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Georgetown University Transfer Acceptance Rate, Tuition & GPA Requirements

Hi Friends, Welcome to Vastlearners, today I will be talking about the transfer acceptance rate and admission requirements for Georgetown University.

This is the complete guide for transferring to Georgetown University. I’ll suggest you read until the end.

I have done all the hard work and researched everything you need to know about transferring to Georgetown University.

Georgetown University Overview

Georgetown is an Catholic and Jesuit and a student-centered research university. It was founded in 1789, in an atmosphere of newly established republic.

The University began its existence on the premise that a sustained and serious dialogue among people of various beliefs, faiths and faiths promotes moral, intellectual and spiritual awareness.

This principle is embodied in the diverse student body faculty, staff, and staff as well as our commitment to justice and the public good, our openness to new ideas and our international character.

It uses the academic calendar that is based on the semester. Georgetown University’s position on the list of 2022’s Best Colleges ranks it as National Universities at 23rd. Its tuition and fees amount to $59,957.

Georgetown University is situated overlooking the Potomac River just a few minutes away from downtown Washington. There are a variety of traditional residence halls and juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are required to reside on the campus.

Students can also choose to live in townhouses or apartments that surround the campus. Students’ associations are on the campus, including religious associations as well as media outlets and student government.

They are the Georgetown Hoyas are part of the NCAA’s Division I and are well recognized for their mighty basketball team for men, which is in a constant battle against Syracuse University and plays most home games at Capital One Arena, also home to the Washington Wizards. The song “hoya saxa,” a mixture of Greek and Latin which translates to “what rocks,” gained popularity in 1920.

It contrary to what many believe is not associated with Georgetown’s mascot Jack the Bulldog.

Georgetown has a number of undergraduate professional and graduate institutions that are highly rated, such as the Robert Emmett McDonough School of Business, Law Center, School of Medicine, School of Nursing and Health Studies and the McCourt School of Public Policy. Georgetown’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service is also home to excellent graduate programs.

The area of Georgetown around the campus of Georgetown is home to high-end shops, restaurants and bars.

Some notable Alumni include the ex- U.S. President Bill Clinton and Bradley Cooper, actor Bradley Cooper, journalist Maria Shriver and Hall of Fame basketball player Patrick Ewing.

It is famous that the “Exorcist steps” used in the horror film of 1973  “The Exorcist” are located near Georgetown’s campus.

A community of scholars committed to generating and sharing knowledge. GU offers outstanding undergraduate, graduate and professional training in the Jesuit tradition to the glory of God and the wellbeing of all humanity.

Georgetown University Transfer Acceptance Rate

What is Georgetown University ’s transfer acceptance rate?

In previous years, Georgetown received 2246 transfer applicants.

The school accepted 149 students. Therefore, the transfer acceptance rate for Georgetown is 6.63%.

This indicates how hard it is to transfer into Georgetown

Georgetown University Acceptance Rate

Georgetown University has an acceptance rates at 17%, and an earlier admission rate of 11.2 percent.

Half of the applicants accepted for admission to Georgetown University have an SAT score of between 1380 and 1550 as well as an ACT score between 31 or 35.

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Below is Georgetown University acceptance rate over the years:

But, one-quarter of the admitted students scored over these ranges and a quarter was below the limits. The deadline for applying is Jan. 10, and the cost for applying to Georgetown University is $75.

Georgetown University’s 2022 Rankings

Georgetown University is ranked:

  • #23 in National Universities (tie)
  • #28 in Best Colleges for Veterans
  • #27 in Best Undergraduate Teaching (tie) 

Georgetown University Transfer Application Requirements

  • Minimum GPA: The minimum grade for GPA is generally the cumulative B+ average or greater is required to be considered for admission. The college average GPA of a transfer student is 3.7.
  • Official Transcripts: Send Official High School transcript as well as official College transcript(s) together with everything completed through the fall semester of the current year or winter quarter.
  • SAT Scores: Provide SAT as well as ACT results. If an transfer candidate has not attended secondary school for more that five years, the requirement for SAT/ACT is removed.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Send recommendations from a dean of the college currently as well as one faculty member, in particular from the department in which you work.
  • Writing an Essay: A completed Personal Data Form is required.

Cost of Application: There is a fee for application that is non-refundable, which is $65.00.

  • Interviews: Georgetown does not interviews to applicants who are transfer candidates.

Other Requirements:

Submit a Transfer Application for Admission and a Personal Data Form.

Apply Here For A Transfer To Georgetown University

Georgetown University Transfer Credit Policy

Minimum Grade: The grade earned must be at or near the grade higher than the minimum passing level, e.g. “C.” Passing grades in a Pass/Fail system is acceptable.

Credits (Min/Max): Maximum credit transferable is half of the total credits required for this degree (60 credits). Students must attend at least four complete semesters and complete 60 credits during residence at Georgetown to be eligible for the degree.

Georgetown University Financial Aid and Scholarships

To assist those accepted, the university strives to meet the demonstrable financial needs of applicants by combining need-based aid programs that include scholarships, grants as well as student employment and loans.

Georgetown University Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

It is true that Georgetown University is a school that is transfer-friendly?

GU accepts around 1,900 applications from transfer students every year. The school offers admission to around 10% of the students who come from community colleges as well as four-year colleges.

When will I hear from Georgetown If I would like consider being considered for the Spring 2022 admission to a transfer program?

We are planning to extend some, but not all in our 2022 Spring offer of transfer admissions between the end of June to mid-July.

As you’ve noted in the letter you received, we will be in touch for everyone on the Wait List candidates on or before the 15th of July.

What are my odds of gaining admission better if I select the Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 or express an interest in either?

We do not know the number of seats in the transfer class for Fall 2021 will be filled by the Wait List You must fill out your waiting List Response Form to indicate your preference. The form will give you three choices:

The consideration is only for Fall 2021.

Consideration only for Spring 2022 (available for sophomores who are about to graduate),

Interest is available for both Spring 2022 and Fall 2021 is under consideration, and the opportunity to choose either or both.

It is evident that your odds of being accepted are higher if you express an interest in both the Fall 2021 as well as Spring 2022 (if you are in the process of becoming a sophomore) because you will be considered for a wider range of opportunities.

Make sure you know that the applications you submit will be considered for your primary preference, and for the second choice if you want to be considered for both dates.

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If I’m interested in admission to the Spring 2022 session Will I be able to receive my initial Transfer Credit Assessment before I have to sign an enrollment contract?

Yes. As we did for Fall transfer applicants we will be providing every Spring 2022 student accepted from the Wait List an initial Credit Evaluation for Transfer Credit Evaluation prior to your response deadline for enrollment.

If I’ve already expressed my interest in the Spring 2022 review, do I have to fill out this form once more?

Yes. When you fill out this Transfer Wait List Response Form, you’ll indicate your desire to be on the Waiting List for Transfers.

You will you will then be asked to indicate your preferences for Fall 2021 consideration and consideration for Spring 2022 (for sophomores in the rising class) and/or both.

The choices you make from this questionnaire will prevail over responses on other forms or on the application.

Why are only students in the sophomore year being considered as candidates for the Spring (January) 2022 selection?

Since Georgetown requires four full semesters of study at Georgetown for students who are enrolled as students who are transfer students A maximum of 60 hours (four semesters) are able to be transferred into Georgetown University.

Students who are currently “rising sophomores” who complete their fall 2021 semester in another institution and then arrive at Georgetown by January 20, 2022, will have the opportunity complete their four semesters course work without the need for an additional semester.

Students who are in the sophomore year will be able to complete their the graduation requirements within 5 semesters in Georgetown.

If I’m a rising sophomore and would like to apply for the Spring (January) 2022’s admission What should I do in the fall 2021 semester?

Students who have expressed an interest in applying for Spring 2022 admission, and who are accepted for Spring 2022 and who accept their Spring 2022 admission , are encouraged to return to their existing institutions for the fall 2021 semester.

Students who are offered admission to Spring 2022 will receive guidance on their course selection for Fall 2021 by their Dean at Georgetown to ensure the an efficient transfer of credits.

Like previously mentioned that students accepted for Spring 2022 will receive an initial assessment of transfer credit prior to the deadline for enrollment deposits.

Students enrolling at Georgetown in Spring (January) 2022 may also use their Fall 2021 semester to secure a full-time internship or pursue other worthwhile educationally-enriching experiences.

What will my classes be evaluated to determine if they are creditable?

You will be provided with an evaluation of transfer credit that is based on the name of the class with the anticipated Georgetown equivalent.

In order to confirm your credit the dean will require an outline of the course for every class to review.

What number of credits or courses do I have to transfer from my previous institution?

Students are able to take up to twenty classes or 60 credits to Georgetown.

I’ve earned lots in credits before I went to Georgetown. What is the fastest time to achieve my degree?

Students must complete at least 60 of their 120 credit hours at Georgetown and must complete 60 of the 120 credits in Georgetown classes.

As previously mentioned as previously mentioned, we limit the amount of credit that can be transferred at 60 in total.

Students also must be able to complete four (four) whole-time terms at Georgetown on campus (not comprising study abroad and not including summer term).

May I study abroad?

Yes, absolutely. We would like to see you take on the opportunity to study abroad should this be something that interests you.

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Be aware that study abroad periods are not considered part of the residency requirement of four semesters (see above) in the event that the study period is on an Georgetown campus in another country (Villa La Balze, Fiesole, Italy; SFS campus in Doha, Qatar).

Transfer students who want to go abroad to complete their studies and graduate within four semesters could look into summer programs as well as Georgetown’s campuses with international connections. Be aware that majors in language must complete their studies abroad.

Do I have to enroll as part-time student?

Georgetown requires students at all levels in Georgetown to have full-time status (full-time status is a requirement to enroll in at minimum 12 credits).

Can I earn credit for major or core courses?

Yes, based on the reviewing the syllabus.

Do my grades from former school translate to Georgetown?

The GPA you earn does not transfer. You must earn at least a rating that is “C” (a “C-” is not considered a “C”) in order to earn credit.

How do I sign up for the fall 2021 semester?

Your academic dean or coordinator for transfer students from the institution’s Dean’s Office will be in contact regarding registration live in the latter part of June.

Which classes can I be taking during the fall semester?

Your dean will email you specific instructions regarding the selection of courses in the last week of June.

Do I have the right to be a student on campus?

Yes! Actually, every sophomores or junior students must be on campus unless they satisfy one of the exclusion conditions.

Visit the Residential Living website for more details on on-campus housing. We’ve highlighted the specific information about transfers on this page:

The Transfer Student’s Assignments for All sophomores or junior students must reside on campus, unless they satisfy one of the exclusion conditions. It is required that students meet a 3 years residency obligation.

Transfers from junior years are required to stay on campus for a year. Junior transfers must live in the campus area for two consecutive year (sophomore or junior years).

Transfer students are allocated to accommodation throughout campus, generally with students of the same age and year of study.

Transfer students are not in residence with freshman. Our office cannot take requests for a specific rooms or areas of residence.

Students who require medical assistance needing specific accommodations should be in touch with for assistance with the Academic Resource Center , 202-687-8354. Room assignments will be made available in early August.

Students who transfer roommates need to complete an Residence Preference questionnaire (LPQ).

It is the Office of Residential Living gathers living preferences questionnaires from students currently on campus Georgetown students who have room vacant rooms in their homes.

The comparison of the responses from the current students with the LPQ of each transfer student is crucial in assisting residential living Residential Living staff best match rooms and roommates.

  • Transfer Residences: The majority of rooms in residence halls are double-occupancy, but there are some triple rooms available.

The occupancy of townhouses and apartments is generally 4-5 There are some which can house more than eight students.

Transfer students from junior schools get priority to be assigned apartments. Transfer students in the sophomore class will usually receive residence halls. Single rooms are available only to seniors and juniors.

Transfer students from junior high schools can request for inclusion in the waiting list for rooms for singles by contact the Office of Residential Living, by email, to obtain more details. Only seniors and juniors can live in townhouses that are owned by the University.

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