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Ford Foundation Scholarship Application 2023-2024 | How To Apply And Get It

Ford foundation scholarship Application 2023-2024 | How To Apply And Get It: The complete guide.

Be as it may, getting a scholarship is not easy, say less of Ford foundation scholarship. This financial aid programme is a hotspot for many scholars wishing to study in “The Ford Foundation”; a well-known private educational establishment headquartered in the booming city of New York.

This global private foundation was established in 1936 and has served students (exceedingly) well in the past couple of decades. The establishment is a product of the initiatives of Edsel Ford and Henry Ford, who are the two founding fathers of “The Ford Foundation”. 

Initially designed with an aim to improve welfare, the foundation has spread its wings; touching sensitive areas ranging from democracy to economic empowerment. With these and other benefits, it is no brainer why the financial aid program is widely anticipated.

Nonetheless, do you wish apply and get the scholarship? Read on for more information.

About the Ford foundation scholarship

Ford foundation scholarship is one of the popular financial aid schemes worldwide. The programme, which was one-time affiliated with the Ford Motor Company was specifically initiated to cater for the welfare of scholars.

It has continued serving that purpose till date; the foundation is one of the biggest of its kind. Coupled with global reach and influence, Ford foundation scholarship continues to serve students’ needs.

Even so, those with interest in creative arts, education, human rights among others can also benefit from the scheme.

How the Programme Works

The Ford foundation scholarship is one of the highest paid in the states. According to reports, around $507.9 billion was approved as grants to be used for the fight against welfare and inequality issues.

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With 10 international field offices and an headquarter, which are the Ford’s scholarship main avenue of income and grants, the scheme has grown from strength to strength in the past years.

It does not just involves curtailing poverty and learning leadership skills but also to promote domestic value as well as fight against injustice. Another is advancing human knowledge, creativity and achievement. 

Ford Foundation scholarships for international students, 2023-24

Being scholars from outside the country where an educational establishment is located, International scholars have continued to enjoy a wider range of financial assistance. The Ford Foundation Scholarships for international students, 2023-24 can also be referred as ” grants” or better still, “fellowships”. 

This financial aid scheme is merely a collection of scholarship programs, grants, and fellowship for international scholars. This means that these students are allowed to pick a financial aid program of their choice and apply. 

Moreover, these programs are further categorized based on either research or studies. Hence, they all come with different financial values, criteria, terms, and conditions.

Additional Information 

Ford Foundation scholarships are numerous for international or foreign scholars. Apart from the  inclusion of internships, there are other opportunities that these students can tape from.

Ford Foundation as a prominent learning institution is home to corporates, trusts among others. These bodies also provide scholarships for eligible international students studying in the foundation.

This is one of the pros that one can benefit from Ford Foundation.  Nonetheless, in subsequent write ups we’ll be revealing some of these financial aid packages so that you can have a mental overview of how it goes.

Also, the Ford Foundation scholarships application form is available online. Hence, prospective students are advised to visit the foundation’s web address and file in an application.

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Do note that applying for the scholarship on your own is ideal because errors due to data computation will be minimized. You really don’t want to ruin your chances of getting the Ford Foundation scholarship because of that do you?

Categories Of Ford Foundation scholarships

Ford Foundation Scholarships comes in different categories. For the basic, Ford Foundation undergraduate scholarships is the starting point for new scholars. This undergraduate financial aid opportunity is reserved for international students who are pursuing their Bachelor’s Degree across different field of specialisation.

Another classification of the Ford Foundation Scholarships is termed “Ford Foundation Masters scholarships.” This financial aid scheme falls under the postgraduate category hence not available for undergraduate scholars. 

Even so, there is another one called the Ford Foundation PhD scholarships. Unlike the Ford Foundation Masters scholarships, this financial aid package is solely meant for international scholars who are to become a “Doctor of Philosophy.” 

Overall, international students can also tap from the abundance of financial aid opportunities available in the United States to study in Ford Foundation.

IPBA Scholarships

Offered by the Inter-Pacific Bar Association for international students, IPBA Scholarships is one of the most prestigious financial aid programs in Ford Foundation. Despite being a partially funded financial aid scheme, IPBA Scholarships comes with huge perks and incentives for International scholars.

However, it is limited to few scholars and this is a big setback. Students privileged to enjoy the programme must be a resident of any of the following countries:

  • Cambodia
  • Mongolia
  • Pacific Islands
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Bangladesh

Moreover, the financial aid opportunity is also referred to as “Conferences & Travel Grants scholarship”. It is definitely not an all-purpose scholarship hence not available for any other academic program aside law.

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Furthermore, IPBA Scholarships’ value can only be known by its beneficiaries thus confidential. As such, we won’t be speculating on what to expect but you can do well to enquire the information from former beneficiaries of this scholarships.

More so, the application form of IPBA Scholarships is available online but the financial aid programme can only be taken at Inter-Pacific Bar Association. Surprisingly, IPBA Scholarships is not the only available monetary aid offer by Inter-Pacific Bar Association.

Others available ranges from grants to fellowships and all comes with different eligibility criteria and value.

Parting Words

To many scholars, studying in the United States can be a dream come true. Through the Ford Foundation Scholarship, one can study for free in “Ford Foundation”, one of the best private institutions in the U.S.

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