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Marshall Scholarship  Application 2023 | Every Information On How To Apply

Marshall Scholarship  


Are you hoping to apply for the Marshall Scholarship program, but you don’t have much information about it? 

Are you a young American with excellent ability hoping to study in the United Kingdom, and you want to apply for a Marshall scholarship? It will help if you read this article to the end of your answer to all these questions. It Is yes.

I will provide all information you will need concerning this program in this article. The best thing you will do for yourself now is to make sure you read this to the end, and you will be happy you did

About The Scholarship

Marshall scholarships help several young American students with outstanding abilities to study for a degree in the United Kingdom. 

More than 45 students are selected every year to study in any university in the Uk in any course of their choice. The goal of the scholarship was to strengthen the Special Relationship between the two countries for “the good of mankind in this turbulent world.” 

Created in 1953, the parliament of the United Kingdom established it as a form of appreciation for the excellent work of the Secretary Of States George C. Marshall during World War 2. 

The main objective of this scholarship is to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, which is why the British government fully funds the scholarship. 

Similarities and differences between Marshall scholarship and other scholarships 

If you have to pay attention to the selection criteria, the Marshall Scholarship is most similar to the American Rhodes Scholarship and the Fulbright Program.

Both Fulbright and Marshall Scholars can study at any university in the UK. Still, under Fulbright, applicants compete in separate pools for 43 specified universities of varying selectivity, except for two awards tenable at any university.

If you have to pay attention to the set setup structure, the Marshall Scholarship is more flexible than the Rhodes Scholarship. This is because as a Marshall Scholar, you can study at any British university, and you can also attend a different university each year during your tenure. 

Also, as a Marshall Scholars, you must be an American citizen, while Rhodes scholarships are given to citizens of more than ten countries. In the process, the Marshall Scholarship is approximately as selective as the Rhodes and Mitchell Scholarships. 

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How to Apply for the scholarship


First of all, you will have to create an account on the official website of the Marshall scholarship. Make sure you keep your account details as you might need them to process your application for more than one season.

The next thing is to fill out the application form and submit it to your undergraduate institution who will ensure that it’s complete and decide whether to approve it or not. If the institution supports it, they will attach the letter of approval with the form, then submit it to the appropriate regional committee.

The Tenure 

You can only apply for either a one year Marshall scholarship which lasts for 12 months(1 academic year) and can not be extended, or a two-year program which lasts for 22 months but can be extended by the commission based on some solid reasons and the extension can not go beyond the third academic season. 

You will be disqualified immediately after you apply for the two at the same time.

Guidelines of Application For The Scholarship

Note that you are only allowed to apply in one region, either from your permanent home address, place of residence, or where you are studying. Once you use it in more than one region, you will be automatically disqualified.

You must submit your form online, and it must be approved by the President, provost, several designated staff of your undergraduate institution, or academic dean of your undergraduate institution. You must submit the application on or before 5 pm in the time zone of your endorsing institution on September 28th, 2023. Then it will be processed by your endorsing institution for submission. You won’t be able to make any changes after it’s submitted.

The last stage of application submission must include three letters of recommendation and a letter of endorsement. It must be submitted online by your endorsing institution. It must be received at the regional centre on or before 5 pm on September 30th, 2023, in the time zone where the institution that endorsed you is located. 

Then you will be able to track your application progress online

What The Marshall Award Sponsor

  • University fees
  • Cost of living expenses
  • Annual book grant
  • Thesis grant
  • Research and daily travel grants
  • Fares to and from the United States
  • Creating help to support a dependent spouse.

Number of awards

About 50 Scholars are awarded every year.

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Marschall Acceptance Rate

About 4 percent of students that apply are accepted annually

It has received nearly 1,000 applications in recent years and is one of the most selective graduate scholarships for Americans. The acceptance rate is around 4 percent, In 2015 it was as low as 3.2%

Objectives Of The Scholarship

  • To enable intellectually outstanding young Americans to become their country’s future administrator and study in the UK.
  • To help you gain an understanding and appreciation of contemporary Britain.
  • To improve scholars’ understanding of science and technology, empathy towards humanity, and knowledge in social sciences and the creative arts at Britain’s centres of academic excellence.
  • To encourage you to act as representative from the US to the UK and vice versa throughout your lives, this, in turn, will improve the British-American relationship.
  • To foster the personal and academic excellence of every scholar.

 Marshall scholarships GPA

The Marshall Scholarship strengthens the relationship between the US and the UK. You will be evaluated using academic excellence, leadership features, and your potential to act as an emissary between the USA and the UK from the time of scholarship and for the rest of your life. 

To be a successful candidate, you must have an exceptional academic record because the average GPA of Marshall Scholars in recent years has been 3.8. 

You must have outstanding preparation for the proposed field of study and a proven capacity for leadership with a demonstrated ability and drive to get things done and achieve results under any given conditions. 

To be one of the strongest applicants means you are talented, exceptional, brilliant, and honoured through other awards or recognitions. 

 Selection Standard

Suppose you are thinking of applying for the Marshall scholarship program, first of all. In that case, you need to consider the objectives of the Program, as well as review the Candidate Evaluation Criteria.

You need to be aware that the selection committees will pick candidates who can excel as scholars, leaders, and contributors to improve and strengthen the relationship between the UK-US. 

The selection standards are divided into three different but equally essential categories:

  • Academic Merit: this has to do with whether your writing shows proof of outstanding thinking ability and the ability to explain your point of view about several matters without getting things more complicated. Also, do you have a solid academic background and any evidence of high-level performance (merits, scholarships, awards, etc.)? Lastly, it has to do with how excellent your recommendations are. 
  • Leadership Potential: this has to do with your ability to get things done under any circumstances. It bothers whether you can get results from the leadership position, be it through organising or inspiring others. Is there any evidence that you can lead a set of people to achieve a common goal? Can you assume a position of influence in your field of study? Are you goal-driven, creative, and possess the desire to work for society? Is there any instance where your involvement in a course brought about a positive U-turn? 
  • Ambassadorial Potential: this has to do with understanding the relationship between the UK and the US. It also has to do with your ability to interact and form alliances with people from different countries/cultures. It also has to do with your ability to spot opportunities. 
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To be eligible For The Scholarship.


Dominant universities in the scholarship program 

Right from 2005, the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, University College London, University of Edinburgh, King’s College London, and Imperial College London almost always dominated the list of preferred universities selected by both the applicants and the actual students chosen for the scholarship. 

These nine institutions almost always dominate the choice of destinations of eventually selected Scholars. That aside, Scholars have attended a series of universities throughout the UK, many of which are ranked among the best in the world.

In 2015, there were 69 Marshall Scholars in residence at British universities, during this time, there were 27 scholars at the University of Oxford, 17 at the University of London, this includes another 5, each at the London School of Economics and King’s College London, and one at University College London), 13 at the University of Cambridge, and four at Imperial College London. Forty-six out of these scholars studied arts and social sciences, while 23 studied science, engineering, or mathematics.



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