Full List Of Private Schools In Moscow For International Students 2023

Full List Of Private Schools In Moscow For International Students

Today we will be looking at this topic: Full List Of Private Schools In Moscow For International Students 2023. Do you wish to study in Moscow? Are you looking for the best private schools in Moscow. Are you an international student that wants to study in Moscow and your now looking for the best private schools in the city of Moscow?. Well your at the right place. Here on vastlearners we will list out all the private schools in Moscow for international students.

We all know that when you talk about the best private school in Moscow we are talking of the most excellent and outstanding school.  Now private schools which is the most outstanding school in Moscow, Russia offer great programs for children from everywhere throughout the world at all levels of secondary education. Moscow schools give a wide scope of courses, you can choose from intensive language courses to special studying programs for teachers.

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However if your interested in studying Moscow, Russia and your searching online for best private school in Moscow,  private schools for international students in Moscow, international school of moscow teachers, international school of moscow nord anglia, british international school, Full List Of Private Schools In Moscow For International Students 2023.  vastlearners  will give you all the necessary information you need concerning  private schools in Moscow. 

List Of Private Schools In Moscow

Below i will be listing up to 18 schools with brief note on them. So go through it and en devour to share with friends. Also rate this post.

  1. Brookes School Moscow

Brookes School Moscow is an international private institution situated in the heart of Moscow. It is part of the Brookes Education Group, which has offices around the globe and aims to make a one of a kind atmosphere for the successful development of the capability of every student.

Educational programs are designed for children from age two(kindergarten) and up to senior classes. At all levels of education, children and adolescents get the greatest consideration from teachers, coaches, and mentors.

Educational programs correspond to the highest British and world standards, help to stir in the student’s interest in science, develop the qualities of the pioneer, show basic reasoning and impression of the world.

  1. International School Wunderpark (School-board Wunderpark)

International School Wunderpark is a private educational institution for grade school students situated in the Moscow region.

The school offers its students an interesting project based on two driving educational courses in international education: the British Cambridge essential curriculum and the Russian “Grade School of the 21st Century.”

The basis of training is the guideline of bilingualism, so students of such a private school can get a great domestic education, yet also a certified British one. The last is affirmed by the surrender of such international examinations as the KET/PET/SAT.

The primary objective of Wunderpark is the comprehensive development of students, so the school cooperates with many driving schools and creative studios: The School of Watercolor by Sergei Andriyaka, the artful dance school, and numerous others.

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  1. Private boarding school “Dubravushka”, Obninsk

Dubravushka is a private boarding school located in the Moscow environs.

The educational institution has been successfully working for twenty-nine years, 25 of which capacity as an educational institution for children and schoolchildren with full board.

The school works throughout the entire year seven days every week, and in the summer invites students to spend vacations in a linguistic camp, where children can draw up their insight in a foreign language or some broad educational subject.

Yearly, children from more than 150 cities of Russia and furthermore countries of close and far abroad come to Dubravushka – Kazakhstan, Latvia, CIS, China and not just, while the vast larger part of students originates from Moscow.

  1. Boarding school for gifted children “Intellectual”

Boarding school “Intellectual” – an educational institution for gifted children, situated in Moscow. The institution is one of the five best secondary schools in the city before the finish of 2015.

Annually, Intellectual invites to show children from the center and secondary school – from 5 to 11 class. Similarly, the school has a small department for junior pupils from class one to four.

  1. British Lyceum Moscow (British Lyceum, Moscow)

British Lyceum in Moscow British Lyceum Moscow was founded in the year 2015 by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

The purpose of making such a school is the arrangement of an educational situation that will enable foreign and Russian students to prepare for successful passage into prestigious universities in Britain and other European countries.

  1. Lomonosov Private School-Pension, Chulkovo

Lomonosov school-boarding school is a private educational institution and the first institution of this sort in the Ramensky district of the Moscow region. In the year 2014, the school entered the TOP-200 of the best country education institutions.

The task of the Lomonosov school is to give every student a choice of an individual educational course that will encourage the acknowledgment of the pupils’ abilities and the achievement of the necessary level of information.

  1. Private school-kindergarten “Znayka”

Also, on this list is private school Znayka that is known as an educational institution offering a conventional secondary school curriculum supplemented with a bilingual course, as well as a private kindergarten.

Training here can start from the age of 2, moving from the pre-school stage to the elementary school stage, the center school, and after that the senior one.

The saying of this Moscow private school is “Profession begins from youth” because the teachers here not just help the children in the curriculum, yet additionally with the development of significant qualities – respect for others, responsibility, decision-production skills, diligent work and not just.

  1. Gymnasium Primakov – Primakov School

Primakov Primary School was opened in Moscow in September 2017 and turned into the first Russian school in which the full educational cycle (with pre-school arrangement) is directed in two languages: Russian and English.

Administration and teachers (counting numerous local speakers – they originate from the USA, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia, Canada, as well as the best graduates of the MGIMO, MGU and other top universities) attempt to join the traditions of the Russian school and the international educational standards adopted on the planet.

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  1. Pavlovsk Gymnasium (Moscow Region, Moscow)

The Pavlovsk Gymnasium is a modern multi-disciplinary educational institution that combines a kindergarten, general education, language, and music schools.

The region of the school occupies 10 hectares of land, among which 44 thousand square meters. meters – educational territory. Every candidate recites the vow of a secondary school student and follows the traditions of the school. The primary principles of the Pavlovsk gymnasium are:

  • continuous improvement (the two students and teachers)
  • success and respect for work
  • equality
  • mutual respect for children and adults
  • patriotism, the responsibility to the social values of Russia.
  1. School “Beneficiary” Moscow

School “Beneficiary” Moscow was founded more than 25 years back and immediately picked up trust among Russian and foreign educating teams.

From the opening of the school, the guideline of developing the skills and abilities of children since the beginning was placed in the idea of educating, and following two years of existence, the school got acknowledgment from the Soros Foundation for the “Gifted Child” program, which is still dynamic today.

As per the Microsoft rating, the Heir School is one of the best 20 creative schools on the planet. In the year 1999, the school got accreditation from the UK government to lead English language exams with the issuance of official certificates of Trinity College London.

  1. Private school “Brilliant Section” in Moscow

Moscow’s Golden Section Private School is a progressive educational institution where, notwithstanding information of general education disciplines for children, conditions are made for the harmonious development of the individual: foreign language lessons with teachers-carriers, classes on the development of social and enthusiastic intelligence, various sections during after-school hours.

The leadership of the school is led under the supervision of doctors and candidates of science in the field of pedagogy.

  1. Classical gymnasium situated at the Greek-Latin office of Yu.A. Sichalina

The history of the school is closely associated with the academic study of dead languages: Latin and Greek. The school was made based on its own publishing house and courses of ancient languages.

In the year 1991, the Greco-Latin bureau of Yu. A. Shichalin publishes the first book – A. D. Weismann’s “Greek-Russian Dictionary”.

In the year 1993, the administration chose to focus on the recovery of classical education of the late XIX – early XX century. The main blocks of the modern academic program are:

  • ancient and modern languages
  • mathematics and science
  • Word of God.
  1. Syntax school Zhukovka Moscow

The non-profit educational association “Syntax school” Zhukovka “was founded in the year 1993 and has been giving educational services to children and teenagers from the 1st to the eleventh grade for over 25 years.

The administration and teachers of the school name their fundamental objective to make an atmosphere where every kid will have the option to discover and develop their potential.

Gymnasium Zhukovka is designed to give its pupils to get excellence learning as per the standards of Russian and international education.

To this end, educational programs have deliberately considered educational programs and shaped qualified school personnel.

  1. Pirogov School on Yakimanka

The history of the private Pirogov school begins with a kindergarten made by a gathering of similar individuals in the year 1989. The school got the blessing of prot. Alexandra Me, supporting the school in difficult times for him.

The school got its name out of appreciation for N.I. Pirogov, pedagogical methods of which are the basis of the educational idea of this school. The first graduation of schoolchildren was held in the year 1998, and by 2000 Pirogovka had gotten accreditation and a license.

  1. Filippovskaya School Moscow

Filippovskaya School in Moscow is the main humanistic educational institution in Russia that is part of the international association Humanitas renascens.

Many driving and prestigious schools in foreign countries: Belgium, Italy, Spain, and others are also members of the association. The purpose of such an international association is to restore the pedagogical principles of the Renaissance from Europe in the conditions of modern secondary education.

  1. School “President” (Zhukovka, Moscow Region)

In the school “President” special attention is paid to the inside and out a study of international languages and the production of an English-speaking atmosphere.

The success of the students of the institution is based on the guideline of interaction “student-educator parents”. Children and adolescents also get great results because of the development of an individual educational way for every student.

The offered education meets international standards, and children can understand themselves in different areas of movement.

  1. Classic board at Moscow State University. Lomonosov

The standard guest house is named after Lomonosov MV is the modern embodiment of the traditions of the university guest house, opened by famous scientists in the year 1779.

The school was founded in the year 1997 and for almost 20 years of work experience has established itself as outstanding amongst other private schools in Moscow yet also to the nation. In the last couple of years, the school also occupies the fifth line of international positioning.

  1. Private School “Universe of Knowledge” Moscow

The private school “Universe of Knowledge” is an educational institution that is focused on educating children and schoolchildren with an elevated level of psychological action.

The school was founded in the year 2002 and throughout the years of its work has developed into a genuine learning focus. Today, the school has a notoriety for being extraordinary compared to other private schools in Moscow and the Moscow region.

International schools in Moscow

The English School of Science and Technology (ESS)

ESS first opened in Moscow in 2008 and is quickly becoming one of the best established and most reputable international schools in Moscow.

Gender: Co-educational
Ages: 3 to 18
Curriculum: English National Curriculum
Website: www.english-school.org.uk

Anglo-American School of Moscow

Gender: Co-educational
Ages: 4 to 18
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate (IB)
Website: www.aas.ru

Brittania School

Gender: Co-educational
Ages: 1.5 to 7
Curriculum: English National Curriculum
Website: www.britanniaschool.net

British International School

Gender: Co-educational
Ages: 3 to 18
Curriculum: English National Curriculum
Website: www.bismoscow.com

Embassy of India School

Gender: Co-educational
Ages: 5 to 18
Curriculum: Indian (CBSE)
Website: www.kendriyavidyalaya-moscow.org

English International School

Gender: Co-educational
Ages:3 to 18
Curriculum: English National Curriculum and Cambridge IGCSE
Website: www.englishedmoscow.com

Lycée Français de Moscou

Gender: Co-educational
Ages: 6 to 18
Curriculum: French
Website: www.lfm.ru

Deutsche Schule Moskau

Gender: Co-educational
Ages: 3 to 18
Curriculum: German
Website: www.deutscheschulemoskau.de

Hinkson Christian Academy

Gender: Co-educational
Ages: 5 to 18
Curriculum: American
Website: www.hinkson.ru

International School of Moscow

Gender: Co-educational
Ages: 2 to 18
Curriculum:  English National Curriculum, Cambridge IGCSE and A-levels
Website: www.internationalschool.ru

Moscow Economic School

Gender: Co-educational
Ages: 5 to 18
Curriculum: Russian and International Baccalaureate
Website: www.mes.ru

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