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Robertson Scholarship 2023-2024

Robertson Scholarship: Robertson Scholarship is an opportunity for scholars to get an education via financial aid. It is a prestigious scholarship that is meant and directed to only undergraduate students who demonstrate potential. 

Moreover, the scholarship opportunity gives young, vibrant, and visionary leaders the chance to grow academically and enhance educational development. Before we proceed let’s take a look at what the scholarship is all about…

About Robertson Scholarship

The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program is a prestigious financial aid program that allows that is awarded by Duke University and North Carolina-Chapel Hill University in the United States. The main reason for the scholarship is to give visionary, sound, and intelligent youth to make their academic dreams come true.

Moreover, United States scholarship program was established and initiated by Julian and the late Josie Robertson in 2000. It authorizes selected scholars to tap educational resources of two incredibly esteemed colleges; Duke University and North Carolina-Chapel Hill University.

Moreover, even though beneficiaries of the scholarship program will benefit from one out of the two above-mentioned colleges, they will in a way be tapping knowledge from the two throughout their study year.

Additionally, The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program is available for scholars across all races. 

Robertson Scholarship Program: Eligibility Criteria 

One of the key highlights of Robertson Scholars Leadership Program is that it searches for schilats who can demonstrate sound academic potential. This spans across creators and skills.

The main objective is for Robertson Scholars to produce graduates that will offer satisfactory services in their respective prospective organizations.

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Moreover, all students are entitled to enjoy the same scholarship benefits and this in turn implies same pay, stipend, and support. Hence, there is nothing like a ‘extraordinary Robertson researcher’. 

What the financial aid service provider does is that it tests candidate based on different factors and scopes including expert interests, logical interests and objectives. However, these are not the main points – they are four factors that are used to effectively analyse winners of the scholarship offer and they are the force of character, the executives for purposes, the soul of participation, and logical interest 

Robertson Scholarship Program: worth and Value 

Every scholarship program has a value and the Robertson scholarship program is not an exception. This scholarship opportunity can supports Eight (8) classes with full educational cost, board and board costs and numerous mandatory costs for Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill scholars

Even so, the scholarship also give out free awards to beneficiaries and this usually last up to around three Summer gathering. At times, this may expand to scholars who are based abroad over the study period.

At the same time, it is pertinent to note that throughout the spring of their subsequent year, all Robertson Scholars go to the Campus Transformation semester where they reside on a sister base. During this period, students stand a chance to become better academically through their indulgence in several activities including self development and climate adoption.

Moreover, with the aid of the “Grounds Switch” the union/relationship between the Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill ie improved and this is through the construction of an educational establishment to foster trust. 

Robertson Scholarship Program: Application 

To successfully complete the application for the Robertson scholarship here are one’s or two’s that you need to be aware of:


Firstly, you’ll need to complete the Duke and/or University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill undergraduate certificate application.

Secondly, you’ll have to complete the Robertson Scholars Program Application Format

Thirdly, is you have been offered the scholarship you’ll need to sign in to the Robertson Finalists Week site. In addition, worldwide scholars chosen as graduates should meet the necessities of the Qualifying Week to be selected as beneficiaries of the honor.

But do keep in mind that COVID-19 travel limitations will be also considered as well. Graduates have an obligation to guarantee that they can acquire visas, given that one is needed to visit and study in the United States.

And finally, scholars considering immigrating to New Zealand should apply for Duke’s enlistment just as UNC-Chapel Hill and follow the unique application strategy laid out by Te Pōkai Tara for Robertson. The New Zealand program must be gotten to through the UNZ-Te Pōkai Tara site. 

However, note that the last New Zealand Interaction meeting will happen in New Zealand in March 2022 and this will be properly be communicated to candidates in due time 

Moreover, there is an award Website for students to check their financial perks and keep track. This is done to ensure that no scholar missed out on the financial aid opportunity as ineffective communication can become a huge problem.

History Of Robertson Scholarship Program

The whole history of Robertson Scholarship program started in 2002. This yarr marked when the financial aid program was established and a massive amount of $24 million award from Julian Robertson, a 1955 alumni of UNC-Chapel Hill, and his accomplice, Josie gave it a debut.

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Brought up by their children, one of whom was a Duke in 1998 and one more who moved from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2001, Robertsons recognized that each organization offers an exceptional lone wolf insight, however that the blend of the two makes an obligation of development. 

Moreover, the financial aid offer gives students an the profundity of resources that no other college could think about.

Parting Words 

If you are looking for a flexible scholarship opportunity to avail yourself the Roberson Scholarship is a good one to consider. This financial aid scheme comes with lots of criteria, procedures, procedures, formalities and the rest. 

But if you can keep up and fulfill the requirements you’ll have a higher chance of being among the beneficiaries. In extension, this post is a guide to help you do just that.

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