Northeastern Acceptance Rate 2026 – 2022 Early & Regular Decision Stats, Tuition & Requirements

Northeastern University which is located in the heart of Boston, is at the forefront of innovation in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, technology, and education. Despite its location in the heart of the city, the campus is known as an arboretum because of its numerous trees and wide natural spaces.

According to the Northeastern University 2018 admission Statistics, a total application of 62,272 was received out of which, 12,042 of the total applicants were admitted. The institution is known for its innovative teaching methods and for its global links that extend beyond the Boston campus. Northeastern is also ranked first because of its large number of international students and commitment to diversity.

Northeastern Acceptance Rate

The Average Northeastern University Acceptance rate is 18%. This is admission rate differs per each incoming class. For every 100 applicants, only 18 are admitted.

This indicates that the school is quite selective. It’s critical to meet their GPA and SAT/ACT standards in order to go past their initial round of filters and demonstrate your academic preparation. Your chances of getting in are almost nil if you don’t match their requirements.

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Does Northeastern University Require GRE For Fall 2022?

Elective Standardized Testing: Northeastern University is GRE test-optional for the 2022-2023 academic year and does not require applicants to submit systematic testing to be evaluated for admission.

Northeastern 2025 incoming class Acceptance Rate

Entering ClassTotal Application ReceivedAdmittedAcceptance Rate
Northeastern  Early Decision (ED1)1900100053%.
Northeastern Early Action (EA)38000750020%

Northeastern University GPA Requirements

Many schools stipulate a minimum GPA requirement, however, this is frequently the bare minimum to submit an application without being rejected right away.

The only GPA criterion that matters is the one that will allow you to have a realistic chance of getting in. We do this by looking at the school’s current students’ average GPA.

The average GPA at Northeastern University is 4.04.

Northeastern University SAT and ACT Requirements

You must take either the SAT or ACT to submit an application to Northeastern University. More importantly, you need to do well to have a strong application.

Northeastern University’s average SAT composite score is 1465 on a 1600-point scale.

Northeastern University is Strongly Competitive for SAT test results with this score.

Northeastern University SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT): The 25th percentile New SAT score is 1390, and the 75th percentile New SAT score is 1540. In other words, a 1390 on the New SAT places you below average, while a 1540 will move you up to above average.

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Northeastern University’s average ACT score is 34. Northeastern University is Extremely Competitive for ACT Scores with this score.

The ACT score for the 25th percentile is 32, and the ACT score for the 75th percentile is 35.

Admission Rate and Academic Statistics

  • Graduation rate: 83%
  • Acceptance rate: 27%
  • Average Undergraduate enrollment: 13,666 (Statistics from 2017–2018)
  • Average annual cost Before aid: $70,592
  • After aid: $29,748 (Aids mostly from grants and scholarships)

Undergraduate Student Demographics

  • Total Application entry by States: 50 States
  • Application Entry by Countries: 110 Countries
  • International Applicants: 17%
  • Asian American Applicants: 27%
  • Hispanic Applicants: 11%
  • African American Applicants: 8%
  • Native American Applicants: 4%

Admission Distribution of freshmen by region

  • New England Students: 17%
  • Mid-Atlantic Students: 27%
  • International Students: 16%
  • West Students: 15%
  • South Students: 14%
  • Midwest Students: 5%
  • Other (U.S. Territory/International Students): 5%

Top Northeastern University Majors

Northeastern University offers 92 undergraduate majors and 142 combined majors. Some of the top Acceptance rate majors include:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Bio-engineering
  • All Engineering Majors
  • Arts Majors
  • Business Majors
  • Health Professions majors
  • Humanities majors
  • Protective Services majors
  • Science, Technology, and Math Majors
  • See All Northeastern University undergraduate majors

How to Apply for Admission at Northeastern?

  • Firstly, you will have to create your application profile via the Common Application or the Coalition Application.
  • After creating your application, select Northeastern University to submit your application to Northeastern University.
  • The total application fee is $75 or a need-based fee waiver.
  • Admission Application Website:
  • Secondly: Make sure you check to ensure that you have submitted all the required documents and materials as stated.
  • Your application will only be reviewed when all the required materials and documents have been received.
  • Thirdly: To be sure that all your necessary documents have been submitted, kindly visit your application status checker to see the complete information and updates on your application status.
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Yes, Northeastern admissions is very selective and hard to get into with an acceptance rate of 18%. Students that get into Northeastern have an average SAT score between 1390-1540 or an average ACT score of 32-35. 

The Average Northeastern University Acceptance rate is 18%. This is admission rate differs per each incoming class. For every 100 applicants, only 18 are admitted.

The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at Northeastern University is 4.04 scale.

The worst thing about Northeastern is the enormous cost. It’s a great school to attend, especially because of the cooperative education work program, and Boston is an awesome city to go to school in, but it is very expensive and the average student is bound to leave with large amounts of loans.

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