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Simon Fraser University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Admit Stats & Requirements

Basically, the school is very selective. Hence, if you meet the SFU admission requirements for GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other application components, you have a good opportunity to enter. Well, if you do not meet the GPA or your SAT/ACT scores, you will have very little chance of getting admission, even if you meet the other admission requirements.

Established in 1965 and inaugurated as a public research university, this educational institution shortly abbreviated as SFU has three campuses, the Burnaby campus, which is the main campus, the Surrey campus, and the Vancouver campus, all located in British Columbia, Canada.

The institute offers admission to Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada and international scholars in its numerous undergraduate and postgraduate programs (master’s and doctorate), providing students with an outstanding education and a globally distinguished degree certificate.

Simon Fraser University has renowned lecturers and world-class professors, convenient classrooms with state-of-the-art teaching facilities, research capabilities that contains state-of-the-art infrastructures to make learning simpler and more empirical.

Simon Fraser University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Simon Fraser University is 59%. Knowing the acceptance rate of the university to which you aspire to enter is very important, it helps to know your chances of entering the university.

SFU’s 59% acceptance rate is a big enough opportunity to get admitted, you just have the right requirements, and you pass the eligibility criteria.

Simon Fraser University Sociology Acceptance Rate

Are you interested in the way people organize and evolve in social life? Do you want to know more about justice and social policies, cultures, and subcultures, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, work and leisure? When you study sociology, you develop a mental quality, a sociological imagination, that allows you to think about the world around you in new ways.

The sociology program of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers a specialization, a secondary specialization, and five joint specializations. You can start this program on the Burnaby or Surrey campus.

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Hence, from the overall applicants and the number of the student taken from over the years, we can say that the Simon Fraser University Sociology Acceptance rate is 59%.

Simon Fraser University International Transfer Acceptance Rate

At SFU, admission varies, either as an incoming student or you are a transfer student within-SFU.

Incoming students are encouraged to have a solid foundation in math, which is necessary for the math and programming courses required as part of the program.

SFU students wishing to transfer to SIAT Major or Joint Major must have completed 18 units at the time of application.

Admission is competitive and CGPA admission varies by semester. There is a transfer taken per semester.

Hence, from the overall applicants and the number of the student taken from over the years, we can say that the Simon Fraser University Transfer Acceptance rate is 58%.

Simon Fraser University Tuition Fees

The cost of tuition at Simon Fraser University varies from international to national students, degree programs, and levels of study.

Tuition for a domestic undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University is $2,881 per period, while international students are charged $14,124 per period.

The tuition cost for national and international graduate students at Simon Fraser University is $1,909.

Simon Fraser University Undergraduate Admission Requirements for International Students

  • English language proficiency
  • Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in one of SFU’s established quantitative and analytical skill requirements
  • Students are to prepare and send academic records
  • Must have graduated from high school or senior year at time of application

Admission Requirements for Graduates of Simon Fraser University

  • Proficiency in the English language is required
  • Applicant must have completed a four-year bachelor’s program from Simon Fraser University or its equivalent from an accredited institution.
  • Reference letters
  • For some programs, applicants will take the GRE / GMAT test and submit the test score.
  • A minimum CGPA of 3.5 for PhD programs and CGPA of at least 3.0 for Master’s programs, perhaps more depending on the study program.
  • Applicants must meet additional requirements established by the graduate program committee.
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Academic Programs

  • Accounting (Business)
  • Writing and Rhetoric
  • Actuarial Science
  • World Literature and History
  • African Studies
  • World Literature and History
  • Anthropology
  • World Literature and International Studies Joint Major
  • Anthropology and Communication
  • World Literature
  • Anthropology and Criminology
  • World Languages and Literatures
  • Anthropology and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Joint Major
  • Water Science
  • Anthropology and Linguistics
  • Visual Art
  • Applied Biology
  • Urban Studies
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Theatre
  • Applied Physics
  • Technology and Society
  • Archaeology
  • Teaching ESL Linguistics
  • Archaeology and Anthropology
  • Teacher Training Programs
  • Archaeology and Indigenous Studies
  • Systems Engineering
  • Art, Performance and Cinema Studies
  • Sustainable Energy Engineering
  • Sustainable Development
  • Behavioural Neuroscience
  • Sustainable Business
  • Biological Anthropology
  • Statistics
  • Biological Physics
  • Software Systems
  • Biological Sciences
  • Sociology and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Sociology and Criminology
  • Biomedical Physiology
  • Sociology and Communication
  • Business
  • Sociology and Anthropology
  • Business Analytics and Decision Making
  • Sociology
  • Business and Communication
  • Social Justice in Education
  • Business and Economics
  • Social Justice
  • Business and Geography
  • Social Inequities and Health
  • Business and Psychology
  • Social and Health Policy Sciences
  • Business, Philosophy and the Law
  • Social Data Analytics
  • Business Technology Management
  • Semester in Dialogue
  • Chemical Physics
  • Secondary Teaching
  • Chemistry
  • Secondary Mathematics Education
  • Chemistry and Earth Sciences
  • Resource and Environmental Management
  • Chemistry and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
  • Religious Studies
  • Chinese Studies
  • Psychology
  • Cognitive Science
  • Professional Practices
  • Communication
  • Print and Digital Publishing
  • Communication and Interactive Arts and Technology
  • Population and Public Health
  • Computer and Electronics Design
  • Political Science and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
  • Computer Engineering
  • Political Science and Economics
  • Computing Science
  • Political Science
  • Computing Science and Linguistics
  • Police Studies
  • Computing and Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Contemporary Arts
  • Physical Geography
  • Corporate Environmental and Social Sustainability
  • Philosophy and Methodology of Science Certificate
  • Correctional Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Counselling and Human Development
  • Philosophy and Humanities Bachelor of Arts
  • Creative Technologies in Digital Journalism
  • Philosophy
  • Creative Writing
  • Philosophy and Health Sciences Bachelor of Arts
  • Criminology
  • Performance Studies
  • Criminology and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
  • Operations Research
  • Criminology and Psychology
  • Operations Management
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Occupational Ergonomics
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Nuclear Science
  • Dance
  • Music and Sound
  • Data Science
  • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Computing Science
  • Design
  • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Business Administration
  • Dialogue
  • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
  • Early Learning
  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • Earth Sciences
  • Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  • Economics
  • Media and Culture
  • Educational Psychology
  • Media Arts
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Business Double Degree
  • Elementary Generalist
  • Mechatronic Systems Engineering 
  • Engineering Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering Science
  • Mathematical Physics
  • English
  • Marketing
  • English and Communication
  • Marine Science
  • English and French Literatures
  • Management Information Systems
  • English and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
  • Literacy Instruction
  • English and History
  • Linguistics of Speech Science
  • English and Humanities
  • Linguistics and Anthropology Bachelor of Arts
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Linguistics
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Legal Studies
  • Environmental Earth Systems
  • Learning and Developmental Disabilities
  • Environmental Education
  • Languages
  • Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Labour Studies
  • Environmental Literacy
  • Kinesiology
  • Environmental Science
  • International Studies
  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Indigenous Language Proficiency
  • Environmetrics
  • Italian Studies
  • Ethics
  • International Experiential Learning
  • FASS One (Arts and Social Sciences)
  • International Business
  • Film
  • Interactive Systems
  • Finance
  • Interactive Arts and Technology and Business (BSc)
  • First Nations Studies and Linguistics
  • Interactive Arts and Technology and Business (BA/BBA)
  • Forensic Studies
  • Interactive Arts and Technology
  • French
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • French and Education
  • Administration and Computing Science
  • French and Humanities
  • Information Systems In Business
  • French Cohort Program
  • Humanities and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Bachelor of Arts
  • Indigenous Studies
  • French Education
  • Humanities
  • French, History and Politics
  • Human Resource Management
  • French Language Proficiency
  • Human Geography
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
  • History and Humanities
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies and Psychology
  • History and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
  • General Studies in Education
  • History
  • Genomics
  • Hellenic Studies
  • Geographic Information Science
  • Health Sciences BSc
  • German Studies
  • Health Science BA
  • Gerontology
  • Health Ethics
  • Global Environmental Systems
  • Health Care Systems
  • Global Health
  • Geographic Information Science Certificate
  • Global Asia Studies
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Studying in Canada can be one of the best dreams to come true. Simon Fraser university is an institution of higher education located in the country.

This post talks about Simon Fraser University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements.

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