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San Antonio 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

It should come as no surprise that semi-truck or 18-wheeler trucking accidents are more serious and frequently entail serious injuries. However, what a lot of folks don’t realize—including knowledgeable neighborhood San Antonio truck accident lawyers—is that these incidents are also much more complex and difficult legally than a typical auto collision.

How Common Are 18 Wheeler Accidents in the U.S.?

According to data from the NSC, more than 147,000 Americans suffered catastrophic injuries while 4,965 people died from semi-truck accidents in 2020. 

How Much is My 18 Wheeler Accident Case Worth?

As noted above an 18 wheeler or semi-truck accident case is very different than your typical automobile accident case. In a semi-truck or 18 wheeler accident, it’s likely that you will be dealing with one or more “commercial” insurance policies. These “commercial” policies, which are required by law, do not have the same rules as the typical automobile policies you may be familiar with.

For one, these policies have much higher policy limits, and are typically a minimum of $1 million dollars. These limits give you much better chances of having ample insurance coverage to pay for the medical treatment, pain and suffering, lost wages, etc. of big rig accident victims. Hopefully your injuries will not require you to utilize the full extent of the insurance policy.

However, when it comes to your specific claim, in most instances, no one will be able to tell you what your semi-truck accident claim is worth until the facts have been gathered, an investigation is performed, liability has been established, and your medical treatment is completed, and the San Antonio 18 wheeler accident lawyers at our injury law firm have reviewed and evaluated your case.

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Why Not Placing A Price Tag On Your Case Right After An Accident Is A Good Thing.

It’s understandable for you to want to know how much your case is worth shortly after your semi-truck accident – especially when considering the desire for justice, and the pressure of mounting medical bills.

But, as time passes, most semi-truck accident victims are thankful that no one placed a dollar amount on their claim initially. This is because of a number of factors:

  • Victims may not be aware of the full extent of their injuries immediately, or shortly after an accident.
  • The injured party underestimated the extent and duration of their injuries.
  • The victim didn’t anticipate the emotional toll the accident would have on their personal life, and the lives of their family members.
  • The injured person failed to account for the mental and emotional distress that would occur as a result of the accident.

While these are only a few of the many things accident victims may overlook shortly after an 18 wheeler accident, they represent some of the most important aspects of your injury claim. Each of these critical considerations is much more persuasive if presented to an insurance company through documented expert opinion, and medical records rather than speculation immediately following an accident.

One thing that many injured persons fail to realize is that once they sign a release, they are prevented from any future recovery, regardless of whether or not the settlement adequately compensated them for their claims. You should NEVER sign a release before speaking to a Texas 18 wheeler accident attorney.

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This is why it is essential to not place a value on your truck accident claim until AFTER the extent of your injuries have become reasonably clear.

How Long Do 18 Wheeler Accident Cases Typically Take to Settle?

When it comes to the time frame for settling an 18 wheeler accident case, there is only one thing that is certain: Patience can prove to be invaluable. Any 18 wheeler accident attorney who is honest will tell you the same thing that we tell our clients – “There is simply no way to tell how long your case will take to settle.”

It’s important to remember that building your case will take time. Trying to rush into a settlement, or “make things happen quicker” will only harm your claim, and will usually decrease your compensation.

Texas has more annual 18 wheeler crashes than any other state in the US

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer?

Our truck accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that if you were injured in an 18 wheeler accident, you NEVER have to pay us up front costs or hourly rates while we work on your case.

This contingent fee arrangement is especially advantageous for our persons injured in Texas 18-wheeler and big rig accidents because truck wreck claims often require outside expert analysis and special investigation, which are expensive, and usually make it cost-prohibitive for an injured person to try and handle the claim on their own.

In short, anyone who contacts our San Antonio truck accident lawyers will be able to afford our professional services.

Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

Most semi-truck accidents occur due to:

  • Distracted Driving: The most common reason why drivers are distracted nowadays is due to cell phones. But other common distractions include eating while driving, messing with a GPS while driving, dancing to loud music while driving, etc. All of these distractions can easily result in tragic trucking accidents.
  • Fatigued Driving: It’s no secret that big rig drivers work long hours. Driving all day every day is exhausting. Unfortunately, this fatigue can lead to fatal large truck accidents.
  • Drunk Driving: Both truck and passenger drivers could easily cause a semi-truck accident if either of them are intoxicated. 
  • Inclement Weather Conditions: Heavy rain, snow, ice, or even fog can lead to truck or car accidents. Not only can poor weather cause slippery roads, but it can also impair a driver’s vision, causing them to collide with another vehicle.
  • Poor Truck Maintenance can easily lead to equipment failure, such as tire blowouts or brake malfunctions, on the roads. 
  • Improperly Loaded Cargo: Because 18-wheelers carry thousands of pounds of cargo, it’s crucial for it to be loaded properly and safely. If a truck is overloaded or if its cargo isn’t strapped down well enough, it could fall off the truck and hit passenger cars at high speeds.
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