Kwara poly: About, Admission, Courses, screening.

A new student who is aspiring to study in a university might have kwara poly in mind. You might have questions in mind which might be:

  • Kwara state poly admission process
  • Kwara poly school fees.
  • Admission requirements
  • Courses
  • Screening process and many more.

Kwara Poly


Here on Vast learners, we try our best to explain things to prospective students like you so that you will not make any mistakes while choosing kwara poly as your choice of institution.

Now let us get into the main focus of this article. We will be covering:

  • Facts about kwara state poly.
  • Admission process and requirements.
  • Courses offered in kwara state poly and how you can apply for them.
  • School fees of kwara poly ( very important for any student who wishes to know how to manage his or her finance.


Facts about kwara state poly.

The few facts you should know about kwara poly is that: kwara poly is a tertiary institution in Ilorin, Kwara state which offers good courses for their prospective students. Based on the info we saw on their website, they teach and develop young minds towards becoming drivers of innovation and technology. They claim to offer 100% practicals and they also have a wide variety of creative and social science programs put in place towards training and developing first class business minds in entrepreneurship.


Kwara poly admission Process and requirements

Kwara poly offers admission for students into the national diploma (ND) and higher national diploma (HND). For you to be admitted into kwara poly, you need to prepare very well and pass your O Level and Jamb well. Being a good institution, there will be completion.

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For you to be admitted, you must reach the cut off mark for the particular course you want to study. Before that, you need to reach the cut off mark as stated by the Joint Admissions and matriculation board (JAMB). This usually changes from time to time. however, for the past 3 years, the cut off mark to get admission into any Nigerian institution varies between 160 and 200. A times, the cut off mark for polytechnics usually is 180. However, you need to stay updated by always visiting vast learners. We recommend you to get the Jamb brochure in order to learn more on how to prepare for the exam.


Entry requirements for ND candidates.

Below are the requirements for you to get admitted into the National Diploma in kwara poly.

  1. Firstly, prospective students must possess a minimum of five O level credit passes in WAEC, NECO, GCE at not more than two sittings.
  2. secondly, Prospective candidates must pass the jAMB exam with a minimum cut-off mark of 150. ( Note: this is the cute of mark for 2018, like we said earlier, the cut off mark varies. however it might be changed at any time from now therefore always stay updated.
  3. however, based on the first requirement stated above, the courses you credit in your O LEVEL result must have English and mathematics included.
Kwara Poly
kwara poly school gate


Entry Requirements for HND candidates.

below are the requirements for Higher National diploma aspirants.

  1. Firstly, in exceptional cases, candidates with pass grade and a minimum of 2 years post qualification experience in the specified field may be considered for admission.
  2. The prospective candidate must possess CGPA of at least 2.50 in the National Diploma prior to his or her application for the HND program in kwara poly. In addition, you must also pass the relevant subjects in O Level as mentioned in the ND requirements above.
  3. Candidate must possess a minimum of 12 months of supervised IT ( industrial training ) experience.
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Courses offered in Kwara state poly.

Below are the courses that are offered in kwara poly. Use it to check whether your course of choice is being taught in the school. however, Vastlearners found it helpful to share with you.

Courses / Departments in KWARAPOLY

  • Accountancy
  • Agricultural Engineering / Technology
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Architectural Technology
  • Building Technology
  • Chemical Engineering Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical / Electronic Engineering
  • Estate Mangement And Valuation
  • Hospitality Management
  • Leisure And Tourism management
  • Metallurgical Engineering Technology
  • Office Technology And Management
  • Public Administration
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Science Laboratory Technology
  • Statistics
  • Surveying and Geo-Informatics
  • Urban and Regional Planning

If you have any questions regarding the courses listed below, you can ask your questions in the comment section and we will be glad to help you out with relevant and useful answers.


Kwara Poly school fees

There are different amount of money paid as school fees. It is not the same amount of money paid by indegenes that are pain by non-indegenes. However, below is the school fees :

  • Kwarapoly school fees for indigene and non-indigene students National Diploma Full time courses of first level: indigene students – N62700, non-indigene students – N84200
  • National Diploma Full-time courses of the second level: indigene students – N52000, non-indigene students – N72000
  • Higher National Diploma Full-time courses of the first level: indigene students – N69200, non-indigene students – N89700.
  • Higher National Diploma Full-time courses of the second level: indigene students – N58500, non-indigene students – N75500 National Diploma Part-time courses of the first level: indigene students – N65200, non-indigene students – N85200.
  • National Diploma Part-time courses of the first level: indigene students – N65200, non-indigene students – N85200
  • National Diploma Part-time courses of the second and third level: indigene students – N51500, non-indigene students – N68500
  • Higher National Diploma Part-time courses of the first level: indigene students – N65200, non-indigene students – N89700
  • Higher National Diploma Part-time courses of second and third level: indigene students – N53000, non-indigene students – N745000
  • National Diploma Full time/Part time repeaters: indigene students – N42000, non-indigene students – N53000
  • Higher National Diploma Full time/Part time repeaters: indigene students – N43000, non-indigene students – N56000
  • Carryover 1 paper: indigene students – N6000, non-indigene students – N6000
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paper2: indigene students – N10000, non-indigene students – N10000

paper3: indigene students – N15000, non-indigene students – N15000


We have tried our best to write an awesome review about the kwara poly. The fees above will help you to plan on how to manage your finance when you get to the school.

Don’t forget to share this article with friends, you might help a friend to make a nice choice of institution. We wish you all the best.


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  1. I am qualified with all the aforementioned criteria for HND and yet I have not been admitted.. This is my second year of applying.. ..and I am seeing pple with pass grade getting admission ahead of me.. Why????

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