Northwestern Medical School – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, and More

Chicago’s Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University remains a top destination in the United States for many aspiring many aspiring medical practitioners. This prestigious medical school was established in 1859 as Northwestern University Medical School before it was renamed to Feinberg School of Medicine in 2002.

Nonetheless, the school prides itself as a learning institution passionate about creating sound minds in the medical sector. The medical school also engages students in community service as well as allow them to work hand-in-hand with other medical experts in its clinic.

This academic institution is also home to many prominent centres including the  Neurosciences Institute, biomedical research center, and Cardiovascular Research Center.

However, the biomedical research center which was established in 2019 stands out. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and comes with several research opportunities as well as projects.

More so, the school has an advantage due to its location. Chicago is one of best cities for medical students as it is home to many research institutions, clinical service providers, communal engagement among a host of others.

Its emphasis on teamwork allows students to interact with each other, share, ideas, and boost innovation.

Northwestern Medical School Acceptance Rate

One of the concerns of a majority of students, especially medical scholars is acceptance rate. Most medical schools comes with a very low acceptance rate hence are competitive and hard to get into. In this case, we’ll be taking a look at Northwestern Medical School acceptance rate.

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The acceptance rate of this school, on the average, is 2% and may climb up to 2.3% for some academic year. This is mainly influenced by the number of applicants in the application cycle.

However, this is not the only criteria for gaining admission to study in this prestigious American school. Other factors like undergraduate research and teaching experience also plays an important role.

This is what we mean: in 2021, 98% of scholars who applied for Northwestern Medical School participated in undergraduate research during their hunt for the bachelor of science degree. Another statistics also has that 152 out of 160 students who got an experience in teaching wee also admitted (in still that same year).

Overall, the school looks for candidate who can demonstrate diverse learning capacity and skills. Applicants who included many interests during application are more likey to be admitted than those who didn’t care enough to do so.

Moreover, the school’s admissions council watches out for a variety of practical background knowledge and this spans to those of undergraduate coursework. Do note that this is needed in extension to the mandatory pre-medical science courses.

Even so, if you happen to do some programs in area of social sciences and humanities, then you are more likely to be favoured and given admission.

Another important point to bite is that students are required to have complete extensive clinical work and this should be done before application. The prestigious American school claims that majority of its students have undergone “200-300 hours of volunteer or work experience in hospitals or in other clinical settings”.

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Northwestern Medical School Tuition

Northwestern Medical School is not a free educational establishment hence charges tuition fees. Note that its recent tuition is $66,096 but this amount can rise to $100k for all study expenses in an academic year.

One good thing is that the Northwestern Medical School simplifies the tuition charges; dividing it into insurance expenses, and other costs for each year of the program. Another expenses that is there is that charged during the intervening months, estimating costs for private costs, books, and transport expenses.

According to Northwestern Medical School, 72% its students are funded by the school. On top of this, several financial aid opportunities including scholarships abound for students to take advantage of.

Additionally, once you got admitted to study in this American school, you’ll be privileged to be receive merit-based scholarships offer administered through the Office of Admissions.

Varieties of scholarships and grants demonstrate how medical prospects this prestigious school utilize financial aid schemes together with Stafford loans as well as several other financial supports to minimize study expenses.

Also note that on the course of being admitted by the school, you’ll be needed to provide your credit information as well as that of FAFSA information. This is demanded in order to reduce the eligibility for your chosen program. 

For scholars who are married whose spouses are not students, above twenty-six years, or masters there is no need to present proof of parent/guidance financial statement.

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Also, it is important to note that several students generally finish this American Medical school with debt below $200k. This is quite below the mean debt for medical scholars running private programs. On top of this, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that that yearly earnings a majority of medical practitioners is more than $200k per an um hence the debt is more justifiable and less discouraging.

Northwestern Medical School Ranking

One of the most important factors to watch out for in every school is ranking. Through this, scholars will be able to ascertain the quality of education the school they are applying for parades.

In this case, Northwestern Medical School stalemates with the University of Michigan at the 15th spot in terms of medical research universities across the country.

This American school also ranks among the best 40 in terms of Primary Care. Its Memorial’s neurology, geriatrics, cancer, and cardiology departments ranks among the best 10 United States hospitals. 

Even so, the school’s obstetrics and gynecology program sits among the top 5 across the nation.

Moreover, the Lurie Children’s Hospital is among the best 10 in terms of cardiology, neonatology, and urology.


This post deals on Northwestern Medical School and its acceptance rate, ranking, and tuition. What are your thoughts?

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