Providence College: Acceptance Rate and admission statistics

What are Providence College Acceptance rate and admission statistics? Gaining admission to study in this prestigious American higher education establishment is not an easy feat. Nonetheless, there are ways to put yourself on the right path and one of such is to get yourself updated on key information. 

In this post, we’ll be dealing on the acceptance rate as well as the admission statistics of Providence College. Stay tuned…

Providence College Ranking

Ranking is a very important factor when it comes to choosing the right school to study. Schools that are lowly ranked is an indicator of poor education quality which is not an ideal choice. However, school on the upper end of rankings signifies high and standard education.

Providence College is one of the best education service providers in the United States. This prominent American educational establishment is the third (3rd) best college in Rhode Island and its programs are lasts for four (4) years. 

Moreover, out of a total review of 819, the school had a positive rating of 3.63 out of 5. This speaks of good the level of education the school has in offer.

Providence College Admissions Overview

While Providence College is one of the best colleges in the United States, getting admission to study there is easier said than done. This academic establishment has an acceptance rate of 47% which is quite low. This means that if 100 scholars apply for admission in a particular admission calendar, only 47 scholars would be chosen.

The general rule of thumb when applying for admission in this kind of school is to ensure that you have excellent academic records. This is because as the best candidates will be chosen.

Another important admission factor to consider is the SAT score. On the average, students who got admitted to study the course of their choices in this prestigious educational establishment had a SAT scores that ranged from 1210-1360. 

Alternatively, scholars can also gain admission using the ACT which can be used in place of SAT. For ACT, students are required to aim between 27-31 to stand a better chance of getting admitted. 

Notwithstanding the test scores requirements, you should also aim to file in an early application as this will also boost your chances of admission. In this school, application with dates beyond January 15 are ignored,  dismissed, and not accepted.

Even so, scholars can also file in an application for  early action and early decision – both of which have a deadline of  November 1.

Providence College Academic Programs

Providence College handles a handful of academic programs which includes 

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Religious Studies
  • Anthropology and Sociology 
  • Public Policy and Social Services 
  • Psychology
  • Performing Arts 
  • Biology
  • Protective Services
  • Business and Management 
  • Chemistry
  • Political Science
  • Communications 
  • Health Care Management   
  • Philosophy
  • Computer Science 
  • Arts
  • Economics Education 
  • Mathematics 
  • Engineering
  • International Relations   
  • English Language
  • Interdisciplinary Studies 
  • Environmental Science
  • History 
  • Global Studies
  • Film and Photography
  • Health Professions
  • Foreign Languages

Admission Statistics of Providence College 

Here are some of the statistics of Providence College…

  • Providence College has an acceptance rate of 47%
  • The Early Decision Acceptance Rate of this Prestigious American College is 84%
  • The school has an an average total applications of 11,478 scholars per admission session
  • Providence College has a SAT score range of 1210-1360. Meanwhile, the school has a SAT Reading of 610-680
  • Providence college also has a SAT score requirement of 600-680 for Mathematics 
  • Out of the total number of applications in Providence College, 44% of scholars has, so far, submitted SAT scores
  • Providence College has a ACT score range of 27-31. Meanwhile, for  English Language, the required ACT is 27-34. For Mathematics, the figure ranges from 25-30. Nevertheless, there is no confirmed figure for that of the ACT Writing
  • Out of the total number of applications in Providence College, 14% of scholars has, so far, submitted ACT scores
  • While there is no given admissions deadline, Providence College has an application deadline date which is January 15
  • For the Early Decision Deadline, Providence Collge does not accept applications after November 1
  • For the Early Action Deadline, Providence College does not accept applications after November 1
  • Providence College is among the schools which offers Early Decision
  • Providence College is also among the schools which offers Early Action.
  • Providence College does not have a specific application fee. It varies from one course to the other. However, on the average, one is expected to pay around $65 to apply for admission to the college.
  • Those who which to file in an application in the prestigious American school can do so by clicking on this web link
  • Providence College accepts common applications
  • While accepting common applications, Providence College does not accepts coalition applications
  • Providence College does not have a specific admission Grade Point Average but the higher it is, the better than the chances of one securing admission
  • High School Rank is another important factor to consider when applying for admission at Providence College however, it is not mandatory
  • Providence College also requires High School Transcript 
  • Another important factor to consider while filling in an application at Providence College is College Prep Courses
  • Both the SAT and ACT score is a requirement but it is optional and never a mandatory
  • Recommendations are also factors to consider when applying for admission in this prestigious American College.


Studying in Providence College can be “a dream come true” to some scholars. To get admitted into this American College, one has to source for information pertaining to admission statistics and acceptance rate. 

Hence, this guide on Providence College: Acceptance Rate and admission statistics gives you that. Let’s hear from you.

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