Is the University of Toronto an ivy League

Is the University of Toronto an ivy league? University of Toronto commonly and shortly abbreviated U of T is one of the top schools in Canada. This North American school is highly regarded by many scholars because of the quality of education it offers.

For obvious reasons, some scholars may assume that this university is an ivy league but is that true?

What You need to Know

The term “Ivy League” is directly related to the United States. Literally, it represent the seven top educational establishment in that country. So, if I were you, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to label University of Toronto an ivy league based for some obvious reasons which will be revealed in the course of this article.

Even so, some educational establishment of higher learning like McGill, University of Toronto and UBC are occasionally classified under Canadian Ivies, though some people do also call them Northern Ivies. This is definitely not an official title neither classification but let’s say that it is a way for some people to classify these schools in a casual manner.

Since the schools are located in the Northern part of the country bordering the United States, they are mainly attended by U.S. scholars.

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The States’ media, in a way has encourage scholars to attend them since they offer quality education at affordable prices. However, as of now, this little bragging rights dispute is reserved for Canadian and United States scholars. 

As much as we would love to assume that most Canadian students love to study in other regions of the country except North, it is important to note the ivy league universities boost of a considerable population of Canadian scholars.

The Right Thing To Do

Choosing a school for post-secondary education is dependent on a number of factors ranging from research opportunities to cost of attendance.

University of Toronto in particular, is the most renounced educational establishment in terms of research in the country.

There is an adage that says the the more specific a problem is, the better the chances of finding a solution. The truth is that going for a group name might not be the right thing to do.

If you’re looking for best medical school, do your research. For best in electrical engineering, do same. For best school for artist, research. Doing so, you’ll easily find the solution to a problem.

Is the University of Toronto an ivy League


University of Toronto isn’t an Ivy League, but it is considered one of the top schools in Canada and came in 13th in Times Higher Education’s global university employability ranking, up one place from last year. That puts U of T in a class with Ivy League schools and ahead of the University of Oxford and Berkeley.

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Reasons Why University of Toronto Is Not An Ivy League

University of Toronto is not an ivy league. Listed below are the reasons for that assertion:

Reason 1: The University of Toronto, by and large is located in Canada. Therefore, this prestigious academic establishment is officially and legally a Canadian University. Hence, it is not an ivy league.

Reason 2: There are currently eight 8 Ivy schools in total. These prestigious educational establishment are located in the United States, the northeast part to be precise. There is no addition or subtraction to this hence University of Toronto is definitely not it.

Reason 3: What we now know as Ivy League was an establishment that started out as communal athletic conference. During that time, the eight The participants were academic establishment with excellent education quality.

Hence, the concept of ivy league was more about a conference but since the members had an eye for quality education, the trend has apparently come to stay.

So with that being said The University of Waterloo is not an ivy league. University of Alberta is not an ivy league. McGill University is not an ivy league. University of Montreal is not an ivy league. University of Toronto is not an ivy league.

University of British Columbia is not an ivy league. McMaster University is is not an ivy league. University of Calgary is not an ivy league. Queen’s University at Kingston is not an ivy league. Western University is not an ivy league.

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Dalhousie University is not an ivy league. University of Ottawa is not an ivy league.

University of Manitoba is not an ivy league.

University of Saskatchewan is not an ivy league. And University of Sherbrook is not an ivy league.


Toronto isn’t an Ivy league, however, this educational establishment is the best in Canada in terms of research and one of the best overall. More so, the educational establishment has a fairly high acceptance rate of approximately 40% which is favourable, given its standard of education.

 In the general, attending a Canadian university is easy due to its meritocracy approach to education. Meanwhile, the case is not the same in American school. The acceptance rate are lower and admission requirements are more strict. 

So, if you want to attend University of Toronto, you are free to do so but have it at the back of your mind that it is not an ivy league. But rather, the school is Canadian best university on research and among the top schools across the country. 

Hope it helps.

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