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LIFE Scholarship 2023: Amount, Eligibility Criteria & Easy Way To Apply

LIFE scholarship is a high-paying financial aid programs. It comes with lots of incentives and offers one the opportunity to finish education for free of charge.

Read on for more information about LIFE scholarship 2023: amount, eligibility, criteria, easy way to apply.

Official Incentives For Future Expertise (Life)

The LIFE program offers scholarships of $5,000 to $ 7,500 annually, depending on the level of professionalism and expertise.  No application is required as Clemson University will know who is eligible.  

Moreover, Honors can be obtained for up to four years (eight semesters) from the date on which the supervisor first enrolls, provided that the resettlement requirements are met.  LIFE scholarship can be obtained after enrolling in an introductory school.

General Entry Requirements

  • U.S. citizen or non-US citizen qualified according to state residency decisions.
  • The student moved from high school in South Carolina or was under the care of a parent or guardian who was a legal resident in South Carolina at the time of high school graduation.
  • A full-time degree is looking for a bachelor’s degree.
  • There was no evident of the person to convict criminals, nor to convict, admit or fight for any legitimate crime in any state.
  • The scholar has not been convicted of any subsequent alcohol or drug offenses in any state long before the honor list.
  • Do not make default or debt deductions or fees for any government or government financial guidance.
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Qualification Requirements For Beginner Registration

  • Must meet all general qualification requirements

     Students must meet two of the three requirements below:

  • 3.0 in the final grade of high school is usually seen based on the scales of one class.
  • The student is part of the graduating class’ best 30%.

Qualifying Requirements For Transfer Students

  • Must meet all general qualification requirements
  • Eligibility for a senior year at Clemson depends on your primary school enrollment and total GPA and the hours you received (non-medical) at your previous institution.  This will include funding within and outside the state.
  • After your first year at Clemson, each of the conditions for continuing your undergraduate studies (above) will apply.

Eligibility Requirements

One can receive a LIFE scholarship up to the eighth consecutive term after school starts.  The end of the eighth semester is, so to speak, a period.  This is the number of periods that LIFE sponsored and may include periods of non-registration.

The Amount Of The Scholarship

The amount of the LIFE scholarship is determined annually by the South Carolina General Assembly. Currently, the maximum value is $5,000 and this includes $4,700 plus tuition plus $300 depending on textbook prices.

Second-year students, young and old, can earn up to $7,500 if they are in the declared field of science or mathematics and meet different requirements.

The Scope of Life Scholarship 

LIFE scholarships comes with high value and can cover educational costs. Moreover, the  LIFE scholarships are available regularly during the autumn and spring seasons, except for center / training courses.

Community Students / Trainees

Unless the concerned students are participating in a Cooperative Education Program or preferably some approved part-time work programs, they are not eligible to receive a LIFE grant in the aid period.  However, one may choose to receive a Clemson LIFE sponsorship in the following summer, provided you accept the accreditation for approximately 12 hours mid-year.  

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Furthermore, students can also choose to transfer the honors that they would receive under theiri community / temporary position to the period immediately following their eighth regular term; provided it continues to meet the remaining qualification requirements.

Also, eligible scholars can agree that they will choose to use the LIFE grant at the end of spring, moreover they may need to earn 27 hours (instead of 30) for that school year for re-charging purposes.  

More so, If you a student happen to be  focusing on the autumn or spring season and do not attend the summer meeting, then they will keep buying 15 hours on average for every quarter spend.  

At the end of the day, if a student have a partnership in his/her second year, the cosmetic requirements that come with it in their teens will be the standard 3.0 LIFE GPA, and they will receive a total 45 hours of school loan (plus AP and double.  enrollment courses).  

If the student agree to participate in the interim facility / space plan during middle school year, then his/her will be awarded a 75 hour total income after the end of that school year.

Summer Training

Summer (non-medical) courses taken on any basis (in the state or abroad) may be used against the need for a loan hour.  All courses taken at Clemson or another Life qualified qualification in the state or outside the state will affect your LIFE GPA.  

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However, do note that a scholar’s LIFE GPA cannot be recalculated until the actual records are obtained and processed by the Student Registry Office.

Full-time Requirements Or Retirement

Getting a LIFE Scholarship or other financial guidance can affect a student’s eligibility for assistance, whether one is gaining full-time status or is retiring altogether.  Under certain circumstances, leaving the university may require the student to pay some or all of the tuition fees received.  

But before taking this step, one should contact the Student Financial Services Office (G-08 Sikes Hall) to determine the impact of the given financial responsibilities.


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