Robertson Scholarship 2023-2024 | Easy Steps To Apply And Get Awarded

Robertson scholarship is a program organized to help students who have shown a glimpse of passion for being future leaders right from their time in the college/university and beyond. 

The scholarship was championed and launched by Julian and Josie in New York in 2000. With this scholarship, students are given the privilege to study at both Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the USA, thereby enjoying the benefits of the two institutions.

In the second semester of the second academic year, Robertson scholars from Duke University will be enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In contrast, Robertson scholars from the University of North Carolina will be enrolled in Duke University.

Annually, there are special offers for two gifted Australian undergraduate students. 

The Robertson scholarship is more than a leadership development program. It is a program that is passionate about investing in the future of young scholars for a long period.

The scholarship program seeks to instigate cooperation between Duke University and the University of North Carolina. Robertson Scholarship also aims to create several opportunities for academically exceptional students from the several benefits that the two institutions are ready to offer. 

As a Robertson scholar, you are expected to take part in every Robertson academic improvement project. This includes the normal academic year and summer program.

Scholarship Award and Duration

The Robertson Scholarship is estimated above $66,000 per year. This will cover your full tuition fee. It will sort out your room and board fees too.

There is an extra living package given to Robertson scholars at the University of North Carolina. Also, research costs have been taken care of, the same thing with travel costs. The Robertson Scholarship will also furnish about three summers of service.

This award will run for four years of the undergraduate program, in as much as you maintain excellent academic performance and adhere to the rules and regulations of the institution at either Duke or the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

In addition, the program has no course segregation. It is available to students of any professional path, including Pre-law and pre-medicine. You should note that the scholarship will not give you the privilege to study Law and medicine past the undergraduate level.

You can run the Robertson Scholarship with another scholarship program, provided that the other scholarship program allows concurrent eligibility. Once you are awarded the scholarship, you are advised to accept and acknowledge it that same year.

You are expected to do the following:

  • You are expected to obtain the scholarship application form through the Robertson Scholars leadership program and fill it.
  • You are expected to obtain the student’s form available online at the common application website for enrollment into Duke University or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Then submit at the same time you submit your scholarship form.
  • You are expected to take part in the standardized test. You must complete an SAT or two SAT subject tests or ACT with writing once you are shortlisted. If you need information on the SAT registration and date, check the SAT college board website. You can find the ACT registration process and date on their website too.

How to Apply

Students aspiring to win the Robertson scholarship are to apply through the Robertson scholarships website

In addition to this, you are required to submit;

  • A valid copy of your birth certificate with proof that you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident. 
  • A good record of all your academic qualifications and results till the present date. 
  • One academic reference. 
  • One personal reference 

Application Deadline 

The application opens yearly on the 15th of August and will close on the 15th of November. The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program welcomes applications from international students.

privilege you

Selection Criteria 

The Robertson scholarship program is rooting for candidates who have shown a significant trait to become exceptional leaders and take up impactful roles in their college/university, in their immediate environment, and society at large presently and in the foreseeable future. 

Academic excellence, professional and personal development are a few of the traits expected in a Robertson scholar. You are expected to bring your view, strength, skill set, individual awareness to the scholarship program. Below are some of the traits of a Robertson scholar;

  • Steadfast management trait
  • Cognitive curiosity 
  • Outstanding personality and character 
  • Team spirit. 

The Robertson scholarship selection committee will consider every candidate’s academic performance while determining the favourites for the award. The result of the HSC exam or equivalent of +95 will show the candidate’s academic ability. 

UNSW summons the Robertson scholarship selection committee to make recommendations concerning the award, and their decisions and recommendations are final.

Suppose, according to the selection committee’s evaluation, no candidate is qualified for the award among every candidate that applied. In that case, the award will not be given out for that particular year.

The conclusive selection is subject to your admission to Duke University or the University of Northern California Chapel Hill through the application website.

If you make it to the list of shortlisted applicants, you are advised to take the SAT or ACT examination. The result will be your proof to the admission office in the university of Duke and UNC.


If you are among the shortlisted candidates, you will be invited for a physical interview in Sydney in Approx. You should take the interview seriously, as nobody who the committee has not interviewed will receive any scholarship award.

As a part of the interview preparation plan, the travelling plan will be discussed with your parents/guardians. During the interview in Sydney, you are to accept a scholarship if it is offered to you.

Career Options After Robertson Scholarship Program

What you venture into after the scholarship program is solely your decision. While some graduates pursue other career paths, some decide to continue their academic journey by attending graduate and professional schools.

Others may take up jobs in big companies to start a private business. Some will even work for an NGO organization. Some may decide to work with the government of the United States of America.

The options are countless for all graduates.

Scholarship expectations after selection

As a Robertson scholar, you must participate in inter-campus course work, retreats, community service, campus switch, and at least two summer development projects (both abroad and at home, following your first and second year sequentially. 

Subsequently, you are expected to maintain the academic performance or ability that necessitates your selection in the first place. Your continuation in the scholarship program is contingent upon your excellent academic performance.

You are expected to be on a 3.0 GPA at the end of your first year, and you are expected to keep the same GPA at the end of each following year.

Program Summary

At the beginning of the fall semester, you and other fresh scholars will attend a leadership conference organized by advisers from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Bryson City, North Carolina. This orientation program is organized to welcome and show you around.

Then you will attend a dinner where you will discuss a series of topics ranging from public speaking, leadership quality, personal development, team spirit development, etc.

You will then attend a colloquium, a course in your first year that will spur you to develop a mind-frame for leadership roles and strengthen your intellectual ability in the class.

Also, the colloquium is a forum organized to discuss problems affecting society as a whole and common issues affecting today’s leaders.

In the second year of the scholarship program, especially in the second semester, you will begin to live and take classes in your sister institution. 

The campus switch program is designed to facilitate a strong bond between the Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill and instill into each scholar the trait of quick adaptation to new situations in a completely different environment.

By the time you get to the senior level of your scholarship program, a senior capstone experience will be organized for you and other senior scholars to help and support you as you progress to the next level of your academic and professional career.

In the capstone, you will attend a winter conference and a series of dinners where you will look back on your four years as a Robertson Scholar, have a chat with some Robertson alumni, and meet with some other junior scholars.

Summer Experience

Your summer experience will include; community summer, exploration summer, and launch summer.

The community summer is your first summer. After your first year living with other scholars, you will participate in community services and bond more with other scholars. This summer is organized to open your mind to different issues affecting society.

The exploration summer comes after your second year. At this stage, you are allowed to pursue your aspirations, participate in scholarship-sponsored programs, and so on.

The launch summer comes after the senior year. At this stage, you start to pursue personal projects that will focus your interest and give you awareness of what to expect after college.


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