Lastly, by applying for the Dr. Pepper scholarship, you have agreed to every terms and conditions. Breaking any of the rules will result in disqualification. 

Useful Tips for Winning Dr. Pepper Tuition Scholarship Program 

Dr. Pepper scholarship

  • Strictly follow all the rules.

The Dr. Pepper scholarship is easy to apply for that it doesn’t have any GPA requirement or requires any difficult task. However, the instructions about the scholarship video length, the video quality, and the message you need to pass across must be strictly adhered to.

Also, submit each application as at when due, follow each application process without any mistake.

  • Compose a convincing content

You don’t have much time to speak at length but judiciously use that 60 seconds to present content that will convince and impress the selection committee.

Let your video content be concise, clear, and on point. This stage is very important.

  • Learn from past winners

Cases arise when you are out of ideas of what to present. At this point, you can go to the scholarship website and search for past winners, what they presented and how they presented it.

You are not to present their exact content, but checking them out will give you an idea of what to present.

  • Make sure you mention Dr. Pepper.

Although this is not compulsory, make sure you send kudos to Dr. Pepper, thank him for the opportunity.

  • Be time conscious

Although you only have 60 seconds to talk, don’t wait till the last minutes to get your message to hook the selection committee. Don’t forget that it must be concise, short, and on point.

  • Go through your video content as many times as possible.

Revise, re-record, re-edit and check your work as many times as possible. Play it in the presence of friends, relatives, and family members. Let them critique it so that you can submit the best version for the Dr. Pepper scholarship.

  • Use the two-hand chest skill.

This is the best way or skill to use during the championship football contest. This skill is mostly used when your opponent is not close to you. Start with the ball at your chest, extend your arms away from your thumbs, point down, and your palms face out.

The essence of using the two-hand chest skill is to ensure that the ball goes straight into the Dr. Pepper big Can.


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