Emory Medical School – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, and More

Emory Medical School is one of the top schools in the United States. This learning institution is located in Atlanta which is known for its warm hospitality and freedom expression. 

In short, studying in Atalanta is a remarkable experience and comes with the opportunity to enjoy peaches and civil rights movement. More so, Emory University School of Medicine has done good to the image of this famous American City. 

Atalanta may not had been among the elite hotspots for medical schools but with Emory University School of Medicine, the school is currently a centre for research and innovation. This prestigious American University hallmark of affiliation is with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Through this partnership and affiliation, students can gain in-depth practical experience on how diseases can be diagnosed, contained, and treated. It is also noteworthy to remember that this centre is a vital health establishment in the United States; whose aim is to treat and prevent diseases in both global and local communities.

Emory Medical School Ranking 

There glue linking education quality and standard is ranking. It is one of the top most important factor to consider when choosing a medical school to study. Medicine education is a different ball game compared to other professions because it is a matter of life and death. 

So, before choosing any medical school, do well to ascertain the education quality and ensure this by checking its ranking. Emory Medical School is the 22nd best in United States in terms of Research.

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This American school also ranks as the 36th best for Primary Care by the United States News and World Report. Without the benefit of a doubt, this makes Emory Medical School the best in the entire Georgia.

Study Philosophy

The approach to a program in terms of study is also very important. Emory Medical School adopt an intensive and rigorous approach on coursework. This best medical school in Georgia approaches Medicine in a unique way: students are tutored to see the program as a center to tackle social injustice a well as improve the health conditions of patients.

Even as you’re just beginning, you’ll be subjected to several clinical opportunities as well as communal services. This is done to highlight the importance of community services in the medical field. There is also a week-long shadowing programme known as “Week on the Wards.” 

The school also has several clerkships which is under its five-month Discovery Phase. All of these are made possible by the school’s curriculum and is aimed at giving students the opportunity to embark on their personal research. 

It also allows students to project their ideas in the global world.

Emory Medical School MD programs

There are various selections and study options at Emory Medical School. This applies to MD programs and if you’re not sure of what to expect, here is the school’s simplified program breakdown:

For the traditional, 4 year MD program, you can decide to go for:

  • MD/MA in Bioethics
  • MD/MPH
  • MD/PhD  
  • MD/MBA
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Emory Medical School tuition and scholarships

Medical Schools charges one of the highest tuition rates. For Emory Medical School, the tuition cost is $52,000 per academic session. This is just the studying cost as other expenses like transport costs, accommodation, food, as well as other indirect costs are excluded.

If they are added, then studying in this prestigious American Medical School can amount up to $90,000 per year.

In terms of scholarships and financial aid initiatives, the School of Medicine boost of approximately Seventy institution-based scholarships. A good number of them are offered based on financial needs, some are merit-based while a few are given due to one’s community service participation.

Additionally, most scholars of this school  (class 2020) finished with a debt of $192,000, which is quite low when compared with the National United States average.

Do also more that a few scholars are awarded full-tuition scholarships. Let’s take for example, the Woodruff Fellowship covers tuition as well as living allowance for the entire duration of the program. But, every matriculants of the medical school are considered for this award without needing to submit an additional application, 

Emory Medical School admissions statistics

Emory Medical School is the best in Georgia. This means tha getting admission here is not cheap. The school has an acceptance rate of 3.4% which is very small hence many students battle for small allocated slots; year in and out.

Nevertheless, it is important to take note of some of the school’s admission statistics as acceptance rate is not the only the factor to consider. For the class of 2024, the school had a total application of 9,019. This was backed by a total interviews of 661.

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Also, the total number of scholars who were matriculated stood at 139. The average Grade Point Average Requirements was 3.7 out of a scale of 4.0. In the other hand, the average MCAT score requirement was 514.6.

Emory Medical School admissions requirements

To be eligible to apply for admission in this American school, you will have to have some coursework at hand which are: Humanities/social sciences, Physical science, Chemistry, Biology, English, and Organic chemistry.

However, if you are an international student, then you’ll need to complete the required science prerequisites at accredited universities in regions of Canada or the United States. 

Another important thing to note is that MCAT is vital and mandatory. This should be taken within the space of the 4 years before matriculation.

However, it is important to note that the minimum MCAT score requirement for Emory Medical School is 500. There is no maximum score but the higher, the better (getting 123 on each session of the test is recommended).

Also, to still be eligible for post secondary application, then it is important to take the MCAT less than three times. More than this, then you’ll become automatically ineligible.


Emory Medical School is the best academic establishment in Georgia. This post deals on its acceptance Rate, ranking, tuition, and other important data.

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