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Stanford Early Action Acceptance Rate & Decision Date

Stanford University is one of the oldest and most outstanding universities in the world with the most research equipment and material for research work. The school is located somewhere around Palo Alto, not too far, 30 miles away from San Francisco. 

The school has a large land mass of about 8,210 acres in the suburban region. Where to locate the school, the institute is located in the California bay area and the most popular silicon valley. We would be knowing more about Stanford’s early action acceptance rate & decision date. Keep reading for more.

The school began in 1885, making it among the oldest schools in the world more so the institution has observed a great improvement in its size population and academically. The school has many branches within and across the country placing high educational standards.

In the United state, precisely 2022, Stanford University remains the top best 6 higher institution in the US. The school is ranked the best with adequate facilities, more so, the acceptance rate is quite affordable for all aspiring candidates which are similar to the lvy League institute. The quality of educational standards is second to none, compared to other related institutes. 

For interested applicants wanting to study at Stanford University, they are required to pick from on time for early action to earn their respective degrees. Stanford remains the best institute for a higher degree.

Stanford Early Action Acceptance Rate

The early decision acceptance rate at Stanford University is 9.4% of applicants for the Stanford early decision acceptance rate. In the first year of student application, they have about 8,121 applicants for early action for the first-year graduating class in early 2021. Among the total applicants, about 8,121 students are given admission.

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In the same year, Stanford processes a total number of 45,212 applicants, out of the total applicants about 2,024 were accepted and more. Still, the acceptance rate for regular students is not many compared to the early decision rate. The regular rate is merely 5.1% of applicants.

That rate alone ranks Stanford on the list of the selected institute to perform higher academic standards. Students admitted would have all necessary items to work with to achieve the desired aim of pursuing a career and good morals. The rate of students in some elite schools has dropped and the acceptance rate has drastically reduced.

In the first set of graduating students in the class of 2025, the school got a total number of 55,500 students who applied. And 2,200 students accepted the admission given to a few elite students which the school admitted that same year. The school recorded the lowest number of applicants that year.

The class of 2011 has the highest number of applicants the student were double the number compared to another year.

Stanford Decision Date

Students applying for Stanford early decision should know the closing date for the early action decision date. They are hereby expected to know that Stanford early decision date is towards April 1st yearly.

Those applying should know the three early action applicants get on-demand for admission. First, either the student gets rejected by the school not giving admission which means the student doesn’t have a second chance to apply for the regular decision which simply means the student, in particular, would reapply the coming year.

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Another option, the student would be given admission to study whichever choice, of course, it is left for the student to accept the admission or decline. They’re hereby to note the admission would last till May of the particular year and they should notify the school whether or not they accept the admission. 

Lastly, the candidate would choose to defer if wouldn’t meet up the admission requirement. This is to say the student admission process would be shifted to the regular decision which the student should be able to meet up all registration requirements. The school would review the candidate’s credentials.

The school has a general policy of which candidates are free to apply to whichever university not minding the restricted early action plan which is among the early regular decision. Meanwhile, they’re not expected to apply to any early action in any institute or higher place of learning.

Meanwhile, candidates are expected to defer if they can’t meet the necessary admission requirement, switching to a regular decision is an option. However, they can apply to any school offering an early decision 2 program to further proceed.

Stanford Early Action Deadline

The deadline to apply to Stanford under their restrictive early action program is November 1 of each year.

The deadlines for each decision program are different, starting with early decision, regular decision and deferment decision, they all have a different date for deadline registration requirements. Every year, the early action deadline is mostly 1st November.

And the regular decision could be compared to the early decision with a different date. For regular is usually 5th January and normal early decision is November, that is barley two-month interval. Moreover, the second decision known as early decision 2 is an admission option in some universities. 

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These Imply that Stanford doesn’t support the early decision 2 programs. the deadlined thing about Stanford is that they accommodate students on transfer from order institution, therefore the deadline for transfer students is 15th March yearly. This means this candidate has a short time to submit all necessary credentials to the school authority.

Deferral Rate for Stanford University

All higher institutions have a particular date for deferment students, they are meant to follow all necessary procedures before deferring studies. Research shows about 10% of candidates defer to Stanford University. That rate could be compared to most institutions.

Meanwhile, Stanford university remains at a low rate of deferment, other schools accept deferred students while Stanford has no room for students deferring studies instead they are rejected in place of seeking admission. 

The school has a philosophy of adequate students to a classroom not admitting students in large numbers, just a few students to a classroom. For the early decision, the number is quite sufficient.

The school website states the school must make the final decision as regards admitting students so are names would be submitted accordingly. A source from Stanford University gave an opinion about students who applied for an early decision should consider the application being accepted via the regular decision or deferment department.


Stanford university remains the best having a quality standard of giving promising education to all applicants. They remain the oldest schools with well-equipped material for research and the learning process.

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