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Oklahoma Wesleyan University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements


Oklahoma Wesleyan University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements: The complete guide.

Emarking on a journey to study in the united states can be somewhat stressful without being at the disposal of knowledge. 

Oklahoma Wesleyan University is an educational establishment that is located in the united states. 

This prestigious university is set in the city of Oklahoma which is one of the nation’s most versatile spaces in terms of student versatility and culture. 

There is also a presence of a substantial multinational student lifestyle – this is due to the fact that the school houses many schools and universities.

Nevertheless, Oklahoma Wesleyan University is home to many undergraduate and postgraduate degree study programs. 

These academic fields of discipline are rated excellent and some have been among the elites on ranking nationwide.

Moreover, this American school lay emphasis on critical thinking hence has lots of research facilities as well as opportunities.

This is done to drive innovation which is part of the school’s agenda. There is also an emphasis on practical as this prominent American University has showed commitment towards the cause.

The school has standard laboratory equipment and state-of-the-art educational facility to aid students to gain key insights on what is required of them by their respective industries.

Read on for more information on Oklahoma Wesleyan University Oklahoma Wesleyan University acceptance rate, tuition, courses & requirements

Oklahoma Wesleyan University Academic Programs

One big leverage a school can have is offering a large community of educational fields of disciplines. In extension, Oklahoma Wesleyan University has a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

These programs are excellently rated and offered at high quality. This is boosted by its collection of qualified, competent, and experienced tutors with insight on their various fields of expertise. 

Hence, students have the privilege to get close to these professional and even at a personal level – classes are customised due to the academic institution’s small student-to-faculty ratio.

Even so, there’s option to choose from part-time, full-time and distant learning option though the former is limited to a certain number of academic disciplines.

Nevertheless, here is the list of the various undergraduate and postgraduate academic disciplines offered by Oklahoma Wesleyan University;

Undergraduate (Major)

  • Accounting
  • Biblical & Theological Studies
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Business Communication
  • Chemistry
  • Christian Leadership & Apologetics
  • Criminal Justice
  • Digital Cinema
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Elementary Education
  • English
  • English Education
  • Exercise Science
  • Financial Services
  • General Science
  • Global Studies
  • Graphic Design and Strategy
  • Health and Physical Education
  • History and Political Science
  • Interdisciplinary Business
  • Letters (Honors)
  • Liberal Studies, Specialized
  • LPN to BSN
  • Management and Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Math Education
  • Mathematics
  • Music Business
  • Nursing
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Psychology
  • Social Studies Education
  • Sports and Recreation Leadership
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Marketing
  • Writing and Editing


Here are some of the minor undergraduate degree options offered by the school;

  • Scriptwriting
  • Digital Film Production & Lab
  • Faith and Film
  • Film History
  • Comm Theater Internship
  • Perf 1901 Stagecraft
  • Perf 2901 Stagecraft
  • Perf 3901 Stagecraft
  • Perf 4901 Stagecraft
  • Advanced Composition and Rhetoric 
  • Introduction to Critical Theory 
  • Principles of Marketing 
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • General Ethics 
  • Advanced Editing 
  • Methodologies of Apologetics
  • Critiques of Christianity
  • Multi-Cultural Apologetics
  • Biblical Hermeneutics
  • Film History
  • Faith and Film 
  • Negotiation Strategy 
  • Homiletics 1
  • Evangelism 
  • American Constitutional History 
  • Advanced Video Production & Lab 
  • Script Writing 
  • Directing the Documentary 
  • Digital Film Production & Lab 
  • Film History 
  • Faith and Film
  • Special Topics in Film Studies 
  • Introduction to Graphic Design 
  • Introduction to Mass Communication 
  • Introduction to Video Production
  • Digital Media Marketing 
  • Production Labs 
  • Other Communication Electives
  • English Grammar 
  • Major American Novels 
  • Shakespeare and His Contemporaries 
  • Intro to Graphic Design 
  • Graphic Design 2 
  • Graphic Design 3 
  • Identity Strategy & Design 
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Motion Graphics 
  • Introduction to Digital Photography 
  • Introduction to Video Production 
  • Media Production Labs
  • General Biology 
  • General Chemistry 1 & General Chemistry 1 Lab 
  • General Chemistry 2 & General Chemistry 2 Lab 

Graduate Degrees

  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Education (M.Ed.)
  • Nursing (MSN)
  • Strategic Leadership (MSL)
  • Ministry & Leadership
  • Organizational Management
  • Psychology
  • RN to BSN in Nursing

Associates Degrees

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Church Planting
  • Christian Ministry
  • General Studies (STEP Program)
  • Technical Studies
  • Wesleyan Ministry


  • CROSS Training Program

Affordability and Tuition of Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Oklahoma Wesleyan University is quite an affordable American educational establishment. Here is a breakdown of its tuition;

“Resident campus students offers around 12 to 17 credit hours“

Full-time Tuition per academic year: $ 28,556

Fees: $ 1,706

Accommodation per academic year: $ 4,604

Board: $ 4,188

Financial Aid Programs 

Oklahoma Wesleyan University has lots of financial aid programs which students can apply for. These ranges from federal, state, to institute aid programs. 

Students are encouraged to apply as soon as they get admitted.

Admission Requirements 

With an acceptance rate of 16%, Oklahoma Wesleyan University is one of the most competitive universities in the States. Scholars wishing to study in this school should meet the following requirements:

  • Must provide the needed High School Transcript
  • Student should be among the top 50 best students from the class
  • A high school unweighted grade point average of 2.0 above is required
  • Must have an ACT score of 18 ACT and above
  • Should hit 960 or above on SAT

For diploma students the following is required;

  • High school transcript  
  • Student should be among the top 50 best students from the class
  • A high school unweighted grade point average of 2.0 above is required
  • Must have an ACT score of 18 and above
  • Should hit 960 or above on SAT
  • Student should score at least 61 CLT or higher

For International students the following is required;

  • Student should be among the top 50 best students from the class
  • A high school unweighted grade point average of 2.0 above on a scale of 4.0 is required
  • Must have an ACT score of 18 ACT and above
  • Student should score at least 61 CLT or higher
  • Should hit 960 or above on SAT


Oklahoma Wesleyan University is one of the best tertiary institutions to study in the United States.

This post contains in details what you need to know about the school concerning its acceptance rate, tuition, courses & requirements.

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