Top Tips On How To Secure a Loan In Nigeria 2021

Today we will be looking at this topic: Top Tips On How To Secure a Loan In Nigeria 2021. I have been receiving calls from most of my users asking to write a topic on how to secure a loan in Nigeria. Securing loans in Nigeria is a very big deal. There are a lot of banks in Nigeria that offer loans to people. Not just anyhow people but people who have what they can use as collateral in exchange for Loan.
Before we look at the best ways to get a loan in Nigeria let’s look at some of the few banks that you can secure a loan from. There are as follows:

Banks That Offer Loans In Nigeria

Top Tips On How To Secure a Loan In Nigeria 2020

How To Secure a Loan In Nigeria

Now that you know some of the banks that offer loans in Nigeria. You shouldn’t just start sending in applications. You will only end up getting declined. There are certain things you need to do in order to even stand a chance of securing a loan with any Nigerian Bank, and they are as follows below.

1. Have a good relationship with your bankers – No matter how innovative your business is or how to sound its prospects are it often isn’t enough fora bank to grant you a loan. This is because just as you do not have a crystal ball to confirm to you if your business will pay so do your bankers.  However, it often takes an influential banker to get you through the rigors of convincing several panels of people waiting in line to scrutinize your request. The higher the person you know within the leadership of the bank, the more plausible your request will be granted.

2. Have a good business plan – A good business plan is the surest way of even getting your application through the lower level management of a bank. Whilst the people who often review your business plan are not the ones who approve it, their opinion actually does count in the vetting process. Your business plan must sound convincing and not confusing. Most people often load business plans/proposals with boring semantics and convoluting technicalities that even the authors themselves do not understand. Your business plan must read like a bestseller simple enough to get the plot and intriguing enough to make the reviewer want to have more. Slides, bullet points, SWOT analysis, financial projections are sure bets which you should include.

3. Have irresistible collateral – Banks love collaterals and guard them jealously when they possess it. It is the crown jewel of any facility (loan) that they grant. As such the better your collateral the more likely you are to get a loan request granted. By the way, possessing a landed asset or property is not enough to sway the bank. The quality of the property is really key. You cannot have a mansion in your village that has no method of estimating its value and expect a bank to rely on that as quality collateral. The key, therefore, is to have collaterals (assets or otherwise) that have a marketable value that can easily be determined.

This is all we have for this topic: Top Tips On How To Secure a Loan In Nigeria 2021. We hope that with the above article you can easily apply for a loan in Nigeria.

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