Rice University Transfer Acceptance Rate, Tuition and Admission Requirements 2023/2024

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Rice University Overview

Rice University is a private university that was established in 1912. It has an undergraduate student population at 4,076 (fall 2020) The campus is urban and the campus is of 300 acres.

The university follows the semester-based academic calendar. Rice University’s position for the edition 2023 of Best Colleges has been ranked as National Universities, #17. The tuition and fees for the university are $52,895.

In a city setting with a tree-lined 300-acre campus, Rice University seizes its advantageous position to conduct cutting-edge research and develop innovative collaboration opportunities that help the improvement of our world.

In a urban setting with a tree-lined campus of 300 acres, Rice University seizes its advantages to conduct cutting-edge research and to create new collaboration opportunities that help the improvement of the world.

Rice is made up of eight schools including The School of Social Sciences, School of Humanities and Wiess School of Natural Sciences.

The graduate schools are the highly-rated Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business as well as the George R. Brown School of Engineering. Rice is also home to a highly regarded University of Architecture and the Shepherd School of Music. Rice is also home for the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, an independent think tank that offers internships, courses and seminars.

A private investigator stumbled across the owl that was stolen from Rice’s another A&M University in 1917, the school was a rival to Rice. Texas A&M in 1917, Rice sent a message in code for Rice students to inform them the school’s mascot “Sammy” was safe and bestowing an official name to the school’s Mascot.

Rice University Transfer Acceptance Rate

In previous years, Rice University received 684 transfer applicants.

The school admitted only 78 transfer students. Making transfer acceptance rate for Rice University is 11.4%.

This shows how hard it is to get into Rice University

Rice University Acceptance Rate

Rice University has an acceptance rate of 11%.

The majority of applicants accepted into Rice are able to show an SAT score of between 1460 and 1570 , or an ACT score between 34 and 36.

But one quarter of applicants admitted to the university scored higher than these ranges, and one quarter was below the scores. The application deadline is January. 1. The cost for applying to Rice University is $75

Rice University’s 2023 rankings

Rice University is ranked:

  • No. 17 in national University (tie)
  • #6 in the Best undergraduate Faculty (tie)
  • #5 in Top High Schools for Value

Rice University Financial Aid and Scholarships:

Students need to complete the free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and CSS Profile and submit the necessary tax and income documentation to be eligible to be awarded financial aid every year.

The university provide need-blind admission to students from the United States, and they also accept the 100% requirement for need by providing financial aid.

Rice University Information on Transfer to Students

The students considered to be transfer applicants if they’ve earned the requirements for a graduation certificate from a high school (or equivalent) and have earned at least 12 college semester hours credit following finishing in high school.

Rice University Applicant Requirements for Transfer

Minimum GPA:

The applicant must have at the very least an 3.2 GPA in their most recent college classes to receive consideration for admission. Admissions as transfer students usually have a GPA of 3.5 or more.

Official Transcripts:

Official college transcripts have to be provided from every institution that the applicant has attended. Official transcripts from secondary school or high school must contain the course of study and results from the 9th-12th grades. Candidates may also provide GED results.

SAT Scores:

students who not able to provide test results or do not wish to submit test results will be considered fully during the admissions selection process.

Notes from Recommendation:

Two college instructor recommendation should be from instructors or professors at the college level. If it is possible, at the very minimum, one recommendation must be related to the intended field of study.


The Rice supplement provides you with the chance to talk your personal information. This is your opportunity to explain the reason you’re attracted to Rice and what you’d like to do as an undergraduate student here.

Application Fee:

Rice requires a non-refundable $75 application fee. Fee waivers are also available for foreign applicants.

Others Requirements:

A College Report is completed by school officials, generally an administrator, such as the student dean and academic deans in the university or college.

Application Here For A Transfer ToRice University

Rice University Transfer Credit Policy

Minimum grade: Courses with an minimum grade of Cor equivalent in regionally accredited universities or colleges are eligible as transfer credits.

Credits (Min/Max): Transfer applicants must complete at minimum four semesters of study (equal up to sixty semester hours) as an undergraduate student full-time on Rice for them to become eligible to receive the bachelor’s degree.

Rice University Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What could I do to boost my chances of being accepted?

Your file should be updated by writing us to inform us of your continuing enthusiasm for Rice and also any noteworthy awards or accomplishments from your initial application.

Any additions to your file must originate made by the school. Do not include further letters of recommendations from officials at the school, Rice alumni or others.

Are financial aid programs different for students accepted to waitlists?

Rice University offer financial aid based on need for all students accepted who meet the requirements. If your application for financial aid is completed, we will create an aid package upon acceptance.

If I’m accepted to the waitlist How will I be informed?

We will be in touch with you via email or phone. It is crucial that you inform us immediately of changes in your contact details.

We must have the correct telephone number with which you are able to be reached during the summer season.

Is it possible to get on the waitlist? blinding required?

Admission is blind for all students from the country, which includes those accepted from the waitlist

Does the waitlist have rank-ordering?

No. All students who take their spot on the waitlist are checked for spaces that are available.

If I submitted my application as an initial year student at Rice and then decide to apply as a transfer student must I resubmit all of my information?

Because first year admission and transfer admission are granted in different cycles of application and have different requirements, you will have to submit different documents. Our office will utilize the test you completed as a first-year applicant to satisfy your test requirement for transfer applicants (optional for the 2020-2021 cycle).

The only exception is that no other document from your application for the first year will be accepted as replacements for the essential documents for transfer.

What is the size of the waitlist?

We are not able to estimate the size of the waiting list because there aren’t all students who have been who are offered a spot will take the offer.

Can I include additional materials along with my application?

The application requirements are required to provide an Admission Committee with all the necessary information for an educated admissions decision.

However, if someone within your network has an exclusive, personal experience with your accomplishments or skills, you could request that they provide a supplementary recommendation.

A letter of supplemental nature is not necessary or mandatory, but you could send one in the event that you believe it will highlight something about your personal experience or life that is not mentioned when you submitted your applications.

Other recommendations could come from an advisor from a community-based organization or a mentor, coach or a supervisor for work/job or music instructor or research advisor, a summer program director or a religious leader.

The recommendation you submit as a supplementary one must contain the full name of the applicant and date of birth or applicant ID . It should be sent via your application portal.

Are my chances higher If I make an early Decision?

Not necessarily. The primary consideration should always be whether the school is the best choice for you and you’re ready to sign a contract to take up the offer.

What is the process for Rice to examine applications?

Our admissions process is based upon evaluating each applicant in relation to their past as well as community and school environment.

At Rice we evaluate your complete application, and every detail that is contained in it to learn everything is possible regarding you prior to making a final decision.

We also evaluate applications using a committee-based evaluation which makes sure that every applicant to Rice is reviewed and discussed with a minimum of two admissions officers in order to determine the strengths and the potential of each student.

I have submitted scores from tests previously, but I did not wish to use them in an application in the 2023-2024 period since testing is not required. Can I do that?

Yes. You’ll have the option on the application form to inform us that you don’t wish to have your test scores to be used for your assessment

How many offers of admission will be extended to waitlisted students?

The number of students is different from year to year depending on a range of variables and may vary from 150 up to no students.

If you are applying to Rice How do you show your interest in a certain major?

In your application, you must choose as a Division of Study and up to three areas of interest including minors.

You will be given the chance to describe your interests in academics within your Writing Supplement. Students will be evaluated based on their preparation and alignment with the areas they chose to study.

If I submitted my application as an undergraduate student at Rice and I now want to apply for a transfer, must I resubmit all of my information?

Since admission to first year and transfer admission are granted in different cycles of application and have different requirements, applicants would have to submit different documents.

Our office may utilize the test you completed as a first-year applicant to fulfill your test requirement for transfer applicants (optional for the 2020-2021 cycle).

The only exception is that no other document from your initial application will be accepted as replacements for the essential transfer documents.

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