Jamb Mock Exam 2021/2022 Date And Slip Reprinting

Jamb Mock Exam Date 2021/2022

Today we will be looking at this topic: Jamb Mock Exam 2021/2022 Date And Slip Reprinting. So many jamb aspirant have been asking me when is jamb mock exam starting 2021? while others are asking about jamb mock exam 2021 questions and answers. if your one of those aspirant asking these kind of questions your actually at the right place. Am going to use this article to tell you the 2021 jamb mock exam date and other important information needed for this year jamb mock examination. So continue reading below…

The JOINT MATRICULATION AND ADMISSION BOARD(JAMB) Mock exams is around the corner. Hearing this you are probably thinking a lot or a bit. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about JAMB mock exam 2021/2022.

What you need to know about JAMB mock exam 2021/2022.

The JAMB  Mock Exam is a copy of the original JAMB exam, Meaning you seat for it the same way you sit for Jamb exam it’s self.

The board made The Mock exams Possible as a way to help students familiarize with the Questions and techniques behind the questions for better performance in the real time Exam.


JAMB Mock Exam Date 2021/2022

How to Register JAMB Mock Exam 2021/2022

In order to sit for the JAMB Mock exam 2021, you need to first of all register JAMB at your nearest Cafe or online from your computer.  It’s is Important to know that you’ll need to click on the Mock button If you want to write the Mock exam else, you will not be registered for the Mock Exam.


It is also Important to know that the JAMB Mock registration is Free!!! but, on the scheduled date of the exam, you will need to pay N700 at the Venue of the exam.

Personal Advice: For convenience sake, you should take along with you Cash >N700.

Jamb Mock Exam Date 2021/2022

Jamb Mock Date is on 29th may 2021, That’s on a sarturday and a one day, one time exam. Jamb has fixed the 29th of may as the day for 2021 Mock Examination.

How to do JAMB Mock Slip Reprinting 2021/2022

New to the JAMB space or have no idea how a JAMB slip looks like? The slip contains data like Jamb reg no, Center, date, Sit no; and so on. Here are a few easy steps to do your Mock Slip reprinting;

  1. Visit JAMB official webpage : www.jamb.gov.ng
  2. Find and click on Print Jamb Mock Slip
  3. Enter your JAMB Reg. No
  4. Finally Click “Print Examination Slip”.

What if you can’t do the reprint  by yourself? Well, you can go to any cyber cafe around and tell them you want to reprint your jamb Mock slip 2021/2022 but Note, it’s not free as a little amount of money is require from the Cafe operators. After your reprinting is done, you can choose to make Photocopies however you wish.


What I Think of The JAMB Mock?

In my Opinion I would say if  you are a fresh JAMB candidate, go for it and even if you’ve written JAMB a number of times it’s still a Good practice to always test your self and see how you tackle various questions in real time. And yes it’s not compulsory but hey, What do you have to lose?

Leave a comment below if you have any questions i’ll be happy to help, share to friends and anyone who is in need of this information, Thank you.

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