LASU School Fees For New & Returning Students 2023

LASU School Fees Schedule For 2023 Academic Session 

Today let’s quickly look at LASU School Fees For New & Returning Students 2023. The questions ask by many students of Lagos State university is. How much is LASU school Fees for newly admitted students. Will the school fees amount of old student increase. Well every good student should ask all those questions.  Reason if for them to know the exact amount to tell their parents.

So as a student or as an aspiring student is very good to know the amount of school fees in the institution. So the main aim of this post is to list out and tell you about 2023 LASU school fees schedule.

LASU school Fees

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About Lagos State university

Let’s quickly talk about Lagos State university (LASU). LASU is lagos State University with the motto “Per la Verita’ e di servizio meaning “For Truth and Service”

The uniuversity which has it’s current vice chancellor as Olanrewaju Fagbhun has over 35,000 students.

LASU’s official website Is

Furthermore, the university has 9 faculties namely the faculties of;

  • Education
  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Law
  • Busines Administration
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts

LASU School Fees For New & Returning Students 2023

Am going to list out the LASU school fees according to faculties below.  Since is School fees of both new and returning students.  I will include acceptance fee.

Acceptance fee is a fee that you must pay to any university as a first-year student/fresher denoting that you have accepted the course and in general the admission that has been offered to you by the school. LASU Acceptance Fee is 20,000 Naira. 

Faculty Of Art

1. European Languages (French and Russian).113,250
2. Creative Art: Music113,250
3. Creative Art: Theatre Arts113,250
4. Creative Art: Visual Arts113,250
5. History113,250
6. Philosophy113,250
7. Linguistics, African and Asian113,250
8. English Literature113,250
9. English Language

Faculty Of Basic Medical Science

1. Biochemistry115,750
2. Physiology115,750

Faculty Of Social Science

1. Transport Planning and Management113,250
2. Public and international affairs113,250
3. Sociology113,250
4. Psychology113,250
5. Social Works113,250
6. Political Science113,250
7. Mass Communication and Journalism113,250
8. Economics113,250
9. Business Administration113,250
10. Finance113,250
11. Management113,250
12. Accounting113,250
13. Insurance113,250
14. Industrial relations and personnel management113,250

 Faculty Of Science

1. Fishery Sciences115,750
2. Biology115,750
3. Microbiology115,750
4. Botany115,750
5. Zoology115,750
6. Computer Science115,750
7. Chemistry115,750
8. Physics115,750
9. Mathematics and Statistics115,750

 Faculty Of Clinical Science

1. Dentistry115,750
2. Medicine and Surgery115,750

Faculty Of Law

1. Jurisprudence and International Law115,750
2. Legal Studies115,750
3. Private and Property Law115,750
4. Islamic Law115,750
5. Public Law115,750
6. Commercial and Industrial Law115,750

 Faculty Of Engineering

1. Mechanical Engineering115,750
2. Electronic and Computer Engineering115,750
3. Chemical and Polymer Engineering115,750

Faculty Of Education

1. Sociology of Education113,250
2. Physiology of Education113,250
3. Education Psychology113,250
4. Educational Administration and Planning113,250
5. Curriculum Theory113,250
6. Religious Education113,250
7. Islamic Studies Education113,250
8. Christian Religious Studies113,250
9. Yoruba Education113,250
10. French Education113,250
11. English Literature Education113,250
12. English Education113,250
13. Business Education113,250
14. Technology Education113,250
15. Home Economics Education113,250
16. Sports Administration/Management113,250
17. Exercise Physiology113,250
18. Human Kinetics and Health Education113,250
19. History Education113,250
20. Geography Education113,250
21. Social Studies Education113,250
22. Integrated Science Education113,250
23. Chemistry Education113,250
24. Biology Education113,250
25. Adult Literacy and Non Formal Education113,250
26. Adult Education113,250
27. Adult Education Management113,250
28. Guidance and Counseling113,250

This is all I have in this topic: LASU School Fees For New & Returning Students 2023.  If any question please drop it in the comment box below.

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  1. Too bad that you don’t have a correct information . we pay 25, 000 in most faculties. mass communication and medicine just differs alittle.


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