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Saint Edward’s University: Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics

Do you wish to know information about Saint Edward’s University? If your answer to that question is a yes, then you’ve landed on the right page. This American education institution is one of the classic schools in the States with valid reasons. From excellent teaching staff to well-equiped laboratories, the school scores high in almost all corners of education. 

However, getting into the school is not an easy task and that’s the more reason why you should seek out for information about the school especially when it pertains to admission. 

In this article, we’ll be revealing some vital information so as to enable you to make an informed decision during your application. Stay tuned….

Saint Edward’s University Acceptance Rate

Acceptance rate is a very important factor when it comes to choosing a school of choice. While many factors also play a role in determining this rate, applying for admission in a school reputable for having a high acceptance rate will definitely increase your chance of gaining admission.

In the other hand, schools with low acceptance rate can be very difficult to gain admission. In this case, Saint Edward’s University has an acceptance rate of 88% which is high when compared to what other schools are offering in the United States.

This means that if a total of 100 applicants apply for an academic program, 88 to them will be given admission. This means that the prestigious American University is quite simple to enter but don’t be too carried away. There are other factors to consider like ACT and SAT. 

For ACT, Saint Edward’s University accepts students with scores ranging from 22-28. Meanwhile, students with SAT are required to score between 1060-1240 or an average ACT score of 22-28.

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Admission Statistics of Saint Edward’s University

  • Saint Edward’s University has an acceptance rate of 88%
  • The data for the Early Decision Acceptance Rate of this Prestigious American University is not available as of now
  • Saint Edward’s University has an average total applications of 5,672 scholars per admission session
  • Recommendations is a factor to consider when applying for admission in this prestigious American College because it is   required.
  • Saint Edward’s University has a SAT score range of 1060-1240. Meanwhile, the school has a SAT Reading of 540-630
  • Another important factor to consider while filling in an application at Saint Edward’s University is College Prep Courses
  • Saint Edward’s University also has a SAT score requirement of 520-620 for Mathematics 
  • Saint Edward’s University requires High School Transcript 
  • Out of the total number of applications in Saint Edward’s University, 61% of scholars has, so far, submitted SAT scores
  • High School Rank is another important factor to consider when applying for admission at Saint Edward’s University, Riverside however, it is not mandatory
  • Saint Edward’s University, Riverside has a ACT score range of 22-28. Meanwhile, for  English Language, the required ACT is 21-29. For Mathematics, the figure ranges from 19-26. Nevertheless, there is no confirmed figure for that of the ACT Writing
  • Both the SAT and ACT score is a requirement but it is optional and never a mandatory
  • Out of the total number of applications in Saint Edward’s University, 88% of scholars has, so far, submitted ACT scores
  • While there is no given standard admissions deadline, Saint Edward’s University  operates based on rolling admission
  • For the Early Decision Deadline for this pretigious academic institution, no data is currently available. 
  • For the Early Action Deadline for this pretigious academic institution, no data is currently available. 
  • Saint Edward’s University does not have a specific admission Grade Point Average but the higher it is, the better than the chances of one securing admission
  • Saint Edward’s University, does not have a specific application fee. It varies from one course to the other. However, on the average, one is expected to pay around $50 to apply for admission to the college.
  • Those who which to file in an application in the prestigious American school can do so by clicking on this web link
  • Saint Edward’s University accepts common application
  • Saint Edward’s University does not accepts coalition applications
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What Students Said About The School 

“St. Edward’s University provided much more than just a Master of Arts in Human Services Degree in Sports Management, but it provided me the skills necessary to be a production citizen in my community. From leadership skills, communication skills, time-management skills, organizational skills, collaboration skills, and the ability to be adaptable and flexible. I met life long friends, and continue to keep in touch with a few professors and colleagues that I also worked with while I was there. The education I received was “Out of this World.”

“Awesome financial aid, excellent community, beautiful campus, and a connection to the priorities of the city and the people they serve.”

“St. Ed’s is very diverse in terms of race, LGBTQ+ representation, religion, nationality, etc. The professors were a bit less diverse (many old, white). The social justice focus and small classes were great, but in the Honors program half the classes I took didn’t transfer elsewhere. Dining was pricey, but I enjoyed that campus dining offered many vegan and vegetarian options. Dujarie Hall was very expensive but very nice. I loved that its sports scene isn’t the central focus of university culture, and that its student life didn’t heavily center around parties. The campus is beautiful, safe, and small enough to walk wherever you need to. At night they even have an escort system for safety. If you can afford to attend all four years or for a few years after transferring in, I suppose it’d be a fair return on investment, as they provide lots of support for obtaining funding for research, conducting thesis projects, study abroad, and the like, all with the close partnership of professors.”

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“I am a high school student that visited St. Edwards recently and it instantly became my top choice for college. They really care about your academics and it is a beautiful campus. They have so many student resources and I already got accepted so I cannot wait to go to school here. I love the size of the campus as well, it is not too big or too small. It doesn’t feel overwhelming and it felt very comfy and safe.”


That was all on Saint Edward’s University: Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics. Let’s hear from you.

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