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Emotional Love Messages For Her (Best For Lovers, Girlfriend & Wives)

Love is the most beautiful feeling in our life. It’s a feeling that makes you feel warm, safe, and secure. When you are in love, you can do anything for your lover , Compose countless Love messages for her, spend sleepless nights and have sleepless nights thinking about her.

Since love is the most potent force of nature, it should be adequately nourished and pampered. You can make your lover feel special by sending them love messages, which will make their day!

Sending a love message is the simplest way to express love. A love message can give your lover an idea about how much you care for them and love them!

There are many fantastic ways of expressing love, but sending a love message is one of the most effective methods to make your lover feel special and increase their love towards you.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been with someone; it always feels great when they say they love you back. The feeling of being in love is truly magical and makes everything better. It makes every problem seem small and insignificant compared to the feeling of being in love.

There are many ways that people like to express their feelings for each other but writing love messages is one of the best ways because it allows us to be creative and use words that would otherwise never come out of our

Why do you need to send her love messages?

– love messages make your loved one feel special and loved

– love messages keep the spark of love alive in a relationship

– love messages are very effective in expressing love for someone you care about

– love messages are simple, short, unique,, something unique, we; the easy, understand. Don’t hesitate to express it through a love message if you love someones. Your loved ones will feel happy and loved when they receive your lovely love messages. So start expressing your love for them today by sending them sweet love messages!

Here are some of the best examples of sweet love messages that you can send to your lover:


  1. The Department for the Missing Persons would like 6 to inform you someone is currently missing you; please send that person a message.
  2. If a kiss is a raindrop, send me a storm. If an embrace is a second, send me hours. If a smile is water, send me an ocean. If love is a person, send me YOURSELF! 
  3. I don’t know how to tell you this, but there has been grief inside me ever since YOU LEFT. I feel sad frequently. And it’s time to tell you your absence causes this sadness.
  4. You only realize you’re fond of someone, and you love them when that person leaves and takes the pieces of your shattered heart.
  5. I love your gaze when you look at me! I go crazy when you smile! When you kiss me, I feel in heaven – but I only realize how much  I need you when you’re not by my side.
  6. I’m sending you a greeting for no reason, so you have a good time, to keep your heart warm, and to remind you someone’s always thinking of you!
  7. I don’t feel so well; I need you to take my temperature and temper………………….. I just might feel better afterward.
  8. Wanted! The prettiest eyes ever have illegally crossed the borders of friendship, stolen my heart without permission, and were last seen in my dreams…
  9. I’m sending you two kisses straight from the heart – for you to keep as long as we’re apart!
  1. There’s something about you that attracts me. It might be the gaze, it might be the smile, and it might be your soul reflecting in your eyes! I’m not sure; I only know I miss you a lot!
  2. There are days when I don’t eat. There are days when I don’t go anywhere and days when I don’t go to work. But there isn’t a day I wouldn’t miss you and think about you…
  3. I need you like a rose, like a poet needs grief. Without you, I am nothing and everything with you. You are my hope; my soul needs you.
  4. Please accept this message from a romantic person, not very practical, a fantastic lover, who sometimes forgets about himself but is ALWAYS thinking of YOU!
  5. Hope is like the sky at night! It is never too dark to find at least one star.
  • It’s pleasant to think about you, even more, pleasant to hear from you, but to see you and embrace you is the most pleasant of all. That’s why I will call you right away to agree on when to meet so I can see you and hold you.
  1. Every fallen tear is for you, but I’m the happiest with you when all the tears are forgotten.
  2. I feel as high as a shooting star across the starlit sky with you. Good luck at work; I can be patient; give me a call when you have the
  3. time to rise again with me! I’m looking for the signpost to your heart.
  4. If you sincerely love someone, don’t leave them – that can hurt so much. The only consolation I have left is that we share the same sky, the same stars that protect us and watch over you. Hey, aren’t you forgetting something? What? Me?
  • Hello, my pretty flowers. I breathe and live for those short moments that will never last, and that’s the way it should be. This love of ours is like spices … not too little, not too much, but when you get used to them you can’t live without them!!! 
  1. When the rain falls over trees, and the drops are bounced to your body, I have to be with you. Otherwise, it makes me feel blue to wonder who’ll dry those raindrops for you.
  2. The wind howls through the streets, my gaze is lost somewhere up above, but my thoughts carry me to where I can feel your kiss.
  • When I need warmth – I remember your embrace. When I need consolation – I recall the feel of your kiss. When I need something beautiful – I have your eyes But the most beautiful moments are spent with YOU! 
  1. I hear your voice even if you don’t speak; I see your face even if you’re not here; I feel your touch even if you’re miles away; I dream of you night and day.


  • Take the time to love and be loved – it’s the privilege of gods. 
  • It gives me wings when you look at me; your smile takes me to paradise, your touch makes my heart race, but your kiss takes me to a heavenly place.
  1. Only people with open hearts receive love, only people who listen hear the wisdom, and only hot guys receive messages from me.
  2. You know how I feel about you: The devil would call it suffering in hell, the angels a heavenly joy but humans – we simply call it … love!!!
  3. Are you religious? Good, because I’m the answer to all of your prayers.
  4. When you’re with me, I feel a wave of passion; when you’re with me, the world is a better place; when you’re with me, you’re my only desire; when you’re with me within me,, there’s a fire.
  • Not so long ago, something unique happened, something unforgettable … my dreams became a reality… and it happened when I met you. 
  1. If someone asks you for advice on catching a dream, there’s only one answer … you have to believe in it first.
  2. I don’t love you because of your tender body, your passionate lips, or your gentle hands; I love you because you’re at once an angel and a devil. After all, you’re everything and nothing!!!
  3. You’re my treasure and my sea of hope, the golden dust that warms my soul and the happiness smiling at me.
  • I love pearls, the ones in your eyes; I love gold, the one in your heart, and most of all, I love wealth because that’s what your love is! 
  1. Gazing into your eyes, I can see the sun shining through. Your every step is flawless. Time stops when I hear your voice. I want you when I look at you.
  2. So many beautiful moments that are only dreams, so many beautiful days that go to waste; there are so many people but no one like you.
  3. There were many beautiful days, things … many kind people, but nothing and no one is more important to me than you!!!
  4. Many thoughts enter my mind. I want my dream of love to be by me even by day to ease my sorrows that come if she’s not there. It’s part of me; it’s YOU!
  5. Some dreams are more beautiful than others, some dreams last longer than others, and my most beautiful dream is writing this message right now.
  6. Chocolate? No! Candy? NOO! Honey? Not even close! Strawberry ice cream? No way! Just my luck, I’m tasting all of these things,
  7.  but I can’t find anything sweeter than you!
  8. What is love? It’s a blessing, a sheer, unexplainable joy, a miracle of life, the unusual enthusiasm, and the unbearable pain!
  9. Don’t ask the sun not to stop shinning; we still have the night. Don’t ask people to be immortal; there’s death. Don’t ask me to stop loving because there’s you!
  • All my desires reflect in my eyes. All of my dreams come true in your smiles. And when we’re together, we need no words.
  1. There in your eyes where the sun shines, that’s where my heart for you beats. It wants your gazes and hot kisses to hold your day, right. Will you let me take you to eternity?
  2. No, I can’t resist it anymore, your eyes draw me and I can no longer hide the yearning, the burning of my heart. It burns for you.
  3. YOU: A gentle thought of my heart, a drop in the middle of the ocean dark, a quiet song that drives away the pain, a twinkle that is shining in the rain, a ray of sunshine that caresses me – THIS AND MORE YOU ARE TO ME
  4. I want to be your blood so I can run through your veins, to run to your heart, to see if it has my name written on it.
  5. All the sweetness of our love I’ve only shared with skies above. But quietly, I also bear my secret pain and my despair! …
  6. It’s good to believe in birds soaring proudly through the sky, good to believe in the wind that whispers gentle songs of the heart. It’s good to believe in someone and their love for you!
  7. When the lights go out and the show comes down, when all that are here out of necessity leave, I take off the mask I’ve been carrying for days, and all that I’m left with are four walls and thoughts of you.
  8. The heart is where all is concealed and written. The heart knows what it may do and what not. The heart cries and laughs if it is full of love.
  9. I exist because of you; I live for you. Your embrace makes me go mad because I want you here so bad.
  10. I want to love you until the end of days; I hope we stay together through life’s maze!!!
  11. We should get to know each other, let life take its course, and feelings flee before control, so let us give in to their flow. And I want to clarify how I need you, my dear.
  12. The heart is not an object; it’s not a song; the something heart is life and, if you know how to live it, life is LOVE!
  13. You give me hope because you’ve shown me that happiness in love exists. You make the sunshine in the winter; you make the stream run into the river.… With you, I can be happy.
  14. I’ve written your name in the sky with stardust, and the stars only left behind three words: I LOVE YOU!
  15. Whatever is going on, you can always choose love. You can always choose to love. That’s your greatest freedom. Freedom is what nobody can take away from you.
  16. Some days last longer than others. Some clouds are more excellent than others. Some dreams are more beautiful than others, and my most beautiful dream is reading this message right now.
  17. I can’t love you eternally, for I’m not eternal, but I will love you for the part of eternity we call life.
  18. Sometimes you make me laugh, sometimes you bring tears to my eyes, sometimes my nights are filled with dreams of you because there’s no angel like you.
  • Make sure you get what you can love, or you will be forced to love what you have! You are the wealth of my life, all my desires and longings, my hope to make sense of these moments, the ruler of my emotions, a miracle amid a cruel reality, a ray of sun in the dark, and I want you to know you mean a lot to me. 
  1. The spark in your deep blue eyes has sparkled the strength of our lives. Let it shine, let it glow; let it honor me with its warmth.
  2. There’s nothing more beautiful in the world than to hear your voice. There’s nothing more beautiful than to kiss your face; there’s no-look as beautiful as the one in your eyes, nothing more beautiful than you in my heart!
  • If beauty were time, you would be an eternity. 
  • If you love me, don’t say a word to anybody. If you want me don’t give me to anybody. If you love me, love me tenderly. 
  • If sometimes you feel there’s no way forward, that you’re losing hope in people and yourself, remember there’s someone who loves you and thinks of you.
  • I feel such love only for you, and it rises past the stars above. I know you’re just my dream, but know I will fight for it!! 
  1. Now that you’re here, it’s like a dream; I want you more and more, entice me, I want your lips. Seduce me, my love, like no one ever has before.
  2. If I caught a goldfish that fulfills three wishes, I would wish for these three things never to pass: Your smile, your gaze, your kiss.
  3. Gazing into your eyes, I can see the sun shining through. Your every step is flawless. Time stops when I hear your voice. I want you when I look at you.
  4. Love is hope, love is madness, and love is what makes the beauty of youth timeless!!
  5. If LILIES smell sweet, if DOLPHINS are intelligent, if STUNTMEN are daring, and if the MALDIVES are stunning, then what are YOU, for you are all of that?????
  6. It is good to know you exist in my life; it doesn’t matter when or why it is good to open my eyes and feel you’re somewhere!!!
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  1. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY! This SMS cost me 8 cents + VAT + 3 min of writing + 40 seconds to send, and when you add all that up, DON’T SAY I NEVER THINK OF YOU!!!
  2. Advice: WATCH OUT, a request: DON’T CHANGE, a lie: I DON’T LOVE YOU, a truth: I LOVE YOU!!!
  3. O o o O O o O o o O O o o O O O o o O o O o o O O o o O O o O o o O O o o O O O o o O o O o o O I think your mobile phone just drank a whole bottle of champagne!
  4. This message was sent from space millions of years ago to find the kindest and sweetest person on the planet! Mission accomplished.
  5. A virus is spreading around the world called a smile: oo, I can already see it on your face – you’ve been infected by someone who’s thinking of you!!
  6. I want to tell you something. I don’t like you!! But you should also know I’ve never uttered such a nasty lie before in my life.
  7. Hey ……. wanna know what I’m doing …… really …… well, I’m thinking of you like an idiot, and I’m waiting for you to come here and kiss me… well…come on…I’m waiting:)
  8. I think it’s about time I tell you what they’re saying behind your back! AAA, what a booty!
  9. Some people say a kiss is a sin, but if it weren’t legal, lawyers wouldn’t allow it, if it weren’t sacred, the priests wouldn’t do it, if it weren’t modest, it wouldn’t be shared with the girl’s flowers, if it weren’t abundant people would never kiss.
  • If you don’t send me an SMS in 25 seconds, of which 15 are already gone, and if I don’t get it in 10 seconds which have already passed, you owe me 100 kisses and 24 hours of sex. 
  • Don’t despair: if you can’t be a good example, you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.
  • Spring is here. Butterflies are doing it, the bees are doing it, and the birds are doing it. Are we going to do it as well? Forget it; humans can’t fly! 
  • Something must be wrong with my eyes because I can’t look away from you.
  • I’ve been watching you constantly via satellite. Don’t believe me? Do you want me to tell you what you’re doing right now? You’re reading a message, you’re thinking of me, and you have a slight smile on your face. Am I right? 
  • I’m a freelance gynecologist. When was the last time you had a checkup? 
  • I’ve been thinking about this for a long time; I think it’s time to tell you and ask you; I confess, I’m interested infinitely in how you will accept this and reply. –HOW ARE YOU?
  1. Old age doesn’t protect you from love. But love protects you from getting old.
  2. The police kindly ask you to wear dark sunglasses day and night after receiving this message because it’s been found out your eyes have been stealing hearts all over town!!!
  3. What must we do for our sins to be forgiven? First, we must sin.
  • Hey, listen. I’m in a hospital. Don’t worry; it’s nothing serious. The doctors found kidney stones, a festering lump in my throat, and you in my heart.
  1. You say you love flowers – but you pick them. You say you love the wind – but you close windows to hide from it. And I’m afraid because you say you love me. I just have to tell you: l… l…l… I can’t say it. Here it comes l… l…l… It’s going to blow you away! Are you sure you can handle it? Ok, here we go. Look behind you! There’s a cannibal hot on your heels.
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  1. Happiness is first shown in the eyes because they make YOUR  smiles blaze up in the brightest shines.
  2. There’s no sweeter happiness in the heart than beautiful memories of the past; leaves fade, flowers die, laughter grows silent, but a beautiful memory never fades away; it shines in the heart like a sunset glow.
  3. There is no feeling more angelic than daydreaming, no more profound truth than friendship, and nothing more heavenly than the feeling of being loved.
  4. I often look into the blue sky. I ask myself if that’s where love comes from. A small star answers quietly, there’s no happiness for me without you….
  5. Every moment of happiness creates its immortality. Let’s forge an endless number of such moments together, and we’ll stay immortal for each other.
  6. Wishes are like sparks covered with ashes – uncover the ashes, and they start to rekindle…
  7. There is light and darkness in every person. One cannot exist without the other… How would we know love if we hadn’t tasted hate?
  8. Happiness is composed of fragments – short, quickly forgotten moments like a kiss, a smile, a friendly gaze, sincere praise…


  1. There are days and moments full of happiness and grace when we close our eyes in joy and wish they do not fade without a trace.
  2. Look into the stars, and you will see the future. Look into your heart, and you just might find me. Look into the phone and see who’s constantly thinking of thee.
  3. A kiss for a brighter day and another for my love to convey:**
  4. When morning breaks and the sun gently caresses you, it shines on your lips to tell you our love is true. Lost in dreams, like an eternity it seems… …we feel our hearts beat – our love is now complete.
  5. Wake up….wake up….wake up….wake up….wake up THINKING OF ME already! Oh, so you’ve received a message, and now, you think someone’s thinking of you… Well, nobody misses you, nobody’s thinking of you, and nobody loves you………………. MORE THAN I DO!!!
  6. Tell me, the little snowflake on my palm, if love is as short as a winter’s day? Is happiness merely a fleeting instant, like a melting snowflake?


  1. When the night spreads its wings, I’m thinking of a lot of things. You indeed are the one that, to my mind, springs. The thought of you appeases me since there is someone out there who wants to be with me.
  2. When the stars are revealed, and the moon wakes, for your company, my heart aches; that’s when I again admit I truly need you, indeed!
  3. The streetlights are already on. Each light is a single kind of thought intended for you. If you don’t believe me – take a look!
  4. In the sky, a star is burning, watching over you and saying someone is yearning; in a place, nearby someone’s not tired; she’s lying awake and wants you to know you’re desired!
  5. Look above and pick a star – I’m sitting there and wishing you GOOD NIGHT from afar! Hey, shhh! You see that bright little star glittering? Don’t tell anyone, but I want you to have it. Only a moment now, and it will blink just for you… Pleasant dreams!
  6. When your eyes close, I want you to dream of the prettiest things, and when you awaken, please listen, since the morning of my love sings.
  7. You never know how many stars are shining in your name as you can never know how many hearts are beating only for you! But know this; you will always exist for someone!
  8. When the sun fades, and darkness kisses the earth, about a cluster of stars awakes from afar and gives you nights without par.
  9. Let the night bring you a thousand kind thoughts, and let the dreams bring a kiss to your lips. Let the morning bring a new beginning and the feeling of being loved.
  10. When an angel opens a window in Heaven and asks me: What do you wish for today? I say: Dear angel, please protect the person reading this message.
  11. Have a pleasant dream. I hope they’re of a lyrical theme, and when you’re awakened by the sun, I want you to remember you’re my number one.
  12. The night is spreading its wings, a fairy comes, and pleasant dreams bring; she will whisper in your ear three particular words for you to hear: I love you.
  13. Let the night embrace you in my name, and when the lights go out, I want you to think of me as your dame; let my embrace warm you, and my kiss delight you, too. It may not last forever, but may your life be ever happy.
  14. The end of the day is drawing nigh, the night is falling, and the moon and the stars are
  15. already smiling in the sky. And that’s when it occurs that sleep my eye prefers though still, I am awake enough to wish you a good night.
  16.  When night falls and the moon calls, my thoughts want to reach out through these walls without success as someone is so strong, they race to him as his thralls. Again I will fall asleep thinking of you.
  17. A new and bright day is breaking. It will bring new worries but also joy. But now it’s time to sleep – an angel will take you deep. Someone wishes you a pleasant dream.
  18. When you’re looking at the starlit sky at night, and I’m not near, know I’m watching you through the eyes of the moon, and part of me is always by you!!!
  19. Let the night angel silently cover you with wings, kiss you gently and close those dreamy eyes of yours, and whisper silently, “GOOD NIGHT” in my name.


  1. What I am and what you are all comes together in our friendship; everything I give, I receive, the strength inside me arises, born from the deepest of emotion. Let’s not let it fade.
  2. When the sun is alight, don’t try to fight! But when the sun is gone, I want you to keep shining on. Life without humor is boring. Life without courage is frightening. Life without love is simply horrible. And life without friends like YOU is empty.
  3. One thousand tears in my eyes, 1000 tears for wishes not granted; there isn’t much love that would be felt through and through, but there are even fewer real friends like you! When you’re alone, deserted, and depressed when tears are running down your cheeks and when all the solitude breaks you, I will be there for you, for my name is FRIEND!
  4. Friends are like angels who lift you above when your wings become too weak!


  1. I wish not a rose’s life for you for it is too short. I wish not a star’s life for you for it is too long. I wish you a life of your own with the beauty of a rose and the splendor of a star.
  2. Believe in what you want, for only what you give up in life is lost… Only wish for one thing: not to love the lost and not lose the loved!
  3. Gather all the beautiful moments and bind them. Let the bond be as strong as an oak. Let it be as endless as the universe and as extraordinary as you are.
  4. The night is gone, a day is breaking, and the bright dawn has announced your BIRTHDAY.
  5. A kiss for your birthday and another one to express my love.
  6. Since I cannot shake your hand, a new scheme has to be planned; I’m sending you a message wishing you all the best straight from my heart!***
  7. There are many things you desire and many things you remember… There are modest words that mean a lot and friendships that last… You’re … only once in your life. Let the flowers of joy litter your path… And let there be a smile on your face forever more…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY…
  8. I want to congratulate you, shake your hand, want to hold you, and wish you many happy and healthy years.
  9. I want to give you the sun and the stars, but the only thing I can give is myself…
  10. Life can be beautiful, and it can be bitter, but it’s always worth living. Happy birthday!
  11. When the festive lights go out, I miss you when I love you… When there is nothing in the world and no one, only you and me, and a sense of feeling happy.
  12. Peace in your soul, love in your heart, and a good dose of health should follow you around!
  13. Life is love; enjoy it, life is a challenge, face it, life is a song, sing it, life is a dream, realize it, life is a game, play it, life has a goal, and I want you to achieve it!
  14. Happiness is not a product of science or technology. It depends on whether we love and are loved and on many beautiful free things. Life is receiving – though that’s not enough. For real friendship, one must also give, suffer, but be happy simultaneously.
  1. To understand the actual value, you have to share it with someone. If you cannot have something, learn to live without it and search for what you can accomplish.
  2. Beauty is enchanting but fades too quickly while a good heart will glitter forever.
  3. Life is a game you can only enjoy if played passionately with body, spirit, and mind.
  4. To the far stretches of the world and the gloomy depths of the sea, to the vast heights of the sky, kindness reaches, if it’s from the heart.
  5.  There’s no happiness if you don’t share it and no life if you don’t live it! Every moment is only given once – seize it, or it will take flight!
  6. Each person is a world on its own, strange yet beautiful, like a star one silently matures in the sky, slowly and year by year … but everywhere you go, every path has to be begun anew.
  7. There are two things important in life: Knowledge and love. Knowledge gives one greatness and love perfection.
  8. The spring is coming, the time of love, delight, joy, and sunny days. Snowdrops, daffodils, and tulips are already blooming and are inviting us happily. Experience the joy of spring, for you only live once.
  9. Whatever you’re doing, do it from the heart.
  10. Life is an eternal DANCE…
  11. What is the point of beauty if one cannot see it?
  12. Life is a struggle; happiness is scarce. Never lose courage in a fight, never give in and always keep in mind there’s a heart be
  13. There’s a time to give. There’s a time to take. There’s a time to give. They say time heals wounds. And there is a time when you cannot help but think back…
  14. Love is a thing; I don’t care for others since you and your beautiful eyes are in my heart!
  15. I love the wrong person. But still, I’m haunted by a thought…. One cannot love the wrong person because love is such a big gift there can be no wrong one.
  16. You have me on the palm of your hand, you read me like an open book, you know the things I don’t even realize, and you tell me what I’m afraid to admit.
  17. Thank you for being here when I’m down; thank you for helping me get rid of my frown; thank you for being here when there’s no one around; thank you for making everything seem easy; thank you for thinking of me even when I’m not there; thank you for simply being … YOURSELF!
  18. Love is a river that doesn’t return; the memory of love is paid with a hopeless yearn.
  19. I don’t love you for what you are, but for what you make me when I’m with you. I don’t only love you for what you’ve done with yourself, but for what you’re making out of me. I love you for doing more than any religion to make me good and more than fate would do to make me happy. This, you’ve done without a touch, without a word, without a sign. You managed this by being yourself. Maybe this is what being a friend is all about.
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  1. By Article 25, 2nd Decree, 3rd paragraph of Item 6 of the Sex Act, I at this moment sentence you to a life in prison – in my bed. No appeal against the sentence may be submitted.
  2. Enter PIN: Enter PIN:*Enter PIN:**Enter PIN:***Enter PIN:****INCORRECT PIN!!! No sex today!!!
  • Warning! Radioactive message! In ordinary people, it causes blindness; in intelligent people, it causes deafness, and in the sexually insatiable, it brings a smile to their faces. Are you smiling? 
  • What has 150 teeth and keeps a tiger caged? My zipper. 
  1. You’re 60% sure I like you, 70% sure I want to get together, 80% sure I’m in love, 90% sure I want to make love to you, but you’re 100% sure it’s all true.
  2. Who has made love from love knows such moments when two hearts harmonize in heavenly ineffability. There are six stages in an orgasm: ASTHMATIC: oh, oh; GEOGRAPHIC: here; MATHEMATIC: more, more; RELIGIOUS: oh my god; SUICIDAL: I’m dying: HOMICIDAL: I’ll kill you if you stop!
  3. It’s nice to live, but it’s even nicer to be with a hottie to have sex with.
  4. The absolute dominance of positive aspects of your individual is manifested in my psycho- physic constellation … to make things simple … you make me horny!!!
  5. If you know what for and why then and what is more important than where and when.
  6. I’m a black panther; elegant, dangerous, and cruel. And you are my tigress, seducing, greedy, and wild. Together, we’re elegantly seducing, dangerously insatiable, and wildly cruel.
  7. News from the tax office: good sex will be taxed highly. Man, you’re lucky; you’ll be redeemed!
  8. Did you know 34 muscles are active during a kiss, 18 calories are wasted, and endorphin is released massively into the system? Want to lose some weight?
  9. He llo! I’ve been calling you for a few days now, but every time I call, there’s a response: SUBSCRIBER IS CURRENTLY HAVING SEX; PLEASE CALL LATER!
  • Pulse: 200, pressure: 190/80, mental condition: depression, concentration: gone, desire: immeasurable, diagnosis: addiction to you, therapy: sex with you. SAVE ME!
  • What do a vibrator and soy have in common? They’re both a meat substitute!! 
  1. The goal of every revolution is to ravage the old. The goal of the sexual revolution is to ravage the young.
  2. A good lover is like a detergent. It’s quickly activated; it penetrates deeply, leaves no stains, smells nice, and doesn’t cost much.
  3. EVENT: a crime; WHEN: soon; WHERE: your bed;  VICTIM: you; PERPETRATOR: me; MOTIVE: passion; SUGGESTION: enjoy; REASON: urge. Love is the name; sex is the game. Forget the name and play the game!
  • Words begin with … A B C numbers begin with … 1 2 3 music begins with … do re mi but fantastic sex begins with you & me!!
  1. Sex is a sensation caused by temptation when a man puts his location in a woman’s destination. Do you get my explanation, or do you need a demonstration?!
  2. SEX is like: NOKIA (connecting people); NIKE (just do it); PEPSI (ask for more); SAMSUNG (everyone is invited) & like ME (too good to be TRUE)
  3. I’ve lost my teddy bear, I have bad dreams, I’m afraid of the dark, and I even walk in my sleep … so; he easye easy I was wondering … would you sleep with me?

Watch Video | Best Love Songs For Her 2022


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