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6 signs your are a coder/programmer


Ever felt like you’ve been on the screen for too long in one day? the sleepless nights, the caffeine, the headaches? the “why in the world  am I doing this belief ” you been nursing in your head, the countless lines of red code you see on your screen/console each time reminding you of how not good enough you are? You take courage and google the problems but then it’s two way you find the answer and know how to apply or you find the answer and it takes you weeks before you get how on earth to apply it? these are few signs you are a programmer.

well don’t worry about a thing, Every beginner in programming get to crash at some few junction it’s important. it is also important to know that falling is one of the few steps to success and so any time u hit the floor  turn off the pc, get some air , eat some food, buy a drink then get back up and keep going.  so if you’re experiencing some of these few symptoms rest assured you’re on way to becoming a badass coder.

6 signs your are a coder/programmer

6 signs you are a programmer

1. You have a strong desire to be free

One of the best things about being a programmer is that you don’t have to be in work all the days of your life. The usual 8 – 9 hours/ day turns to 3-5 hours or even at some point you have a day off to yourself .This pattern of work is arguably one of the best as you are in control of what you do and how you do it.

2. You’ve spent you life time googling/trying to be a Hacker

Like me most of you all out there watched sci-fi movies like The Matrix, war games, Die hard and so on. seeing as coders gained access to databases, passed through firewalls and so on just with the aid of clacking keyboards gave most of all a chill in the spine as we got to know the powerful things coding can do. Although there are many bad sides to hacking there are also good ones as Hackers are also employed to test the security of apps so that bad hackers won’t get through.

3. Always googling for information: You can’t know it all.

In coding, there’s plenty of times you’re going to get it wrong. Even professionals are not exempted as senior developers even google things like how to start a database, how to animated and so on, you get the point now right? no one knows it all.

There’s going to be times when you’ll open your code editor see your whole code thrown in as error in the console smiling and grinning at you simply because you missed a colon or you misspelt a reserved keyword.

In order to know what you are to google about , first you have to spot the error and in most editors they appear either red or are marked with the caution sign. the first place you should look at is your console, then just incase you don’t know what the error is about , you  can copy it and paste it on the browser that way you’ll be able to get some solutions on the net. if you are new to coding you might want to check out StackOverflow.

4. A problem solver.

Programming is all about solving problem. if you like solving puzzles or you are  heavy in logic activities then programming is a way to go for you as there are many challenging tasks in the sector.

5. Ability to share ideas and problem

The programming space is a big community of open source programmers that learn from each other and constantly develops new skills. If you wish to work with others, interact with them, and share the knowledge, getting into programming field is a great option.

6.Looking to make Cool Cash.

As the world evolves the need for tech surges and as tech surges, programmers will be in high demand and as programmers are in high demand so is their payment. while software and hardware development is a lucrative stream, Money should not be your primary source of motivation as it fails all the time.

There we have it, our 6 Signs your are a programmer / coder If you find any of these traits in you then you’re on your way to becoming a programmer.

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