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Jumboearn Review: Make More Than 100k A Month On Jumboearn


Hey mate, I’d be making a review on  Jumboearn income program (JIP) today; is it scam or Legit?

On this post I will share with you what Jumboearn is all about, what they have come to offer and how you can get started to register.

They claim It’s a legitimate online business in Nigeria where you can make at least N50,000+ monthly [depends on your activeness] doing just a few tasks such as posting a status on Facebook, leaving comments on posts by sharing your views, referring others etc.


Requirements to Register In Jumboearn Income Program.

It’s absolutely easy and no too many things are needed to get you started on Jumboearn.

However, Not to scare you, you actually do not need driver’s license, international passport or national passport to register on Jumboearn.

The whole process is tied to your ability to raise just a one-time payment fee of N1,600 and the rest are chicken pie. So quickly, below are the requirements to register for Jumboearn income program easily.

  1. A functional email Address (this will be used to signup so you can receive notification, announcement or any special promotion wherefore they are been sent. If you do not have an email address, simply go to mail.google.com or gmail.com and create one which takes just 5 minutes.
  2. A functional Phone number (This is also a compulsion but may not be used to communicate with you neither will you receive unnecessary messages) Tips: you can borrow your mother, father, brother or friends number to register but just make sure you remember that.
  3. An internet connected device that can browse the internet (If you do not have a phone, laptop or any that can browse, you can just rush to the cyber cafe and buy a one-hour internet access which doesn’t cost more than N150 in some local cyber cafes it will serve you well.

Ways you can earn on Jumboearn:

    1. Registration/Welcome bonus – ₦100.
    2.  Daily Login Bonus – ₦50.
    3. Sharing of sponsored post – ₦100 daily.
    4.  Commenting on news/posts – ₦4 goes to author and ₦4 goes to the member, this is per each comment.
    5. Liking contents/articles – ₦4 goes to the author and ₦4 to member, per each like.
    6. Posting of content/articles – ₦100 per approved post.
    7. Affiliate/Referral Bonus – ₦1000 ( For each person that registers and pay using your unique referral link, you will earn a bonus of ₦1000).

Of course, you’re probably wondering what platform this is, I will reveal it now, some might have heard about it, it might be new to you.
Having an Alexa rank of 205,134 in the world and 1,254 in Nigeria, the name of the platform is Jumboearn.com

So, having known all that, let’s talk about how to register to be a publisher at jumboearn.com

BIG Secret: Jumboearn.com has a keywords list section where they drop high traffic easy keywords daily. You can check it out here  Jumboearn Keywords List
– I don’t know why they didn’t add this to their menu so please don’t expose it.

Before I move on, take note that there are some requirements in which you must have in order to register on jumboearn and these are what I’m going to discuss now.

How To Register On Jumboearn

To join Jumboearn Forum, you need to fill our registration form.  When filling the form, you will be asked to add an activation code. Once you complete the form and add your activation code your account will be created. Very simple !!!

How To Get Activation Code

To get an activation code, you have two ways.

  1. Make payment with your debit card: You can buy our activation code with your ATM card. Once you make payment and email will be sent to your email, the email contains your activation code in which only u can use. Then you copy the code and use it to register.
  2. Buy from our distributors. You can buy from our distributors, all you have to do is chat them up on WhatsApp. When you chat them go straight to the point and request for an activation code. They will now provide you with their account number to make payment in which if they confirm your payment they will send you an activation code for you to register.

The activation code is sold N1,600.

How To Withdraw Your Money On Jumboearn.

You can make a withdrawal from the wallet menu on your dashboard.

NOTE that your Facebook timeline will be checked and your membership duration and activeness plus your activities will be review before your withdrawal can be processed. If you are not due for revenue share, your withdrawal will remain pending till when it gets to your turn.


Jumboearn Publisher Project is actually a very legit website that I personally have tried out and confirm to be 100% real. You can check it out here and start earning massively. And I hope so far, you’ve been able to grab everything you need to know about Jumboearn Publisher Project registration and how you can register on Jumboearn
Have any questions? Please drop them in the comments section below and I will reply as soon as I see them.

Mr Paschal
Mr Paschalhttps://www.vastlearners.com
My name is Ezisi Paschal. I like to share education news and dedicated to bring you the most accurate information from your institution. You can contact me anytime you have questions about your institution of choice.

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