Oklahoma State University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements

Oklahoma State University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements: The complete guide.

Studying in the United States can be a dream come true for many aspiring scholars and the Oklahoma state University is a simple route to achieve just that.

Located in the vibrant city of Oklahoma, this educational establishment is rooted in a strong culture of academic excellence. The city of Oklahoma alone is one of the largest educational hubs – hosting a high population of students.

This is as a result of the many schools and universities located in the area. 

Nevertheless, Oklahoma State University is home to many undergraduate and postgraduate degree study options. These fields of academic disciplines are offered at quality and some of these courses ranks among the best in the country.

Moreover, lectures and tutors handling the teaching process in the school are reliable, credible, and experienced. On top of this, classes are customised because of the university’s small student-to-faculty ratio. 

This makes it easy for students to bond well the lecturers and possibly get key industry insights from them.

The school also focuses on practical and display commitment through its state-of-the-art educational facilities and standard laboratory equipment.

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Oklahoma State University Academic Programs 

Oklahoma State University is has a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree study options. These fields of academic disciplines are offered via both part-time and full-time study mode.

One of the key highlights about the University is its quality of undergraduate and postgraduate study programs. To this end, some of these academic fields of discipline ranks among the best in the nation.

Nevertheless, here is the list of academic programs and courses offered by Oklahoma State University..




Administration and Operations

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Security Agribusiness

Agricultural Communications

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Education

Agricultural Leadership

Agricultural Systems Technology

Agronomic Business

American Studies

Animal Science

Applied Exercise Science

Architectural Engineering


Art History

Arts Administration

Aviation Management 

Beverage Management 


Biochemistry and Molecular 


Biology Biosystems Engineering

Business Economics and Quantitative Studies

Business Sustainability

Chemical Engineering


Child and Family Services

Civil Engineering

Commercial Bank Management I

Communication Sciences and Disorders Communications 

Community and Regional Analysis Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Construction Engineering Technology

Crop Production Management

Data Science 

Early Childhood Education


Economics – Arts & Sciences

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Technology

Elementary Education




Environmental Policy

Environmental Science

Event Management 

Extension Education 

External Reporting, Control, and Auditing 

Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Farm and Ranch Management 

Fashion Design and Production

Fashion Merchandising


Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology

Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology 

Food Science

Forest Ecology and Management 


General Business Geography


Geospatial Information Science

German Global Studies

Graphic Design


Horticultural Business 


Hospitality and Tourism Management

Human Resource 

Industrial Engineering and Management

Information Assurance option

Interior Design

Internal Reporting, Control, and Auditing International Agribusiness 

International Agricultural Leadership!

International Business

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Management 


tManagement Information Systems


Marketing Research and Analytics


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Medicinal and Biophysical Chemistry

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

Multidisciplinary Studies (Liberal Studies)

Multimedia Journalism


Music Education

Music Industry

Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Natural Resources Agribusiness 

Natural Resources 

Environmental Science 

Non-profit Management 

Nutritional Sciences




Plant and Soil Sciences

Plant Biology

Plant Biotechnology and Improvement I

Political Science




Professional Pilot 

Professional Selling and Sales Management 


Public Health

Public Horticulture 

Rangeland Ecology and Management Recreation Management and Recreational Therapy

Recreation Management 

Recreational Therapy

Secondary Education


Soil and Water Resources 


Sports Management 

Sports Media


Strategic Communication

Studio Art

Technical Service Management 


BA – Turf Management 

Urban Horticulture 

Water Resources 

Wildlife Ecology and Management 


Oklahoma State University Admission Requirements 

Oklahoma State University has certain admission requirements that should be met by students wishing to be part of the school.

This American University has the freshman “Freshman Admission Requirements” which requires Comprehensive Review and test optional.

Here are some key highlights about the university’s admission requirement…

  • Oklahoma State University has an acceptance rate of 67.1% hence it is a competitive educational establishment
  • This prestigious university demand one to have a grade point average of at least 3.0 and above –  this should be on the upper division scale.
  • Students are also expected to be among the top 33% best in their high school classes
  • The average test score requirement for ACT is 21 while 1060 is needed for that of SAT. Alternatively;
  • The average test score requirement for ACT is 24 while 1160 is required for that of SAT

Oklahoma State University Affordability and Tuition 

Affordability is one of the factors most scholars consider when choosing a university or school to study. The tuition charges of this American university is fairly affordable and are listed below;

Undergraduate – Per Academic Session 

In-State tuition charge: $13,920

Tuition and other expenses: $24,920

Oklahoma Resident – Per Academic Session

Out-of-State tuition charge: $29,449

Tuition and other expenses: $40,440

Out-Of-State Tuition – Per Academic Session 

International tuition charge: $29,440

Tuition and other expenses: $40,440

International Cost – Per Academic Session 

Graduate Tuition for Oklahoma residents: $19,610

Graduate Tuition for out-of-state Students: $29,940

Graduate Tuition for international Students: $33,100 for international

Graduate Cost Details

Veterinary Medicine: $38,380 for Oklahoma residents

$64,740 for out-of-state 

Note: Oklahoma State University offers lots of financial aid programs for students. These programs comes in form of Scholarships, grants, and bursaries.

Moreover, there is also plenty of options for student loans but this has to be repaid where as grant and scholarships are not to be paid back.


Studying in Oklahoma State University can be an adventure worth the effort. This prestigious American university is set in a student geographical space that is rooted in strong academic culture.

Also, it is one of the best universities in Oklahoma which is a major academic hub for scholars.

This post deals on Oklahoma State University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements.

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