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7 Signs you are not cut out for programming.


7 Signs you are not cut out for programming.

Greetings, Today we’ll look at “7 signs you are not cut out  for programming”.

Almost anybody today knows about the Golden trio HTML,CSS & JAVASCIPT. However knowing about these languages and other bunch, does not make you a programmer so to say. In the world today the programmers are in high demand as the need for technology increases and this demands doesn’t look like it’ll ever slow  down in the future. Knowing this many people venture into the field of programming for so many reasons especially in search of greener pasture.

And I know you’re thinking why someone with the idea of HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT isn’t a programmer, well the truth is anyone can write code. This a code <H1>7 Signs you are not cut out for programming.</H1>.   But does it show if you’re a programmer? The answer is NO.

7 Signs you are not cut out for programming.

7 Signs you are not cut out for programming.

Below are some of the 7 Signs you are not cut out for programming.  No 5 shouldn’t be a Surprise.

  1. Bad at Logic

One of the core basis of programming is solving problems and problem require a little if not more technicality. This can be a problem if you’re that someone who doesn’t like thinking and analyzing things. And Yes being a math  genius put you in a good place as you’re mostly about calculations and logic your entire life but it doesn’t mean if you don’t know math you’re no good , trust me you are but the thing is you’re just going to have to put in more effort than others.

If you want to get your logic up try solving puzzles, play video games and so on. These two ways helps in a way even I can’t explain.

  1. No curiosity

The truth is that in life you end up learning about 90% of the things you are interested in and the ones you’re not, you’ll probably never learn. There are many parts to programming so ask yourself simple questions like I’m I drawn to tech, if so in what way? , does the idea of tech light a spark in me? Can I persist when I’m in the face of problems? Is freedom a thing for me? And if you’re still not finding yourself drawn to any part then you might want to flee.

  1. Fear of not wanting to Fail

Failure in life is inevitable that being said it is normal if you fail at one point or another as it is stated that failure is the bedrock of success. Everybody fails and it is essential you get very comfortable with this as there are days if not weeks you’ll meet a bug/problem you can’t fix ASAP, Every decent programmer  today had to go through the bugs (The elites) and at some point overcame those bugs. Strive for excellence, success will follow.

  1. Wanting to know it all

There’s a common misconception about knowing enough and knowing everything. To explain this take for instance let’s say you want to bake a Cake, what’s the common recipe and procedure you know? And now let’s say we want to make another cake but this time a cheese cake, can you tell me the common recipe and procedure you know? We’ll it’s almost the same as you’ll need similar ingredients to make them except ones going to contain cheese, crust and the other not. Same applies to programming you can never know it all cause there’s so much to acquire and the best way you’re going to enjoy this field is taking it bit by bit and enjoying the process not mindlessly cramming any code you see and pouring it out. Leading me to my next sign

  1. Not ready to do your own research/Google.

Not knowing everything can be good enough for you, but what happens when you meet something you don’t know? Say your HR wants you change the layout of page and animate some element or you made a site for a client and she wants her login form to take up the screen width how do you solve this? You do some research. That’s right this is where the act of googling comes to play. Your ability to scan the web in search of useful info is going to determine how far you go. It is also a good practice to understand and write down your problems/solution anytime you tackled one successfully you never know where might bump into something similar.

  1. Central focus on Money

Programming is such a green pasture but it is not a get rich quick scheme although it could be, that shouldn’t be your focus and it’s hard for me to even say this as majority of the people around get into something either because they truly like it or because of what they stand to gain from it. In this case the former should be your case. Learn to enjoy the process wake up every day with the idea that you are going to solve something different and you are going to go far.

  1. Lack of self discipline

Self discipline is one of the most important requirements for achieving success, but too often, there is lack of self discipline. It prevents initiative and perseverance and leads to lack of inner strength. Temptations weaken self discipline.

Steps to conquer Lack of self discipline

  • Forgive yourself.
  • You aren’t perfect.
  • Realize that discipline is an illusion. While discipline is a common concept, it doesn’t actually exist.
  • Focus on motivation. What’s your motivation for pursuing the goal or habit?
  • Make it easy.
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