40 Jamb Mathematics Questions & Answer 2023/2024

40 Likely Jamb Mathematics Questions 2023/2024

Now today we will be looking at: 40 Jamb Mathematics Questions & Answer 2023/2024. Many Jamb candidates who put Mathematics as their aspiring course is asking for jamb Mathematics past question and answer. What will Jamb set in Mathematics for 2023 UTME and what are the top hot likely questions to come out in Jamb 2022 Mathematics? We know that any candidate who wants to score high in his/her jamb most make use of Mathematics questions. However, most of you have been calling me asking me to provide you with Mathematics past question or likely questions to come out on the jamb day. Some are even asking how important is likely Mathematics questions. So I have complied more than 40 likely jamb Mathematics Questions 2023/2024. 

Jamb Mathematics Questions

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Many of jamb candidate Is hearing about jamb Mathematics past question without knowing what it is. Past question is a compiled question from the previous jamb examination. We are compiling questions each year after jamb examination.  The same thing will happen this year, after jamb examination we will add the questions to our past questions. Past questions are very important in jamb examination because it helps candidates know how the previous jamb question is. Past questions also help jamb candidates to taste their selves and prepare well for the main examination.


Well, some of don’t know the meaning of possible questions. Possible question on Jamb Mathematics is just question compiled from the Recommended textbook. This possible or likely question is not the question that is going to come out in your utme exams. But these questions will help you sharping your brain in preparation for the main UTME examination. So I advise you to make good of these questions were going to list below.

Jamb Mathematics Questions And Answers 2023/2024

1. Correct 241.34 (3 x 10-3)2 to 4 significant figures
A. 0.0014
B. 0.001448
C. 0.0022
D. 0.002172

2. At what rate would a sum of #100.00 deposited for 5 years raise an interest of #7.50?
A. 11/2%
B. 21/2%
C. 15%
D. 25%

3. Three children shared a basket of mangoes in such a way that the first child took ¼ of the mangoes and the second ¾ of the remainder. What fraction of the mangoes did the third child take?
A. 3/16
B. 7/16
C. 9/16
D. 13/16

4. Simplify and express in standard form (0.00275 x 0.00640/( 0.025 x 0.08)
A. 8.8 x 10-1
B. 8.8 x 102
C. 8.8 x 10-3
D. 8.8 x 103

5. Three brothers in a business deal share the profit at the end of contract. The first received 1/3 of the profit and the second 2/3 of the remainder. If the third received the remaining #12.000.00, how much profit did they share?
A. #60,000.00
B. #54,000.00
C. #48,000.00
D. #42,000.00

6. Simplify √160r2  + √(71r4 + √100r3
A. 9r2
B. 12√3r
C. 13r
D. √13r

7. Simplify √27 + 3/√3
A. 4√3 B. 4/√3 C. 3√3 D. 3√/4

8. Simplify 3Log69 + Log612 + Log664 – Log672
A. 5 B. 7776 C. Log631 D. (7776)6

9. Simplify (1 + 1)-1
x-1     y-1¬¬

10. Find the sum of the first twenty terms of the arithmetic progression Log a, Log a2, Log a3
A. log a20
B. log a21
C. log a200
D. log a210

11. A carpenter charges #40.00 per day for himself and #10.00 per day for his assistant. If a fleet of a cars were painted for #2,000.00 and the painter worked 10 days more than his assistant, how much did the assistant receive?
A. #32.00
B. #320.00

12. Find the sum of the first 18 terms of the progression 3, 6, 12………..
A. 3(217 – 1)
B. 3(218) – 1)
C. 3(218 + 1)
D. 3(218 – 1)

13. The angle of a sector of a circle, radius 10.5cm, is 480. calculate the perimeter of the sector
A. 8.8cm
B. 25.4cm
C. 25.6cm
D. 29.8cm

14. Find the length of a side of a rhombus whose diagonals are 6cm and 8cm.
A. 8cm
B. 5cm
C. 4cm
D. 3cm

15. Each of the interior angles of a regular polygon is 1400. How many sides has the polygon?
A. 9 B. 8 C. 7 D. 5

16. A cylindrical pipe, made of metal is 3cm, thick if the internal radius of the pipe is 10cm. Find the volume of metal used in making 3m of the pipe
A. 153πcm3
B. 207πcm3
C. 15,300πcm3
D. 20,700πcm3


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More Jamb Mathematics Questions And Answers 2023/2024

17. If the height of two circular cylinders are in the ratio 2:3 and their base radii are in the ratio 9. What is the ratio of their volume?
A. 27:32
B. 27:23
C. 23:32
D. 21:27

18. The locus of a point which moves so that it is equidistant from two intersecting straight lines is the
A. perpendicular bisector of the two lines
B. angle bisector of the two lines
C. bisector of the two lines
D. line parallel to the two lines

19. 4, 16, 30, 20, 10, 14 and 26 are represented on a pie chart. Find the sum of the angles of the sectors representing all numbers equal to or greater than 16.
A. 480
B. 840
C. 920
D. 2760

20. The mean of ten positive numbers is 16. when another number is added, the mean becomes 18. find the eleventh number.
A. 3
B. 16
C. 18
D. 30

21. Two numbers are removed at random from the numbers 1,2,3 and 4. what is the probability that the sum of the numbers removed is even?
A. 2/3
B. ½
C. 1/3
D. ¼

22. Find the probability that a number selected at random from 41 to 56 is a multiple of 9
A. 1/9
B. 2/15
C. 3/16
D. 7/8

23. Musa borrows #10.00 at 2% per month interest and repays #8.00 after 4 months. However much does he still owe?
A. #10.80
B. #10.67
C. #2.80
C. #2.67

24. If 3 gallons of spirit containing 20% water are added to 5gallons of another spirit containing 15% water, what percentage of the mixture is water?
A. 24/5%
B. 167/8%
C. 181/8%
D. 187/8%

25 What is the product of 27/5 – (3)3 and (1/5)?
A. 5
B. 3
C. 1
D. 1/25

26. Simplify 2log2/5 – log72/125 + log9
A. 1 – 4log 3
B. –1 + 2log3
C. –1 +5log2
D. 1-2log2

27. A car travels from Calabar to Enugu, a distant of pkm with an average speed of ukm per hour and continues to Benin, a distance of qkm, with an average speed of wkm per hour. Find its average speed from Calabar to Benin.
A. (p+q)/(up+wq)
B. u+w
C. uw(p+q)/(wp+uq)
D. (wp+uq)/(u+wq)

28. If w varies inversely as uv/u + v and is equal to 8 when u = 2 and v = 6, find a relationship between u, v, w.
A. upw = 16(u + t)
B. 16ur = 3w(u + t)
C. upw = 12(u + t)
D. 12upw = u + r

29. If g(x = x2 + 3x ) find g(x + 1) – g(x)
A. (x + 2)
B. 2(x + 2)
C. (2x + 1)
D. (x + 4)

30. Factorize m3 – m2 – m + 2
A. (m2 + 1)(m – 2)
B. (m + 1)(m + 1)(m + 2)
C. (m + 1)(m + 1)(m – 2)
D. (m2 + 2)(m – 1)

31. The angles of a quadrilateral are 5x – 30, 4x + 60, 60 – x and 3x + 61. find the smallest of these angles.
A. 5x – 30
B. 4x + 60
C. 60 – x
D. 3x + 61

32. What is the nth term of the sequence 2, 6, 12, 20,…?
A. 4n – 2
B. 2(3n – 1)
C. n2 + n
D. n2 + 3n +2

33. If the binary operation * is defined by m*n = mn + m + n for any real number m and n, find the identity element under this operation.
A. e = 1
B. e = -1
C. e = -2
D. e = 0

34. When PT is the transpose of P, calculate [PT] when x = 0, y = 1 and z = 2
A. 48
B. 24
C. –24
D. –48

35. PQ is equivalent to

36. Determine the distance on the earth’s surface between two towns P(Lat. 600N, Long. 200E) and Q (Lat. 600N, Long 250W)
A. 800p/9km
B. 800Ö3p/9km
C. 800pkm
D. 800Ö3pkm

37. X is a point due east of point Y on a coast Z is another point on the coast but 6.3km due south of Y. if the distance ZX is 12km, calculate the bearing of Z from X
A. 2400
B. 2100
C. 15008
D. 600

This is all we have for this topic: 40 Jamb Mathematics Questions & Answer 2023/2024. 

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